Candy For Sale

[ g, 1st, pedo, cons, lolita ]

by Speedy


Published: 19-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My name is Daniel and I am an engineer for an american company. We are setting up a factory in one of the industrial parks around Bangkok. We have set up a temporary office near the factory. There about a dozen people working here now but so far I am one of only three americans.

I have only been here for a few days and have been to busy to see much more than my office, my hotel room and the route between the two. The area around my office is a busy place. All sorts of street vendors and food carts make it easy to sample the local cuisine.

As usual I was the last one working and was busy at my desk when I heard a small noise. I looked up and saw a young girl standing at the door to my office. She held a small box with little handles reinforced by duct tape. She was very pretty, probably about 9 or 10 years old. Her black hair was just past her shoulders and she had bangs in front. Her dress was just past her knees. It was old put appeared clean and had been mended in several places.

"Candy for sale" she looked very shy and her voice was small. "25 Baht, candy for sale" her voice trailed off.

"Let me see what you have sweetie" I gestured for her to approach my desk.

"Candy for sale, 25 Baht" by now it was obvious she knew very little English. "You like my candy?" Then she looked up and smiled rather cautiously.

Her product looked homemade, I took one and handed her 50 baht and when she offered my change i told her to keep it.

"More for sale if you want" she set down her box and looked at me.

I smiled and told her i would be a regular customer if she wanted to come another day. She was very attractive with delicate features. It occurred to me that she could be half American or European.

"More for sale" she repeated herself and began to lift the hem of her dress. "300 Baht you fuck me" she looked at me waiting for a response.

I was speechless, I knew this was wrong but how could I resist. I had always been drawn to young girls but had never had a chance like this.

I was the only one in the office and no one would be coming back. I quickly locked the door and made sure the blinds were pulled.

The little angel was offering herself for $10, what a country!

I handed her the money and she quickly tucked it away in her candy box.

She lifted her dress slowly and stopped before pulling it over her head. She wore no panties, she clutched the dress around her middle exposing her hairless pussy.

"You be nice?" she looked a bit scared and shuffled her feet. "I'm just little, please don't hurt"

"Don't worry sweetie, I'll take it easy"

"My name Achara, I have little brothers and sister. They get hungry" The little girl was offering herself to feed her family.

"How old are you Achara?"

She held up 9 fingers and then dropped her eyes to the floor as she finished removing the dress. Her body was smooth and perfect. She stood with her hand covering her pussy and looked away.

I lifted her to my desk and found a cushion for her head. She was very scared and i decided to be as gentle as i could.

I spread her legs, the opening to her pussy looked impossibly small. I began to move my cock around the opening. She turned her head and looked away. I spit on my hand several times and rubbed it on her for lubrication. She covered her eyes with her hands.

"Dont hurt Achara please" her simple plea melted my heart but i wanted to fuck her so badly.

"Maybe i sell more candy" it was obvious she was having second thoughts. "unghhhh please slow"

I was about 2 inches in now and could tell I was up against her cherry. I decided not to take it, at least not today.

Her wide eyes looked at me, she knew that I had the power to take her virginity. Her eyes were pleading with me and she began to cry from the pain. She never blinked, she was clearly regretting her decision.

"Maybe I give Bahts back mister" She was asking me to stop. "Ohhh sting, mister please it make sting"

Her innocent pleas were more than i could take.

"I won't go any further sweetie" She seemed relieved and accepted my gentle probing of her little girl pussy.

I honestly didn't think she could take much more anyway and i really didn't want to hurt her. I wanted to bottom out in her but I was worried that she might be seriously hurt so managed to control myself.

"Ewh ewh ewh" she made a little fish face and batted her eyes. She ran her hands through her hair, her flat chest has heaving as she drew rapid short breaths. She reached with her right hand and grabbed my cock with her other hand she started to rub herself.

Ohhh, what, make this, why?" she almost seemed to be enjoying herself once she didn't feel so threatened. "Umghhh, make feel funny" She pulled her knees farther back and began to rub her thighs.

She looked up at me and took a deep breath. "Ok do more now, it ok" she was offering me her most precious gift.

"You sure sweetie?" my heart was racing.

I started to push, she shook and began to join my thrusting for the first time. She clinched her tiny hands and held her arms out straight. She was drenched in sweat, she was biting her lip and and her eyes were closed. Her head moved from side to side and for a moment she tried to pull away from me. She brought her clinched fists down hard on the desk, I heard something fall over.

Her hips rocked as she met my thrusts. One last push and i was past her hymen.

"Aghhhhh, ughhhh oh sting, oh sting, hurts" she drew her lower arms together and covered her face in shame. "Achara, hurts now."

This was it i started to unload. Her little pussy would not hold it all.

Her eyes got bigger still as she felt my cum entering her tiny opening.

"OH, what is it? It like big tingle, what make this?" she flung her arms out and her eyes seemed to roll up in her head. With her tiny left hand she stroked her clit almost pinching it.

Her little ass quivered as she tried to understand what was happening to her. Her right hand squeezed her tiny nipples. She was so thin you could count her ribs. I held her hips firmly as i continued to thrust. I then brought her knees up and pushed them together, this made her ever even tighter.

She screamed in pain and pleasure at the same time. "Ohhhh, ohhhhhh my pussy, my pussy" for the first time she smiled a bit. "Now I am a woman."

As I withdrew from her i noticed some blood but not very much. We both got our breath and she promised to return, possibly because of the extra 500 baht that I handed her. One thing was certain I would be eating a lot more candy.

As I watched my new friend walk out the door i noticed the picture of my own daughter that was on my desk. She was also 9 years old. The picture had been knocked over and the glass was broken.

The adventure continues....

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Part 2 with daughter???????? Oh yeah, please!!!!!!!!


You sure know how to spin a good yarn. Loved the reference to the photo of the daughter. Keep up the good work.


mmmm maybe coming home to find someone fucking his 9 year old daughter sweet bald tight cunt.


nice touch with the speech problems thats not easy to do well. interested in how you go about part 2.

Uncle Bub

Good story-Would of liked to hear more on the undressing of girl. Looking forward to part 2

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