Sexual Harassment, Chapter 2

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by bobwhite

III: Mindy, the Queen of Unfortunance

The new guy was quite the character. It’s not every day the company hires an executive off the street, but Mr. Wright seemed to be... well, everyone in the meeting pretty much thought of the same pun. It took a couple of weeks for us to meet him once we knew he had been acquired, as he had to finish the mandatory orientation. But when he finally made it to his first meeting, we all got a good look at him... and we got an earful, too.

I mean, the guy was cute, but not worth drooling over. Sure, he was a lot better looking than my hubby, but some of the female executives were absolutely fawning over him. At one point, Joan leaned over to whisper something funny to him when the VP wasn’t in the room (she’s always joking around), and I swear I saw her stick her tongue in his ear. When a newlywed does that to the new guy, you know you have someone special. At least, that’s what I made of the situation. On hindsight, I guess none of us were thinking. Clearly, I mean. None of us were thinking clearly.

I can’t remember exactly how long he’d been with the company before that day we decided to take the new guy out to lunch. I think it was about two weeks, but try as I might, I can’t really remember anything specific about his time at the company beyond that one day when he taught us all how to be more effective as executives, managers, marketers... well, I guess he taught everybody that day a lot. Especially me. I remember it like it was yesterday, but that’s mainly because I dream about that day every night.

Let me back up. It all started at lunch.

Several of us had taken lunch together. Rebecca suggested it, which was weird in and of itself—she was the rebellious, loner office dyke and took great delight in that title; taking lunch with anyone at all was a rarity for her, much less suggesting a luncheon with the better part of the executive staff. Most of the execs ate lunch and left, but the half dozen or so of us who happened to be sitting with Timothy “Call me Tim” Wright decided to take a long lunch. It was Friday, the VP was gone, and many of us weren’t really planning on going back after lunch. Call it a perk of upper management.

I think it was Mike who got Tim started. All he did was say, “So, you’re saying that suggestion is powerful enough to make people do things subconsciously, Mr. Wright?” Or something like that.

“Call me Tim. And yes, I’m serious. It was the power of suggestion that got me the job, and you...”

Joan decided the time was right for a joke, so she interrupted Tim. “...can have this too, plus the free squeegee, plus the free paring knives, plus three super sponges, all for just 37 easy payment of $29.99! What, are you a motivational speaker? Is that your job?” She ended with a flurry of laughter.

Tim nodded, with a subtle grin on his face that screamed “touché.” When the laughter died down, he said, “OK, you got me there. But I’m serious. When you’re trying to get a promotion, trying to get a better job, or trying to get someone to do your work for you, you’re selling yourself. You have to make them want to buy into you. Unless,” he added, using a more serious tone, “you just use your...”

Joan picked up on the cue and added, “... power of suggestion...”

Tim smiled and said, “Yes! Your power of suggestion. Mike, let me demonstrate. What are you drinking?”

Mike looked down, as if he wasn’t sure. Thinking it was a trick question, he answered, “Uh... coffee?”

Rebecca said, “Are you sure?”

Mike smiled a little at the silliness of his earlier tone and answered, “Yes, ‘Becca. I’m sure it’s coffee. It’s 100% Grade-J Prison-Grade Medium-quality coffee. This place has the shittiest...”

“OK, Mike we get it,” Tim said, and a round of laughter erupted. “But, let me tell you this: before you can take that expanded polystyrene cup to your car so you can finish your ‘coffee’ at work, you’ll drop it and spill it on your shoes.”

“Uh, sure, yeah, OK,” Mike said, rolling his eyes to get a laugh.

“Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. Let me demonstrate. Joan, hold your car keys out above the table.”

Joan did as was asked.

“OK,” Tim said. “Now, I’m going to count down from five. When I reach two, you’re going to drop them onto the table, just because I suggested it. Ready?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Becca said.

“Yeah, this is pretty...” Joan started to say before Tim spoke again.

“Hey, just give me a chance to show you. If you’re all right and I’m wrong, it won’t matter. And, I’ll buy lunch Monday. OK? Certainly, you can all agree to a free lunch,” Tim bargained.

We all stood around, silently agreeing to the deal if for nothing else besides the free lunch. “OK,” Joan said. “Go ahead. Oh, and I prefer the Italian buffet.” She held out her keys, suspending them over the table.

Tim said, “Five.”

