Sam Tucker's Life Is About To Change, Part 4

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Published: 13-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.


  • Samual (Sam) Tucker: 59 years old. Retired Truck Driver. Divorced.
  • David Tucker: 26 years old. Sam's son. Married for 5 years.
  • Kathy Tucker: 28 years old. David's wife.
  • Amy Kratz: 24 years old. Sam's daughter. Married to Ben Kratz.
  • Ben Kratz: 24 years old. Amy Kratz's husband.
  • Terrance James (TJ) Kratz: 1 year old. Son of Amy and Ben.
  • Craig: Sam's old trucker friend


When Sam woke up in the morning he felt like shit. Not only did he feel like shit because he put away a third of a bottle of bourbon the afternoon before, but he recalled the terrible thing he did with his grandson. He sat up in bed quickly and then realized what a mistake that was when he got light-headed and thought he was going to pass out. Sam sat there for a moment, rubbing his eyes, and then slowly stood up. He walked to the living room and looked into the playpen where he put TJ down the evening before. TJ's hair was sticky with honey, and his face was a mess.

Sam put his face in his hands and said "no, no, NO, NO, NO. You can't do things like that. It's WRONG, It's sickening." He wondered if in some strange way he was doing this BECAUSE of Amy.

He picked up his grandson and put him on his shoulder and rocked him slowly while he slept.

"Grampy's sorry honey. Grampy is so sorry".

Meanwhile at David's house. Kathy was out shopping and told David she would probably be gone for several hours. David was horny and wanted to jack off so he sat down in front of his computer and went to his favorite website for times like this When the welcome page came up, it showed several children, boys and girls from ages 3 or 4 to preteen. Every one of them with a large adult cock shoved into their juvenile asshole. A few of them looked like they were enjoying it, but most looked to be crying. He pulled his hard cock from the top of his pajamas and started to stroke himself while he used the mouse to scroll and click through some of the photos.

He got to a page that featured babies and toddlers, which was not a large part of the website. But nonetheless, there were enough pictures of babies being cummed on and having their mouths used by big man cock, to satisfy David's twisted desires. As he studied the photos and masturbated, David thought back to the first time he had molested TJ. David closed his eyes and put his head back and relaxed. His cock hardened as he thought back to that day.

TJ was around 6 months old. He was naked and laying in David and Kathy's bed. A fresh diaper under him because David had just changed him for his wife shortly before he got the urge to pull out his cock and masturbate. David stared at his sister's baby as he stroked....... He was so hard. TJ was doing his part, laying there acting like a baby, drooling, nose a little snotty from the cold that he had. David observed how tiny his fingers and toes were and it was just more gasoline for the pedophile fire that was burning in him.

David's hand felt good as it pulled his foreskin up and down his shaft, covering and uncovering his bulbous purple glans. He was on his knees beside TJ, stroking himself only inches from his nephew's face. He looked and listened to make sure Kathy was not coming and he could hear her downstairs in the kitchen. So he knew he was safe, at least for the time begin. He reached down and roughly grabbed TJ's hand and rubbed it in his pubic bush under his balls..... feeling the infant's hand on his scrotum. Mmmmmmmmm he moaned. Then he rubbed his glans in TJ's slobber and snot. Rubbing the slimy mess around the infant's face. TJ actually giggled. Then as David pulled back a little, he began using the slobber and snot as lubricant for his Pedo cock.

David was out of control. Jerking his cock harder and harder as he looked down at the infant on his marital bed. David could not help himself and he put his face down to TJ's crotch and took his infant sized penis and balls into his mouth...... sucking hard and pulling off with a pop. Then he did it again, and again as he jerked himself off. It tasted slightly like urine and baby powder. It tasted like "boy". He could feel the semen boiling in his balls.

Another listen for Kathy. Still good. He got back up and put his mouth over TJ's and kissed him. Shoving his tongue inside the baby's mouth as TJ willingly opened his mouth and allowed his uncle to give him a dirty kiss using his tongue. David stroked his hard cock as his tongue licked the inside of TJ's mouth, feeling the two tiny teeth poking through the gums on the bottom, and he felt the orgasm approaching. He pulled his head back, now his lips were covered in TJs slobber and snot and he licked th em off as the first shot of semen left the slit in the end of his cock.

