Sara's Stalker, Part 1

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Published: 11-Oct-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

One day after taking a shower Sara (13yrs old) notices a neighbor watching her from the house across the backyard. Her first thought was to scream but then she thought of something better. She let the towel fall to the ground showing off her slim body. Then she intentionally stood view of the window and pulled on her panties. Then she flipped off the light and peeked out the window. Her stalker still had his eyes glued to the window. He had seen everything she wanted him to. Satisfied that she had left him wanting more she jumped into bed and fell asleep.

The next morning she glanced towards his window but she was disappointed to find that he wasn't there. She got dressed for school and turned off the light as she left the room. For severl weeks every afternoon Sara teased her stalker. Then one day when she got home from school, her mom asked her to try on all of her clothes so they could give away the ones that didn't fit or she didn't want anymore. At first Sara didn't want to but then she remembered her stalker. This evening he would get quite a show. First she pulled out everything from her closet and dresser, and lays it onto her bed. She then stripped down to her panties and began trying on skirts, pants and shorts. It excited her to know the guy was seeing her topless. After putting away the ones that fit she started trying on bras even though she knew which one fit her. Next she picked up one of her swimsuit and pulled down her panties. She stood there for a few seconds acting like she was checking out her own body before pulling on the swimsuit. She continued to try on clothes, some of them several times for another hour. Sara was done teasing for now and stepped away from the window. She pulled back on her panties and sat down at her desk to do her math homework. While in her room, Sara normally went topless because she felt more relaxed that way. was sure her stalker had jerked off several times but what she didn't know was that her stalker had been watching her for about a year now and had already placed hidden cameras in her room. He had even set up a website to sell the videos of her to anonymous buyers. She had no idea how many people would see her trying on all of her clothes. The next day after coming home from school, Sara stripped down and pulled on a sports bra and running shorts. She went for a 2 mile run around the neighborhood before coming back to the house. As she was walking up the driveway she saw her mom and step-dad loading up the car. They were leaving for the several weeks on a trip. Sara told them goodbye and went upstairs to take a shower. Not really thinking about her stalker she strips down and jumps into the shower. About 45 minutes later she got out and walked into her room with nothing but a towel wrapped around her waist. She was about to let her towel fall to tease the stalker when she noticed that her sweaty sports bra, panties, and running shorts were missing from the floor. She knew that her parents had just left besides they never come into her room. In the back of her mind she knew that it was her stalker but she didn't know what he wanted with her sweaty clothes. The stalker had received an offer from an anonymous customer to buy some of Sara's used clothes. Sara was shocked that her stalker had come into her house. He had never done that before so she decided not to tease him for a little while, just to be safe.

Several days went by where she didn't give her stalker a show. Then one night as Sara was sound asleep, her stalker sneaked into her room. She was laying there topless and in a pair of pink panties. He slowly pulled her arms to the top of her bed and tied them to the bed posts then he placed a blind fold across her eyes. He tied her legs to the bed posts and pulled her panties down to her knees. Then he turned on the light so the cameras could see her tied up naked body. Her breasts and crotch were in full view of her attacker. An anonymous person was paying him a lot of money to make this video. As Sara began to awake, she was confused and began to struggle against her binds. Her first thought was that someone had tied her up and was robbing the house or was about to rape her. But then she thought about her stalker; he must be punishing her for not stripping in front of the window. In both situations her being raped was a possibility. Sara screamed and struggled but no one could hear her except for her stalker or the robbers. She was completely helpless and vulnerable. She heard him going through her dirty clothes hamper. She thought to herself that if he keeps this up she wouldn't have any clothes to wear. She continued to struggle for about an hour even though she knew it was hopeless. Then her stalker untied one of her arms. She quickly pulled off her blind fold but her eyes couldn't adjust fast enough to see her attacker. She was really glad that he didn't rape her. As least he wasn't completely a bad person. Sara managed to untie her other arm and legs, and pulled up her panties.

She walked over to the dirty clothes hamper and found that another sports bra was missing along with her panties. She didn't understand why he took them but maybe she could make a deal with him by at least exchanging her sweaty running clothes for new ones and a guarantee that he would never rape her. That night she sat down wrote a letter explaining that she knew it was him and she wanted to make some kind of deal with him. Then she pulled on a sports bra and shorts, and went for another run. Her run ended at her stalkers house. She placed her letter on his door step. Then pulled off her sports bra and laid it on top of the letter. She rang the door bell and ran back home. She was running topless but didn't really care because it was dark and not very far. When she got home she went upstairs and took a shower. After her shower she walked into her room, pulled on clean panties, and went to bed.

The next morning there was an email waiting for Sara. Her stalker had agreed to her terms and thanked her for the gift. Later that afternoon when Sara came home from school she found several new sets of underwear in her dresser like he promised. This is when the realization set in that she had to do a lot more running. She put on one of the out fits he bought her and went for a run. The next day after school she noticed more new sets of underwear. There was no way she could use all of them at this rate. She sent him an email telling him that she couldn't use all of them that fast. He replied that she didn't want to break the deal. She knew that part of the deal was not getting raped so she asked him if she could do something else. That's when he suggested making a nude video. At first Sara though defiantly no but she then agreed since she would be safe because he wouldn't rape her. Her stalker told her to wear a bikini that night. After dark the door bell rang; it was her stalker. They went up to her room and he set up his camera equipment. He told her to sit on the edge of the bed and remove her bikini top. Next he told her to remove the bottoms and rub herself. Sara did this reluctantly since this was not what she was expecting. After a few minutes of that he handed her a strap in vibrator. This was defiantly not what she had in mind. She pressed it inside her twat and reluctantly tightened the straps. Then the vibrator suddenly turned on full power. This came as a shock to her and she screamed. She tried franticly to remove it but she couldn't. As she was struggling to remove the vibrator an orgasm hit her body. It was at that point that she didn't care about the camera anymore. Her stalker was done for tonight and left with his camera and her used underwear.

The next morning, Sara slept in because it was the weekend. When she got up she found an email waiting for her. Her stalker had asked her to return the vibrator when she got a chance. She got dressed, put it into a gym bag, and went over to his house. When he answered the door he invited her inside. He asked her if she wanted to try it out again and she said yes. He led her upstairs to his room and instructed her to remove her clothes. He then helped her strap in the vibrator and laid her on the bed where he began to tie her arms and legs. She didn't think that this was part of the deal but it was too late now. He turned on his camera and then the vibrator. She was in heaven as she was brought to an orgasm. After she recovered from the orgasm she expected him to turn the vibrator off and untie her but he didn't. Instead he walked away and closed the door. She yelled at him to come back and untie her but he was already gone. As she struggled to get free another orgasm hit her body. The thought crossed her mind that he was going to keep her here forever and forcing her to have orgasms all the time; which wasn't all that bad but not what she wanted. He left her tied to the bed for 4 hours. She was physically worn-out from the orgasms, screaming, and struggling to get free. When he released her she was covered in sweat. It had been a long morning and she was ready to go back home. When Sara went to pick up her clothes, her stalker stopped her and said that they belonged to him. She had to get home naked. Sara was really upset with him but didn't argue since he had keep up his part of the deal and didn't rape her even though he had several chances. Sara went to the backyard since it was the middle of the day and crawled over the fence. Once she was in her house she went straight to the shower. Even though he had kept her a lot longer than she had expected and made her go home naked, she still wanted to continue this arrangement with him. She was attracted to the danger and unexpected situations.

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Sara I liked the titillation. Lead em on don't show it all. Classic burlesque.

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