Sammy, Part 2

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Published: 3-Mar-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

Sammy Hartman moved gracefully through the school corridor. His white mini skirt flipped around as his slender thighs pushed it forward with each step, and his tight ass swayed delightfully from behind. The bottoms of his ass cheeks peaked from under the flipping hem, revealed by the pink thong underwear he wore. His fluffy pink sweater was so short that his whole belly was exposed to view. His ribs and flat stomach looked sexy, above the wide waist band of his pleated skirt. His long brown hair was tied in twin pony tails, held by thick pink scrunchies.

His willy was swelling embarrassingly in the tight confines of his thong. He wondered how the other girls hid their willys. Of course, most of the other girls in school either wore pants or much longer skirts.

Sammy's mom only let him wear super-short skirts and tight-fitting or revealing tops. He had been raised as a girl, and considered himself to be one. He had no idea that other girls had different genitals, and thought it was normal to have a "willy", which is what his mother called the six inch appendage between his legs.

Sammy had gone through elementary school as a girl without notice, but his middle school classmates were taking note of their odd companion. Conversation ceased, and whispers and giggles followed as Sammy walked down the hall. He looked from side to side to see knowing grins and stares that made him nervous. But he noticed a pleasant fluttering in his tummy, as well. He was enjoying the stares, especially from the boys. Especially the older boys.

"Hey, Sammy," said a deep voice. Sammy looked up to see Max, a tall, handsome ninth grader, standing in front of him, leaning against the adjacent locker on one long, outstretched arm.

"Oh!" Sammy cried, stopping suddenly. He looked up at Max's sweet, smiling face, and the flutter in his tummy increased. The 12 year old also felt his willy twitch as it swelled to its full six inch length.

"Uh, hi Max!" he said, smiling up at the tall 15 year old.

"Nice sweater," Max said. His eyes travelled up and down Sammy's body. His appraising glance excited the slim 12 year old.

'Th- thank you" Sammy replied nervously. He was very excited to be noticed by the handsome boy, and he felt goose bumps on the exposed skin of his thighs and belly. His hard nipples rubbed against the soft fabric of his sweater, making his willy throb under his skirt.

"Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?" the tall teenager asked Sammy.

"Oh, uh, sure!" Sammy replied, "What about?"

"Well, I don't want everyone to hear," Max confided, looking around at the observant crowd, "Can we go somewhere more private?"

"Sure," Sammy said. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest at the thought of being alone with the ninth grader.

"Come on," Max said. He took Sammy's sweaty hand in his and guided him down the hall.

Max stopped in front of the boy's bathroom door and looked around furtively. The bell had rung for the beginning of the period, so the hall was empty,

"Um, won't we be late to class?" Sammy wondered aloud.

"That's okay" Max said, smiling dreamily. He held up two slips of paper: hall passes, pre-signed. Sammy grinned and followed Max inside the restroom. Max leaned against the circular sink and looked at Sammy.

"So I've noticed you around school," he said, his eyes roaming over Sammy's body.

"Oh, yeah?" Sammy said.

"Yeah," Max replied, "I've thought you were the hottest thing in school for awhile," Max said.

"Really?" Sammy said, excitedly. His willy throbbed under his skirt.

"Yeah," Max said, "But I didn't pay much attention to you, cuz I don't really like girls," he said pointedly.

Sammy was confused. If Max didn't like girls, why had he invited him in to talk?

"Okay...." He said.

"But when I found out your secret," the tall handsome boy said, pushing himself off the sink and stepping up to the shorter 12 year old, "I knew I had to get to know you better," Max put his hands on Sammy's waist and tipped his head forward. His nose was inches from Sammy's as the younger boy stared up into Max's big, dark eyes.

"Secret?" Sammy asked, confused

"Yeah," Max said, smiling, "This one!" He reached under Sammy's skirt and rubbed his hard willy through his thong. Sammy moaned when Max's fingertips grazed his balls, and his palm rubbed the underside of his willy.

"Oh," Sammy gasped. He didn't understand what secret Max meant, but all thoughts flew from his mind as the handsome teenager leaned in and pressed his full, soft lips against Sammy's.

Other than his mother, no one had ever kissed Sammy before. He closed his eyes when he felt Max's tongue against his upper lip, and parted his lips to let the warm, wet organ slip into his mouth. Sammy put his thin arms around the older boy's strong neck and pressed his body against Max's as they kissed.

Sammy could feel the ninth grader's hard willy against his, and he moaned around Max's tongue.

He sighed through his nose when Max gripped his bare ass cheeks under his skirt. The boy's big hands squeezed Sammy's ass, which was exposed by the thong he wore.