It was all he could do not to scream as he shot his cum onto TJ's body. David grabbed his cock and aimed at the baby's face, covering it with the next two shots of semen, adding to the mess already there. He could see a string of his semen across the face of TJ's stuffed bear that he hugged. He continued to stroke his cock, and his cum continued to flow, although not as forceful as before. When it had slowed to a dribble, David leaned over his nephew and rubbed the head on TJ's lips. He immediately opened his mouth searching for something to suck on as all babies do. TJ latched onto the tip of David's cock and sucked out the remainder of his sperm until the glans became sensitive and he almost had to wrestle it away from TJ.

David opened his eyes and sat up a little straighter in the chair just as his orgasm started. His cum shot straight up, and came down landing on his pajama bottoms and his hand. He came over and over, induced by thoughts of the first time he molested his infant nephew behind everyone's back. The terrible images were still on his computer screen of other people's children being used as sex objects by men who simply did not care. David loved it all.

The pictures, the thoughts and fantasizes, and especially actually molesting TJ made him hotter than anything in the world. He was not gay, so he was able to have a fantastic sex life with Kathy as well, but if given the choice and the ability. David would probably choose to marry a little boy and have sex with him every day and he could do without Kathy. David realized that given the situation, he may actually be able to have MORE time with TJ now that Amy was gone.

Sam promised himself, AND TJ, that he would never let anything like that happen again, and for the next several weeks, Sam was able to control himself quite well. He masturbated every day, sometimes two or three times, but he did it out of sight of his grandson, and he did not touch him inappropriately at all.

Several months passed, and one day Sam got a call from an old trucker friend of his Craig. Craig had once told Sam of his desire for young children but Sam did not judge him and figured it was none of his business so he had completely put it out of his mind. They talked for almost an hour catching up, and by the end of the conversation; after Craig knew about everything including Sam's custody of TJ, they arranged for a little get-together at Sam's the following weekend.

Sam arranged for David and Kathy to watch TJ that weekend. Sam cooked burgers on the grill, and they drank Sam Adams until neither one of them could walk straight. They laughed and reminisced about the old days on the road. Eventually, the conversations began to get pretty raunchy. Talking about all the truck stop whores that they would pick up. A quick blow job in the sleeper of their trucks, or even a little fuck if a condom was handy. They were both married, but sometimes on the road for weeks at a time driving cross country............. they had needs.

It got dark, and a little cool, so Sam and Craig retired to the living room.

"It really is good seeing you again Sam", Craig said. There was a short pause of silence and then "So are you getting any these days?"

"Pussy?. Well, fuck. Not really. Just don't have time or whatever. And I really don't wanna pay for sex at this point in my life."

"Yea, I know what you mean. Ever since Betty died, I haven't gotten a whole lot of enjoyment from my cock except the enjoyment I give myself. "

Sam said "but I get horny as fuck sometimes. I got some good DVDs that help me get off. Better stop talking about it or I'm gonna get a boner right now and have to go back in the bedroom and rub one out" then he laughed.

Craig moved over on the couch and got real close to Sam. "Sam, do you remember me telling you that one time about my attraction to children?"

"Oh yea, I had totally forgot about that. It wasn't a big deal to me Craig."

"Well, I still have that attraction." Craig put his hand on Sam's leg.

Sam's cock started to get hard immediately just from Craig's touch. "What?.... what the hell Craig?..... what are you doing?"

"Shhhhhhh, just go with it Sam. It's not a big deal". Sam tried to push Craig's hand away but he was being persistent. His hand rubbing the inside of Sam's thigh.

Sam said, "C'mon man, I'm not like that, I, .........." But Craig interrupted him. "Just pretend it's one of them chicks we used to bang on the road.

Sam was thinking, what the hell am I doing? I should stop Craig. I'm not gay. But it feels so good to be touched. Craig's fingers started lightly rubbing Sam's erection through his shorts and Sam's blood began to boil. He closed his eyes and put his head back on the couch and just enjoyed the feel of Craig's touch. Then Craig put his hand up the leg hole of Sam's shorts and grabbed his cock.

"Listen Sam. I was looking around at all the pictures of your grandson. I hope you don't mind me saying this but, he is one hot little tot."