“Oh, I’m losing my grip! Help! Hahahahahaha! Tim, c’mon, quit screwing around. Let’s...”


Mark looked at Danny, and Danny took a hit from his inhaler. Joan shook her keys, seemingly taunting the power of Tim’s suggestion. Danny looked at Tim and said, “Hey, if you’re right, can you also tell Joan—I mean, suggest to her—that she will agree to be the hottest date in the world for me every Saturday night? Just kidding, Joan.”

“That’s OK, Danny. Don’t worry. You’re so paranoid, nobody here wants to file a sexual har...”

“Three. And Danny, you’re on. If she drops the keys like I told her she would, she’ll be yours every Saturday night. In fact, she’ll tell everybody in the office about it and it’ll be the best sex you’ll ever have.”

Everybody snickered at that, but people were watching Joan carefully. Her hand had taken a firm grasp of her keys, as if she herself believed that she might drop them by accident. Her grip looked solid and her knuckles turned white as she said, “See, Tim, I’m not even close to...”



We all looked in awe at the keys, which lay in a slightly organized heap on her salad plate. Even Danny didn’t joke about the fact that, according to the new guy, Joan was his every weekend for a hot date. After an eternity of silence, Joan said, “How did you...”

Tim laughed. “Relax, Joan. I just put the suggestion there, and your mind played with it until you dropped your keys. It’s really nothing special, just a...”

“How did you do that??” Joan asked, a little more seriously than any of the rest of us were expecting. We thought it was a joke, but Joan apparently disagreed.

“I didn’t do it. You did. Your mind did it, I just suggested it. Here, watch this: Mindy, you won’t go back to work today, or ever again. OK?”

I laughed. “Yeah, sure.”

Danny made a grand gesture of looking at his watch and said, “Well, if any of us are going back to work, we’d better go. Joan, let’s meet here tomorrow. And wear something see-through, OK?”

Joan got up to walk toward the door and bumped into Mike’s arm, knocking the coffee out of his hand. He looked down and smiled. “Well well. I guess it’s a good thing I’m wearing my good leather shoes. Thanks a lot, Joan. Tim, does this mean I can sue you?”

Everyone chuckled at that, and we all got up to leave. But, I had to go to the restroom, so I made a detour to the lady’s room. After I was done, I left the bathroom and went toward the front door—but I stopped when I saw Tim sitting at the table, alone. I walked over to him and asked, “Aren’t you going back to work? You drove, didn’t you?”

“Well, I rode with Joan and... uh, well, I don’t know. A bunch of people. But they left without me. Can you...?”

“Sure. Let’s go.” We left, together, and at the time I really thought I wanted to go back to work. But when we got to my car, ideas started forming in my head... things to do... and none of them involved finishing my Friday afternoon at work. I was thinking about how I was going to get out of the last half of my day when I missed my turn.

“We’ll have to go the long way around, I guess,” Tim noted.

“Uh, yeah... listen, Tim, you don’t mind if I just drop you off, do you? I have... hmph. That’s weird,” I said, having just driven onto the ramp that merged with the Interstate. “Now that is strange. I guess I must have dazed out a little... this is the road that goes to my house.” What’s really strange, though, is I didn’t know why I’d mentioned that it led to my house.

“Well, here’s how this is going to play out. I don’t know you, and I don’t have anything against you. This is really unfair to you, but I just have to settle things with your husband. So, you’re going to take me to your house, and I’m going to have some fun with you. Then... well, you’ll see,” Tim said, completely seriously.

I was thinking about faking some nervous laughter—‘Maybe he’s just taking the joke too far,’ I thought—but then I tried to take an exit that would lead to the access road... and back to the office. My arms would not turn the wheel, and I missed it. “What the hell...?”

“You don’t get it, do you, Mindy? You’re taking me to your house because I told you to. The power of suggestion is real... for people like me.”

I made a left turn against my will and said, “Listen, Tim, I don’t know how you’re... oh shit, why can’t I... move my... dammit!”

“Mindy, I think you’re very pretty and I promise you’re going to have the best sex in your life... with me. It’s not fair to you, I know. But your hubby took years away from me—years I can’t get back, years I invested in a job I was good at. And he did it because some cunt sucked his cock to get a promotion.”

I was still struggling with why I could not force my hands to turn the wheel in any other direction than one that would take us to my house, but that last part did interest me. “What are you talking about?”

