Sara's Stalker, Part 2

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Published: 13-Oct-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sara was still exhausted from this morning at the neighbor's house. She strips off her t-shirt and shorts in front of a hidden camera in her mirror. She had no idea that he was watching her. Sara thought about what had happened yesterday and this morning, and realized things were getting out of control. She removed her sports bra and sat down at her computer to send her neighbor an email. Sara explained to him that things had gotten too sexual too fast and she didn't want to keep this up. After she sent the email, she walked in view of the window and striped off her panties before grabbing a towel and taking a shower. She didn't see any harm in continuing to give him a little tease.

When Sara got out of the shower, she walked back into her room completely naked. She noticed that she had a reply from her neighbor. It read that he would decide when they stopped playing. Attached was a photo of Sara running naked across her backyard. Then there was a list of emails addressed from school at the bottom of the email. He was serious and crazy. Then a second email appeared instructing her to go to an address several blocks away. Sara was scared that he would send the photo to everyone on that list so she put on some red panties, black running shorts, and a black bra. It was already dark when Sara left the house. It didn't take her long to arrive at the house. It was an old abandon house and looked like it was about to fall apart. Then she got a text message from her stalker. It told her to go inside and remove all of her clothes. Sara did as he instructed her to and went inside. She got undressed and looked around the living room. It was dirty and there was graffiti on the walls. The next message she received told her to go upstairs, stand in the middle of the bed room, and handcuff herself to the ceiling. Sara walked barefoot up the dirty steeps. The only light in the house was coming from the moonlight through the windows. The bed room was covered in dirt and filth. The mattress on the bed was falling apart and had holes in it. Sara stood in the middle of the room in complete silence. She noticed that she could see the street from the huge picture window. A pole light on the street lit the bed room. She looked up and saw the handcuffs hanging on a chain and closed them around her wrists.

She realized that she was completely helpless now. She watched as people walked by on the sidewalk. They had no idea that she was there, yet she felt like she was completely exposed to them. Then Sara heard someone moving around downstairs. After several minutes she heard them coming up the steps. Then she saw him, it was a drunken man with a bottle still in his hand. What Sara didn't notice was the web cam in the corner of the room that was currently showing hundreds of her stalkers customers in her current condition. When he saw Sara, he got a big smile on his face. She didn't say a word as the drunk came up to her and grabbed her breast. She knew that this was her punishment and she had to take it or else have her naked picture all over the school. Fortunately the drunk only groped her since he was too drunk to remove is pants. He settled for shoving his finger up her twat before he passed out on the bed.

As Sara stood there naked and handcuffed to the ceiling, she noticed another girl slightly younger than herself through a bedroom window in the house across the street. The girl looked like she had just gotten out of the shower and was now drying her hair with a towel. She was only wearing a pair of light blue panties and sat down at her computer.

Then her stalker came into the room with Sara. He looked at the girl across the street and then at Sara. "If you don't do everything I say, she will replace you and I won't be so nice." Sara agreed to do anything he wanted just as long as he didn't bother the younger girl. He undid her handcuffs and handed her a pink leotard to wear. "Good then put this on and go home. I have a surprise waiting for you." As she pulled on the leotard she noticed it was a little too small. It was riding up her crotch and butt, and the outline of her twat was very clear. That's when her stalker explained that he took it from the girl's room across the street. Sara quickly left the room and went downstairs. She noticed that her clothes from earlier were now gone. Sara ran most of the way home with a major wedgie it her twat and butt. Several cars honked at her as they drove by which only created more embarrassment for her. She wondered if they recognized her.

Once back in her house, Sara ran upstairs to her room. She wondered what she had gotten herself into and her parents wouldn't even be home for several more weeks to help her. She was barely able to peel off the too small leotard. Once it was off she took a shower to clean off the sweet and filth of the day.

