Sara's Stalker, Part 3

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Published: 14-Oct-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

A couple days after her last ordeal, Sara was still recovering. Her parents were still out of town and they would be for a while longer. In the last couple of days her stalker hadn't contacted her. Sara figured it was because he felt a little guilty.

Sara started back into her normal workout routine with doing some crunches and then going for a run. When she got back she took a shower and got ready for bed. She decided not the tease her stalker tonight and went straight to bed.

When she woke up she felt strange. Then she noticed that she was completely naked. The hidden cameras got some good shots of her sleeping completely naked but Sara didn't know that. She quickly got up a looked for the stalker in her house but he was nowhere to be found. She then looked out the window as saw him peeking through the blinds of his window. Sara didn't know what kind of games he was playing now so she decided to get dressed. She couldn't believe that she had slept through him undressing her. Sara went to her dresser to pick out a bra and panties but to her shock the dresser was empty. She opened up the other drawers and found them also empty. Then she went to her closet and found everything missing. She literally had nothing to wear.

Sara went to the window and gave her stalker a "what the fuck" look before she sat down to her computer. She started writing him an email when she received one from him. It instructed her that she was going to be nude for today and that she needed to do her normal workout also in the nude. Sara couldn't believe it but she knew there would be serious consequences if she didn't play along. She began her stretches in her room. It felt odd to do them naked. After doing a few crunches she was ready for her run. She had been fairly comfortable with being nude in her room but outside was another thing. Sara decided that it would be best to go now when most people were still asleep. As she left her house she felt extremely embarrassed. Her small breasts were starting to bounce as she ran so she had to hold them with her hands. She ran her normal route which was several miles long. As she was almost home she saw several people leaving for work and most of them slowed down to get a better look at her. With her hands holding her breasts, she was forced to leave her twat and butt exposed to the world. She ran even faster to get away from their gawking eyes.

Once she was finally home she went straight to the shower to cool off. She had ran faster than she ever had. Once Sara was done with her shower she stepped out only to find that all of the towels were also gone. Now she had to drip dry.

Sara went downstairs to watch some TV while she air dried. A couple of hours later Sara heard the door bell ring. She got up and looked through the peep hole and saw two guys. She didn't want to answer the door in the nude so she let them continue to ring the door bell. Then she saw one of the guys start to walk around to the back of the house. Sara ran upstairs so he didn't see her. Within a few minutes she heard the door handle rattle. He was trying to get inside. Then she heard a window open up and one of the guys walking through her house. She realized that she was being robbed until she heard one of the guys telling the other about seeing the naked girl run into this house earlier that morning. Sara now realized that she had gotten some more stalkers. Sara was terrified as to what these guys might do to her. They searched the downstairs for several minutes before Sara heard them coming up the stairs. They searched through her parent's room then the bathroom. Sara quickly hid under the bed before they came into her room. She saw that one guy had a rope in his hand while the other had a knife. Sara was now beyond terrified. She didn't move a muscle since she was petrified.

Then to Sara's relief she heard someone pounding on the front door. It was the police. The two guys ran downstairs and out the backdoor. After a few minutes Sara crawled out from under her bed and began to slowly check the house for the guys. She also noticed that the police had left quickly and realized that it was really just her stalker protecting her.

Sara felt like thanking him for what he did so once it got dark she slipped over the fence in the back yard and knocked on his back door. When he answered he was wearing only a robe. Sara started to thank him and asked how she could repay him. He smiled and led her to his room where he tied her up to his bed. Then to Sara's shock a woman walked into the room. Her stalker introduced her as his wife. She was a beautiful woman but Sara was still in shock to say anything.

The woman was already naked like Sara was and she began to crawl on top of her. Sara tried to get away but she was held tightly by the ropes. She began to massage Sara's breasts. This was the last thing Sara expected when she came over to his house. The stalker's wife then turned around and placed her crotch into Sara's face. Sara tried to turn away but her stalker held her head in place. She felt like she was being smothered by the woman's crotch. Then the woman pressed her crotch harder onto Sara's face and her mouth was forced into the woman's twat. Then to make matters worse Sara felt the woman's warm breath against her twat. Sara could only guess what was about to happen next and she didn't want any part of it. She looked over and saw a glimpse of her stalker stroking his dick; at least he was enjoying this. Then she felt the woman's lips touch her twat. Sara shuddered at the idea that a woman was violating her body like this. Then she felt a tongue slip inside of her. To Sara's disbelief she started to be turned on by this. The woman's tongue skillfully moved inside of her and was starting to bring Sara to an orgasm. This was the last thing Sara wanted right now so she began to struggle again. Then it hit her and Sara gasped for breath as her orgasm pulsed through her body. The woman continued to lick Sara's twat even though she had clearly had an orgasm. The woman quickened her speed and was soon bringing Sara to another orgasm. Within minutes Sara felt another orgasm hit her body. She screamed but the woman's twat was gagging her mouth. Sara felt the woman's warm twat in her mouth and was forced to suck on it. She was starting to accept the idea but she still didn't really like it. Sara finally decided that if this is what made her stalker happy than she would go along with it since he did save her life. Sara reluctantly stuck her tongue into the woman's twat. When Sara did this the woman began to grind her twat harder into Sara's face. Sara wanted to get this over with so she quickened the pace of her tongue and lips. The woman was already turned on with the struggling girl under her so it didn't take long for the woman to have an orgasm. Once she did, she crawled off of Sara and went to take a shower. Sara surprisingly enjoyed her experience with the woman.

Sara's stalker then untied her and let her go home for the night. Sara was exhausted and all she wanted to do now was sleep. Once she was home she took a quick shower and hopped into bed.

Later that night Sara was woken by a noise. She heard someone walking around downstairs. She figured it was her stalker returning her clothes so she just lay their and waited. Soon he came upstairs and walked into her room. Sara was terrified when she saw it wasn't her stalker. It was one of the guys from earlier today and he had a rope in his hand. Sara could only hope that her stalker would come to her rescue again.

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Great story. Please keep writing. Can't wait for the next chapter.


I think the chapters are out of order. It went from the stalker in the hospital and the two girls are helpless until his return to a couple of days later. How did the two girls escape their predicament?

Interesting concept.


Keep writing it, it is amazing.

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