Tim answered, “Your precious Chris isn’t too precious. See, me and this fuckin’ bitch were up for the same promotion. We worked our asses off and sucked up to the right people... only she sucks better than I do, I guess. For a blowjob, she had your husband fire me and hire her. So, you’re going to be the embodiment of my payback. But I’m not mad at you, so I promise you’ll only hate it for a little while.”

He sounded almost sincere. And, it never occurred to me that he was anything but totally honest; I believed him totally. And when we were entering the suburb where I live, well, I lost track of... everything. I woke up to an orgasm... I think. It’s still hard to remember clearly.

But there was definitely a cock in my mouth, and I do remember the first thing he said when I came to.

“Damn, you’re good. Listen, Chris will be home any minute, so take it easy on my dick—I don’t want to cum until he can see how much you like it. Oh, and when you want to talk, you can take your mouth off my dick but you’ll find that...”

I instantly stopped blowing him, replacing my mouth with my hand. I had just enough time to pump his dick a few times and say “Listen, I don’t care how you’re... fuck... doing... mmmfff...” before the need to have his manhood inside me was too great for me to bear. I can’t explain it any other way... I just had to have him in my mouth. I didn’t want to be doing this with him, but I just... I just had to.

“Yeah, I did that... oh, damn, be careful... I don’t want to cum yet! Anyway, yeah, I did that. You’ll find that when you see my penis, you will want to have it somewhere inside you. And speaking of ‘inside you,’ let me...”

I lifted my head, letting him plop out of my mouth. “How long have I... have... how long... how long have I been out?” I got out before I had to go down again. There was no daylight outside; hours had obviously passed. And I wasn’t wearing anything but an uncomfortable pair of tight panties that pulled at my skin anytime I moved so much as an inch.

“You weren’t out. I just cleared your memory. What you’re going to do is going to be a surprise, and I have to... well, I won’t say, it’ll spoil it. Let’s play my suggestion game again. When your husband comes in, I bet you’ll beg him for help,” he said, straining to keep his voice steady.

I was trying to make him cum, hoping it would end this... nightmare? I wasn’t sure. He must have sensed my thoughts, though, because I felt myself slow down and I couldn’t speed up. I did see something in his hand, and no sooner did I notice it than he spoke again.

“Yes, I see you... uh, see... this remote. That’s what I was getting at. Let me show you one of the great things about being able to play with somebody’s head, especially when it comes to sex. You don’t notice it, but you have a small butt plug in. I’ll let you notice it... now.”

My ass shifted around a little, suddenly aware of the intruder. What’s funny, though, was that it didn’t feel bad... in fact, I kind of liked it. And the more I wiggled my hips side to side, the more it rubbed around slightly—I clenched my cheeks, trying to increase the sensation. ‘Wait—what the fuck? I only tried anal once, and I hated it! What has he...’

He laughed. “Yep, I changed that for you. But, here’s the really fun part. Sensations are all in the head—did you know that? Your ass doesn’t feel a thing; your brain simply interprets signals from nerves. Pressure, heat, motion, whatever. It’s all just data that your conscious figures out. And I can simulate those sensations perfectly. Like, for instance, some rubbing pressure on your clit.”

I moaned into his cock when the feelings hit me. It’s hard to explain—it was like fingers rubbing back and forth and up and down, but then again, it wasn’t. It was just pressure—tactile feelings—right on my clit. I squeezed my thighs together to protect my love button from the unseen “fingers,” but it was to no avail. Not being able to control, stop, or even get away from the sensations added a dirty thrill to what was going on, and I put one leg down off the couch, giving whatever he’d put into my head easy access to my cunt.

It didn’t matter, of course. No matter how I moved, the feelings didn’t stop... but I couldn’t cum.

He said, “No, you can’t cum. Let me turn that off... OK. You’ll cum every time I hit this button, which activates the vibrating egg in that butt plug. Want to see?”

Realizing he could read my thoughts, I thought, ‘Please, let me go... please, just let me go, I didn’t do anything, and... and....” My stream of consciousness was interrupted by my screams as the butt plug shook an orgasm out of me that I didn’t think was possible. I mean, everybody’s heard of the whole “greatest orgasm ever,” but this one... damn, I thought I might pass out!

