Sam Tucker's Life Is About To Change, Part 2

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Published: 5-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Amy showed up at her father's house crying, and dropped off his Grandson TJ without much of an explanation. She was then seen speeding a way in a black car with an unknown male driving. Sam has been unable to reach either Amy or Ben by phone. Sam has not dated since his divorce and was recently prescribed a new medication who's side effect is that Sam is continuously horny. He masturbates with TJ beside him and after he cums and is resting, TJ reaches out and touches Sam's cock. Of course, Sam who is completely straight, stops TJ. But as Sam tries to go to sleep that night, he cannot get it out of his head.

Make sure you watch out for the other parts coming soon.

Same awoke in the morning and laid in bed for a few seconds until reality came to him and he remembered what happened with Amy. Then he remembered TJ and he panicked a little bit before reaching beside him and realizing that TJ was still asleep, safe, just where Sam put him the night before.

Sam grabbed his phone from the nightstand and tried to call Amy, and then Ben, both going to voicemail. Then he called his son David who answered on the third ring.


"David, it's dad. Have you heard from your sister?"

"What do you mean? I talked to her yesterday."

"The strangest thing happened yesterday. Amy showed up here crying. She said something about Ben hitting her and then she gives me TJ and runs off. She gets in some black sports car with a guy and drives away. I haven't been able to reach either of them since."

"Holy shit dad. No, No. I talked to her yesterday morning and everything was fine."

"Well it's not fine now."

"Should we call the police?"

"No, let's give it a little while before we do that and see if we can sort out what is going on without making a big deal out of it ok? In the meantime, I need to take care of your nephew and I might need some help from you and Kathy."

"Allright dad, sure. Whatever you need. And if I hear from Amy..... or Ben, I'll let you know right away ok? Dad? Did you talk to mom?"

"No, I haven't yet. I guess I should give that bitch a call and see if she's heard from either of them"

"Ok Dad. I love you"

"Love you too son. Goodbye"

Sam hung up and hit the speed dial for his ex-wife. Thinking to himself that he's glad he left her number on his phone. Not that he ever calls her, but he figured there might be an emergency some day and he didn't want to have to find her number. It went to voicemail. She was still passed out from the previous evening's attempt to drink an entire bottle of Captain Morgan with some biker she met at the local bar.

Sam reached between his legs and rubbed his morning erection. Then he remembered what happened the night before with TJ. Oh my god he thought. How bizarre he said to himself. But remember, Sam has been divorced ten years without the touch of a woman, and he is very horny from his new medication. He recalled the feel of TJ's tiny fingers on his cock and his morning wood jerked. He turned and looked down at TJ as he slept. Sam was still rubbing his cock. TJ's chest rose and fell. He was only wearing a diaper. Sam stayed like that for several minutes, with his hand on his cock, looking down at his one year old grandson. He was battling in his mind the difference between good and evil. The difference between being a good grandfather; a good person, and maybe......... just having some simple fun and feeling good.

TJ's hand was laying palm up, his other hand hugging his stuffed bear tightly against him. Sam thought. Oh what the hell, nobody's gonna know. He pulled his extremely hard and sensitive cock from his boxers, turned to the side and layed it in TJ's hand. He started to hump back and forth, sliding his cock across the baby's palm. It felt good, he could feel the heat from the kid's hand. He reached down and wrapped TJ's fingers around his shaft, held them there and continued to hump. He quickly lost any feeling of wrong, as his hormones churned. He began to breath harder. He did not want to move too much because he wanted TJ to remain asleep.

Sam felt his orgasm approach........ he rolled over onto his back so he could shoot onto his stomach. Then for some reason, he got up on his knees, aimed his cock at his grandson's chest and kept jerking off. He rubbed his cock on TJ's chest a little..... feeling the heat from his sleeping body. Ohhhhh god he moaned as he began shooting his baby juice on his grandson's tiny body. He towered over TJ, he looked down and saw the first blast of semen land on TJ's chest, but most of it flew across his body and landed on the bed. Oh shit, he didn't want a mess so he made sure the next shot was directed more towards his body.

Wave after wave of pleasure flooded Sam's body as he continued to cum on TJ's chest. Semen pooled in the center of TJ's chest, but it was also running down the sides, and running down onto his neck. As he was just about finished with his orgasm, Sam brought his cock down and let the remaining semen flow from his cock into TJ's little hand. Squeezing his cock, watching the semen drip into his one year old grandsons hand.