"What?.... no, um, that's ok..... no big deal Craig"

"I would love to spend a little quality time with TJ sometime." Craig pulled Sam's cock out of his shorts. He was holding it in his right hand and rubbing Sam's precum around the head with the palm of his left. Craig licked his lips. "You got a nice package there Sam. Remember that time we shared that young girl down in Birmingham? How good she could suck..... remember?"

"Yea, I remember. We both nutted in her mouth and she loved it.".

"Yea that's right, she did". Craig slid to the floor and got between Sam's legs. He pulled Sam's shorts down in the front, and Sam lifted his hips allowing Craig to pull Sam's shorts down to his knees. Exposing his erection and his hairy nut sac. He looked down, "You're fucking crazy Craig"

Again, Craig licked his lips. "Don't be nervous Sam. I just want to make you feel good." Craig was stroking Sam's cock as he talked. "I could come over and do this every now and then Sam. Nobody would have to know about it except you and I".

Sam didn't speak, he just sat there and allowed his friend to play with his dick.

"I'd love to do this to your grandson too Sam. He's a bit young still, but he is growing. I think you would enjoy the feel of a young boy like him Sam" Sam felt weird. He didn't think he should say anything about what he had done with TJ. But yet, Craig had him so hard. Sam said "uh..... I, um, I felt his little fingers on me... but it was an accident"

"Oh yea?.... Oh I'll bet that felt so good. Did you by any chance feel his little mouth and lips doing this?" And Craig leaned down and started to lick Sam's frenulum. Sam tensed up and then reached his hand down and grabbed the back of Craig's hair and pulled him closer...... "Oh fuck Craig." As Craig's tongue brushed across the most sensitive part of Sam's cock, he grabbed the couch with each of his hands and held on tight.

"Would you like to feel his little mouth on you Sam? Are his teeth coming in?"

"Uh, yea, two on the bottom and 2 on the top."

"What about his talking? Does he say much yet?"

"Couple words. Keep licking my cock Craig. He says a couple words. You know, grampy and bottle and night night, and baby. You know, just the standard stuff babies first say. A lot of it isn't even understandable except to me and David and people who are around him"

"So what do you think Sam? Willing to let me do this to your grandson?...... I won't hurt him, I promise. Just a little innocent touching and sucking. Nothing too serious." Then he leaned forward and took Sam's cock into his mouth. He enveloped Sam's big head and closed his lips under the corona. Slowly he moved his mouth up and down Sam's engorged cock until Sam was breathing very hard. Craig could tell Sam was liking it.

Craig pulled off Sam's cock. "What do you say buddy? I know it's a weird thing to ask. You don't have to be there, so you can pretend like nothing happened." Then he went back down on Sam's cock."

Sam said "Yes...... oh god yes........"

"Was that Yes I can play with your grandson? Or just yes it feels good?"

"You can play with him. Make me cum Craig........ I am so close to cumming right now. It feels so fucking good"

Well, Craig was so excited that Sam said he could play with his little grandson, that he went deep on Sam's cock. His nose buried in Sam's pubic hair. The tip of Sam's cock wedged in Craig's throat.

Sam said, "oh yes that feels so good. I am going to cum soon. You better move back, I cum a load these days."

Craig, still beaming from Sam's willingness to let him borrow his 1 year old grandson did not back away. In fact, he held Sam's cock in his mouth tighter as Sam began to spew his cum down Craig's throat. He was almost screaming as Craig swallowed his load. It was better than he ever felt. And he even cummed harder thinking about Craig being with TJ.

Craig held Sam's cock in his mouth until he could feel it beginning to deflate. And then he pulled off slowly, using his lips to squeeze the remaining cum from the urethra. Craig looked up at Sam as he licked his lips. "I think it's going to be fun being friends again Sam. A lot of fun.

to be continued

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Verrrrry hott!!! Can't wait to hear what happens next Craig, Sam and the little one :)~


Another great episode.Looking forward to Craig getting TJ to suck him off till he fills the little 1 year olds mouth with cum.The three men should have a party with TJ as the entertainment !


Fuck YEAH! Now that's what I'm talking about. For a second there, I was Uncle David feeling little TJ chugging down the baby formula I made specially for him. I do hope Kathy is pregnant with a boy...twin boys, even. ;-) Keep up the good work!


this is so hot, luv man to man, and lil boys


Craig and Sam are really going to be the best buddies ever now. Sam enjoyed doing things with TJ before, but having Craig there too is going to be really exciting for him.

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