“You liked that,” he said when I put his member back into my mouth. “I can do that anytime I want. All I have to do is think it. Hell, I can program you like a computer—you could cum like that every time you hear the word ‘come,’ for instance. But, that got old when I was in high school, and that poor girl spent a year institutionalized before my mom... well, never mind. Oh, are those lights I see?”

I turned enough to see headlights pulling into the driveway. It had to be Chris. Then, I stopped blowing Tim. He got up and hid in the kitchen, and I turned my ass to the door, bending over and taking off the latex panties that help to hold in my plug. It didn’t fall out and I couldn’t take it out—and once I’d tried to remove it I realized, shamefully, that Tim had made me feel hopeful that the ass toy would be stuck inside me until he took it out. Still facing away from the door, I knelt on the floor and grabbed a nearby dildo I’d never seen before. I fellated it for a few moments before I found myself leaning forward, resting on my knees and shoulders (and my head turned just enough to see the front door behind me).

I put the phallus into my wet pussy—that orgasm had been a very wet one, apparently. It felt great, but my emotional state kept me from really getting into it. Waiting for the door to open was torture, but thankfully, I didn’t have to wait for long. I heard the doorknob squeak (Chris never fixes anything) and the door opened. He had sat his briefcase down and hung his jacket before he noticed me.

“Mindy? What are you...” he said.

I couldn’t wait. Stopping him in mid-sentence, I blurted, “Chris, help!! This guy at work... oh God, he’s making me do this! He made me blow him and he’s going to make me fuck him!! Help! Get me out of here!!”

“What are you talking about, is this some game?” Chris asked, stepping forward. He had his hands on his belt and was undoing it when he stopped—well short of me, by the way. “Hey, what... wait... fuck, what the... fuck! I can’t... I can’t move!”

I heard sarcastic, slow hand clapping from the kitchen. I could see Chris’s face register some surprised recognition—clearly, he knew Tim. Tim, naked, walked around and stood a few feet from Chris. Looking at me, Tim said, “She’s a picture of fucking beauty, Chris. I can’t believe you let that skank suck your dick. By the way, I’m the reason your wife is fucking herself and why you can’t move.”

Chris struggled, trying to move, but he have up. “How are you...”

“Chris, don’t worry about ‘how.’ You’re never going to be able to tell anyone about this anyway. But you took my livelihood from me, so I’m taking something from you. But, she’s going to make the final decision. I think she’s going to choose me.”

Chris angrily (but also softly) said, “You sick fuck, I’m going to kill you... there’s no way she’s going to... what... what am I doing??” Chris was finding out just how much control Tim had first-hand—no matter how hard he apparently tried, Chris could not stop his hands from taking off his pants and underwear. He held his cock in his hand and pumped it to an erection. Tim was already hard.

And when I looked back at Tim, it hit me again—I needed him in me.

“Hey Mindy,” Tim said. “I have one last suggestion for you. Well, not so much a suggestion... listen, crawl over here. You can leave the dildo there but keep the ass plug. I want you to suck the dick of your new husband.”

I dropped the dildo I’d been fucking myself silly with and crawled over to them, trying to go toward Chris. Step by step, though, I was turning to Tim. About halfway there, I gave up trying to get to my husband and tried to crawl between them... and maybe out the door to safety; I don’t know exactly what I thought I was doing but I didn’t want to go to Tim.

Then again, I did want his cock. It looked so perfect, so enticing, so wonderfully filling and made just for me... no, like I was made for it! I glanced over at my husband for over a decade, hoping to transfer those feelings... and I saw only a pale, barely hard appendage that could never do to me what Tim could with just a thought. ‘Just think about what Tim can do with that prick!’

‘No! I’m... married....’ I objected inwardly. ‘I have to say with... I love Chris... I love... fuck, I really need Tim in me, maybe he can share... no, Chris, I love... fuck, fuck, I need....’

My thoughts dissolved as I came at the mere contact of Tim’s balls on my chin. ‘Fuck, it’s soooooo good, the deeper he fucks my face... oh fuck...’

“Damn... DAMN! Shit, I almost came! Fuck, Chris, there’s no way that cunt at work is this fucking good with her mouth. When I used to do this... you know, do this to girl’s minds—back in high school—I usually had to teach them how to do it right. But Mindy is a natural! Why did you set me up like that, when you have this...” he said, patting my head, “at home, at your disposal?”

“Well, I’ve been fucking Julie ever since we got rid of you....” Chris said, before he stopped himself. “Honey, I’m sorry... please stop, fight it....”