"We don't have much time," Max panted when the kiss broke., "Someone could walk in."

Max pressed Sammy's shoulders downward, and the younger boy knelt on the floor in front of his new friend. Sammy stared at Max's fly as the boy unzipped his pants and released his willy. It was much longer and thicker than Sammy's. It was the only other willy the boy had seen besides his own.

It was hard, and beautiful. Eight inches long, thick and smooth. The shaft was slightly curved downward. It was a creamy white color, and the fat, bulb-shaped head was a darker, reddish color.

"Suck my cock," Max said urgently. He took Sammy's head in his hands and held it still while he pushed his hips forward. Sammy gasped and looked up at Max, just as the older boy's cock hit his lips The warm, silky head slipped into Sammy's mouth and he closed his lips around it reflexively.

Cock? The boy thought. Is that what Max calls his willy?

Further thought fled his mind as he tasted his first willy (or cock). Sammy closed his eyes and let the thick rod slide into his mouth, across his tongue. He heard Max moan and knew it felt good to him.

"Hold it in your hand," the older boy said, and Sammy reached up to take the base of the shaft in his small hand. The thing was so long that Sammy could only take a couple inches in his mouth, and most of it was outside. So he pulled and stroked the exposed willy as he sucked on the end.

Max started thrusting his hips back and forth while holding onto Sammy's head. Sammy held still and did his best to keep his teeth off the boy's willy. He heard Max start to pant and recognized the sounds he was making as the ones Sammy himself made when he was about to squirt the white stuff from his willy. Sammy had tasted his own stuff just the night before, and had wanted to taste it again, so he waited eagerly for Max's willy - cock - to squirt in his mouth.

Sammy sucked harder and pulled at Max's cock with his fist like Sammy's mother did to him to make him squirt.

Max let out a loud, deep moan, and Sammy felt his cock swell and spurt a thick wad of slime on his tongue. Sammy felt the rod pulsing against his lips, and smelled the white stuff through the back of his throat,.

The 12 year old's head swam from the strong, astringent smell.

"Ah....ah.....ohhh," Max gasped. He held Sammy's head in both hands until his cock stopped spurting, then he pulled it slowly from between the boy's wet lips. Sammy smiled up at the taller boy and swallowed the delicious mouthful.

"Yeah," Max sighed, "That was great. You're a really good cock-sucker, you know that?" Sammy smiled shyly and looked at the floor, embarrassed but pleased that he had done a good job his first time sucking a willy - a cock, he reminded himself.

"Come here," Max said. He held out his hand and helped Sammy to his feet. He took the boy back in his arms and kissed him. Max took Sammy's shoulders, turned him around to face the big round sink, and reached in front of the boy to grip his hard, six inch cock in his fist.

Max leaned against Sammy, pressing his exposed cock against Sammy's ass. The 12 year old could feel the warm, wet organ pressing between his bare butt cheeks and moaned. Max masturbated the boy while he leaned against his back.

"You wanna cum, Baby?" Max whispered in Sammy's ear as he pulled on his hard cock from behind. Sammy wasn't sure what Max meant, but assumed it meant that he wanted Sammy to squirt, so the boy nodded. Whatever Max wanted, Sammy wanted too.

The younger boy moaned when Max squeezed his ass in his free hand, while manipulating his willy with the other. Sammy started gasping when he got ready to squirt.

"Oh, oh, oooooh!" he gasped, and his willy spit long white streams of slime into the sink. Max pulled at Sammy's cock until the flow of slime stopped. Sammy leaned against the sink, panting, even after Max let go of his willy and stepped back.

He turned Sammy around by the shoulders and kissed him again.

"Hey," the older boy said, his breath tickling Sammy's lips "You wanna go out some time?"

Sammy's eyes went wide, and his lips parted in surprise.

"You mean, like a date?" he gasped.

"Yeah, a date!" Max replied, smiling his sexy grin.

"Sure!" Sammy gasped excitedly, "But I have to ask my mom."

"Okay, great!" Max said, "What's your number?"

Sammy told him, and Max entered it in his phone. Sammy didn't have a cell phone yet. His mother didn't think he needed one.

"I'll call you later," Max said, "Better get to class!"

Sammy straightened his skirt. His willy fit into his underwear much better now. He coasted through school on a cloud of joy. Max Patterson had asked him out on a date! After "cumming" in his mouth!

Today was the best day of Sammy's young life.

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American Joe

Such a fun story, keep it coming!


Wonderful exciting story!!! Wish I had been able to wear a miniskirt and pink thong to school!!

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