Sam continued to stroke his now softening cock as he looked down and saw his grandson, asleep and covered in cum. Surprisingly, he had no remorse. No guilt. He found the sight to be strangely erotic, even as he came down from his orgasm. In his mind, he justified what just happened.

"It's no big deal? Right? Just having a little fun. Nobody got hurt. Ok, gotta clean up and get some stuff done before this little tyke wakes up." Sam looked at the ceiling as if there was an answer there and said outloud...... "Amy where are you?"

At 3:00 that afternoon there was another knock on Sam's door. Sam ran to the door, jerking it open.... "AMY?".

"No, it's just me dad" David said as he stepped into Sam's house. "Have you heard anything yet?"

"No, not a thing. I am really starting to get worried David. I've been calling both of them all day and still no answer, no return calls."

"Yea I know. It's so unlike them to do anything like this."

"David?" Sam said. "I don't even have a fucking car seat. I can't leave the house. Can you do me a favor and watch TJ for a couple minutes while I run out for milk and some other stuff?"

"Oh sure dad. Take your time," David reached down and picked his nephew up off the floor where he was playing with his toys.

"Uncle David will watch you for a little while ok big guy?"

"Not a problem at all dad, you just go".

"Oh David, thanks a lot. Really" And Sam open the front door and walked out. David pulled the curtains back, watching his dad pull out of the driveway and drive down the street. David locked the front door, closed the blinds, walked to the leather recliner and sat TJ down. He stood in front of the recliner, and looked down at his nephew as TJ looked up at him and smiled and talked in his own language only babies can understand.

What Sam did not know. What NOBODY knew was that David was a PEDOPHILE and had been ever since he was raped by the teenager that lived next door for several years when David was not even ten years old. As David unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down his zipper and lowered his pants and boxers he smiled and said "you remember Uncle David's cock don't you TJ?"

He was already hard as he put his knees up on the recliner and brought his cock close to his nephew's slobbery mouth. TJ saw it coming and was already opening his mouth and waiting for it. Not the first time this has occurred and TJ remembered the last time at Uncle David's house. As David's cock touched TJ's mouth and the one year old sucked it between his lips, David reached down placing his hand on the back of the baby's head....... Running his hand through the kid's wispy blond hair.

"Yeaaaaaaa, that's it TJ.... Suck uncle David's cock. Mmmmmm fuck"....... David could feel his cock getting bigger in TJ's mouth. TJ's big blue eyes looked up at his uncle. No idea that what he is doing is so taboo and wrong.

David held TJ's head and slowly fucked his tiny baby mouth. It's not the first time he has done this, and not the second time. As a matter of fact, he has done this same thing 5 different times since TJ was born. David continued to talk sweet to TJ and rub his head as he made short strokes with his cock into his soft, warm little mouth, and made the one year old child suck his big adult cock.

"That's Uncle David's big boy...... yes, you are a big boy aren't you? ..... sucking Uncle David's cock like that.... Mmmmmmm and you are gonna get a big belly full of Uncle David's baby juice soon......" David's breathing was rapid. His cock was swelling in the baby's mouth and he threw his head back..... pulling TJ harder into him and forcing his cock harder into the kid's mouth as he started to cum....

"Ohhh fuck yes...... eat it TJ. Eat Uncle David's spermies you little fucking cock whore....... Mmmmmmmm". One, two, three shots of cum into baby TJ's mouth. Making him gag and choke. But the little trooper swallowed it all down, just like the last time.

As David pulled his cock from TJ's mouth, he saw a little cum on the corner of his mouth and used his finger to push it in. Then he put his cock away, unlocked the front door and opened the shades. He thought about the fact that TJ was getting older and would be talking soon and he was going to have to stop doing this or else risk getting caught, which he did not want to do. He had too much to loose.

Sam returned shortly afterward with the groceries.

"Everything go ok?" he asked his son.

"Oh yea dad, everything's fine" he said as he looked at TJ and smiled and visualized his cock in the kid's mouth one more time. "Just fine"

To Be Continued

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Sam and David should find out about each others activities. I don't known how this could happen without one of them getting caught red-handed by the other.


WOW! Sounds like Sam's gonna learn some things from David, and little TJ's gonna have some fun!!! Keep the chapters cummin'; you are describing this really well.


Great beginning can't wait for the next chapter(s). Keep up the great work!


Awesome start! I hope the kid gets to appreciate big cocks somewhere other than his mouth. :)


So HOT! Please tell us about David's first time feeding TJ. And the 2nd and the 3rd as well. ;-)


Looking forward to the men getting more cock sucking from little TJ and I am sure they will go even further with him!


I just love pedo stories like and babies, men and very young boys.

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