I stopped listening to that sorry excuse for a “man” as soon as he admitted to fucking someone from work. It didn’t matter that I was trying to figure out a way to get Tim to fuck me in my pussy before he came in my mouth—this wasn’t my fault, I had no choice. Chris did.

“I wish you could hear her thoughts, Chris. I think you’re out of the picture. But here, let Mindy assume a position... uh, Mindy, bend over the couch arm there so I can fuck you from behind like the hot bitch you are,” Tim told me. I didn’t hesitate, and neither did Tim. As soon as he was behind me, he teased my slit with the head of his cock, and I wiggled up and down, trying every so often to move so that he slipped inside me.

“See how bad she wants it?” Tim asked Chris, who was jacking off and watching himself do it. I bet he was trying to stop. “She needs my dick, Tim, in a way she could never need your dick... or even you. Watch this.” With that, he slammed into me, up to the hilt.

And I saw stars. Literally. I don’t know what I screamed, how long I screamed, or much of anything else that happened for the next few minutes or so. I only remember trying to keep still enough to keep Tim from slipping out—his dick was almost pulsating with pleasure, each beat of his heart transmitted jolts of electric tingles to my nether regions and even my nipples. And when he pulled out, I almost cried... until he slammed into me again.

Again, I came, this time harder. While he was throbbing in me, he turned to Chris and said, “Your ex-woman here sucked me so fucking good that I’m going to cum in about two or three thrusts. But you won’t hear her complain. Hopefully, in time, she’ll learn to control herself a bit more... she’ll certainly have practice. And, she can teach my wife a thing or two.”

Tim pulled out again, slamming into me and firing off another rapturous climax that shook my core a little too hard. He repeated that motion a few more times before I felt him explode in me—and my head went dark again as I was shot into a dream world filled with nothing but sex. Let’s just say it was a good dream. It’s the same dream I have every night.

I haven’t seen Chris since that night a week or so ago, nor did I go back to work. Tim says that the divorce papers are still pending, but that he’s not going to use his powers anymore. He doesn’t have to—he did what he said he could do and programmed me. I love him, I think, but when I see his cock I lose control. I still need it, just like I did that first day.

And, as for his wife Vanessa—we have a special relationship. She tells me that it’s my job to keep Tim completely satisfied and happy so nothing bad happens again. And I always believe her. Her voice is too relaxing to resist.


“You gave her one hell of a good fucking, Tim,” Vanessa said as her brother walked into the living room wearing naught but a robe and a smile. “How do you feel?”

Tim sat on his chair with a fresh beer in his hand. “How do you think? Damn, you’re the greatest wife in the world. Letting me do the whole... well, you know... and I didn’t even have to...”

Vanessa sat her book down and stretched. “Yes, I know. You mom made sure we’d always have a perfect marriage... I hope you don’t resent me for that. I asked her to do it when I found out...”

“It’s OK. I love you.”

“Then sit here by me,” Vanessa said, patting the cushion beside her. “Let’s watch a movie. I was digging around, and I found one we always love—it’s been too long since we saw it. C’mon, sit over here—it’s tape time, Tim.”

A strange look came over Tim’s face when he heard his trigger phrase—it was halfway between recollection and relaxation—and he got up and sat next to his wife. He leaned his head on her shoulder and turned to kiss her cheek and neck with her. She, in turn, fished his half-hard manhood from his robe and started to pump it rhythmically. With her other hand, she pressed “Play” on the VCR remote, and a spiral test pattern began to spin on the screen.

“Mmmmmm... I remember... this... one...” Tim murmured as he hardened in Vanessa’s hand.

“Yeah, just watch the colors... see them spin, focused on the point in the middle...”

Tim’s eyes half-closed.

“The lines and colors... waves and ripples, ripples and waves that swirl and whirl down a drain...”

“Yes... draining...” Tim whispered.

“Your anger is going with it, your excitement, your consciousness is slipping away... do you feel it?” she asked, much quieter than she’d been a moment before.


“Are you relaxed yet? Where is the post? Where’s the post we put there before mom died? What happened to Control?”

“It... drowned... anger, angry waves... gone, Control is... gone...”

“You let the water top the post, didn’t you?”

“Yesssss....” It was getting hard for Tim to talk now. The whirl on the screen changed from spinning colors to an old computer-generated fractal pattern that had a more power effect. Vanessa had to be careful not to look into it; Tim was more susceptible to its effects because of his conditioning but it would put anyone under in a few minutes.