After getting out of the shower she dried off and decided to get some sleep. Sara went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of panties to ware for the night. That's when she noticed something strange. As she pulled on her panties she notices that they were too tight. She looked through her dresser and found that all of her panties were now a couple sizes smaller. Sara looked through her bras and found the same thing. Then she noticed something on one of the bras; "Kathy". Several of the bras had the same name written in them along with her leotard. He was making her wear the younger girl's clothes. Sara found a note on her bed reading "pick out a bra and panties to wear for tonight". She was already wearing a pair of her panties so she picked out a sports bra. She slipped it on and went to bed. She didn't dare question him now because she didn't want to bring the younger girl, Kathy, into his games.

The next morning Sara woke up to her chest and crotch aching from the too tight bra and panties so she took them off and just walked around the house naked. After getting some breakfast she went back upstairs. To her surprise her stalker was in her room and he had some strange things in his hands. He handed her a strange leather leotard with holes for her breasts and crotch. Her breast fit perfectly in the holes. The he started tightening straps on the leather leotard which pulled her arms to her back. Then he strapped in a vibrator over her crotch area. Sara had some idea what was about to happen but it still shocked her when he turned it on. It started to vibrate and pump back and forth into her twat. He left her legs unbound so she could walk around but he locked her inside the house when he left so she wouldn't escape; not that she would in her current condition. Sara laid on the floor in her room as an orgasm began to build up. She couldn't control her body as the first orgasm hit her. When she recovered she realized that he and left her there alone but what she didn't know was that he had hidden cameras all over the house to record her every second. The cool air in the house made Sara's small nipples pointy and made her realize that they were exposed. She ran downstairs and into the living room when another orgasm hit her body and she fell to her knees. Sara felt completely helpless and at the control of the pumping vibrator. Sara just laid there in the living room floor for several hours and having several more orgasms. The vibrator was starting to rub her raw. She had had enough and screamed to be let go but only the stalkers web viewers heard her and they liked the show too much. She began to fight against the leather straps holding her arms to her back. Then Sara got the idea to use a knife in the kitchen to cut her free. She struggled to her feet and ran for the kitchen but then another orgasm hit her body, her legs went limp, and she fell to the floor. A few minutes later she recovered and headed for the kitchen to get a knife. The knives were on the kitchen counter in a block of wood. Sara turned around and reached for the knives but they were too far for her. Then she could hear the traffic driving by the house on the street. She could try to get someone's attention from a window but she really didn't want to be seen like this. She peeked out the window and was shocked to see two of her friends walking up the path to her door. She defiantly didn't want them to see her like this. They rang the door bell several times. Then another orgasm hit her and she let out a loud moan. Sara was terrified that they had heard her and would soon find everything out. After a little bit they left and she could relax.

Sara didn't know how much longer she could stand the pumping vibrator rubbing her twat raw. Sara crawled back up to her room and passed out on the floor. When she awoke the first thing she noticed was the pumping vibrator against her very sore twat. It was already night time. She had been tied up this way for the entire day. She screamed at the top of her lungs as yet another orgasm went through her body. The vibrator still had complete control over her body. Again she struggled with all her strength to get free. Her raw twat was extremely sore yet she was still having orgasms. She was tired of this game with her stalker and just wanted it to end. The vibrator felt like it was going to kill her if she didn't get it out.

What Sara didn't know was that her stalker had gotten in a minor car accident and he was going to be in the hospital for a little while. He knew that he need to save her but the hospital wouldn't let him go for another 12 hours. To make matters worse Sara wasn't the only one tied up. Since Sara had tried to escape he tied up the young girl, Kathy, as her punishment for trying to disobey him. Kathy was tied up in the abandon house across her street like Sara was earlier and wearing only her light blue panties. She had woken up with her hand tied up to the ceiling and had been there since the afternoon. Her young breasts were exposed for any passing cars to see. As Kathy struggled, her panties slipped down a little bit. It was already dark now and Kathy heard someone coming up the stairs. It was going to be a long night for both Sara and Kathy.

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