“Just let it drain, baby brother. Let it go, you’ve gotten them all back and it’s time for Control to step back from the abyss. Let it drain, drain like the fractals on the screen... see them dance and fall, spin and twirl, draining... draining...”

“You... always took good care of me, sis...” Tim said, slipping his hand under Vanessa’s nightgown and lightly fingering her slit.

“Mmmmm, don’t stop... just let the post stand again above the waves... can you see it?” she asked in a whisper, pumping his hard prick quickly.

She took a slight head nod to mean “yes,” and said, “good... when you cum, you’ll come back to me. You’ll have your control back, just remember the post and keep the waves down. I’ll help with Mindy, and we can keep her here with us.”

Tim nodded a little more in acknowledgment as his entranced orgasm approached. His fingers gathered some speed—having Tim finger her during these sessions was something Vanessa had programmed into her brother years ago after their mother decided it’d be easier to keep Tim in check if his own sister was charged with his care. And Vanessa, who (unlike her brother) had no telepathic powers, was in no position to argue.

Vanessa kept pumping her brother’s dick, remembering the day he’d been a little drunk and had taken her. He was still new to his powers and mainly used them to get sex with anyone who struck his fancy, and Vanessa had been the pretty older sister who, until that night, was below her brother’s radar. His control was ham-fisted; he remade her mind as far as sex was concerned and ever since that night, she climaxed with nearly every thrust of his cock when he fucked her... and he fucked her for nearly an hour. She was all of nineteen, and had stayed away from drugs like a good daughter—only to become hopelessly addicted to sex... with her brother.

All it took was that one dose of his dick, taken vaginally. He made it feel so good, it was better than any drug. She had craved it constantly ever since that one night. And thanks to the tape, she always had access to her vice.

Tim’s breathing was getting heavier and his fingers were starting to make Vanessa moan. She smiled, thinking of the ways she’d tried to seduce him after that night... she was successful a few times, but only when he’d had enough drinks to smooth over any reservations he’d had about fucking his sister (and not enough drinks to keep him from performing). After a year or so of frustration, her mom actually gave her the answer: a hypnotic tape. Vanessa was only supposed to use it to keep Tim from getting out of control and getting caught by the authorities... or worse.

Vanessa never knew where the tape came from, but it worked wonders. He had only used his powers a few times since he first saw it. And, he’d regularly given Vanessa what she craved—his almost magical dick. Sure, Vanessa had to use a copy of the tape to arrange a tragic accident for her mother... but people fall asleep driving all the time, so nobody asked any questions. Nobody else was hurt, and the thought of what her mom would do if she ever found out what Vanessa was doing with the tape allowed Vanessa to justify it as preemptive self defense. At least, that’s what she told herself... when Tim wasn’t making her cum.

With a jolt, Vanessa was thrown from her trip down memory lane as she came. Tim’s fingers were playing with her clitty, making her cum several times before her own actions brought him off. And when he was done, she wiped her hand on his robe and lay back, letting him lay in her lap, cuddling with her on their couch. She stopped the tape and rewound it, mentally taking note to have it converted to DVD as soon as possible.

“Damn... I guess I dozed off,” Tim said when he came to. “I guess I missed the movie... sorry. I’m just tired from all the fun I’ve been having.”

“I know, Tim. And don’t worry, I like Mindy. I think she’ll fit in here nicely. But, you need to get a job.”

“Oh, I have one already,” Tim said. “When me and Mindy were at the sex toy store, I saw one of the guys I’d closed a deal with before I was fired. He was looking at the gay porn, and I guess I surprised him. Anyway, he said his company was looking for someone to work in their outsourcing department, someone with good sales skills who could sniff out a good deal from a bad one....”

“Tim, you think of everything,” Vanessa said, patting his head. “When do you start?”

“Tomorrow,” Tim said, happy as a little boy.

“Good. I’ll help Mindy settle in. You get some sleep. And make sure you cover up Mr. Happy—I know what you did to her, and I don’t think even your magical stamina can handle another round.”

Tim got up and adjusted his robe. He felt refreshed, like he always did after watching movies with his wife. And as he slipped under the sheets next to a slumbering Mindy, he smiled, knowing he had the best wife in the world. She was always looking out for him.

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