Sandra's "Special Wedding", Part 4

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Published: 13-May-2012

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Pure Fiction

Chapter 13

The floor area was twice as large as the ground floor and was had even more manikins, but manikins of little boys and little girls wearing sexy lingerie, stockings, sexy outfits, and all the boy manikins had erect penises, and the girls had excited cunt lips.

There were contraptions galore and a whole host of sex aids, gadgets, equipment and sets for every perverted scenario.

Trekela told the man... " we are here to buy for a 'Slutboy Wedding' and have money to buy for all the guests, what we feel is right to make the wedding a success for all".

"A Slutboy Wedding!" exclaimed the man, you mean there is to be a 'Slutboy Wedding' in the area?... I have read about them and heard of them from customers who have been abroad, and I have not met any one who has actually been to one, and you are telling me there is to be one locally?"

"There is indeed my dear" retorted Frebe "and it is to be the best one ever held or likely to be held, and you are to provide as much of the wedding tackle to ensure it will be such!"

"My dears! May I beg you for an invitation, and I will provide all your requirements at half the cost!"

The girls all agreed, and Trekela asked the man if he had any 'Manikin Dolly Frames', and he confirmed that he had six in stock and all were the latest models, and that no one had yet bought one.

Sandra asked what one of those was, and Frebe began to explain, as the man brought out a cardboard box about six foot long, a foot wide and eighteen inches deep and began opening it.

"Well Sandra, it's a wooden frame hinged and pivoted, shaped a bit like an 'X'. It has leather straps and has the ability to have attachments fitted," said Frebe " The 'SLUT' is spread eagled, and arms held out to its sides and the frame is attached to their wrists, ankles, waist and neck by the leather straps"

On Sandra asking why, Frebe continues, " The SLUT is naked, preferably, but some like the SLUT to wear flimsy knickers suspenders and stockings, and the SLUT is told to walk to a vertical support and the frame is connected to this. Just like a manikin, the frame, allows the SLUT to be manipulated just like an artists manikin! The person can alter how the SLUT poses... it's arms can be outstretched, it's legs open wide, or you can tuck the SLUT's legs under it or have it's arms stretched above it's head. The user can alter how the limbs are positioned, but the SLUT is unable to move."

"My dears! The SLUT is totally submissive and the user, can use/abuse the SLUT as he/she desires. The latest model has an adjustable butt plug, which can be inserted into the anus to a thickness an depth to suit the SLUT's situation, and very nice modification I feel and hope you all agree!"

"The vertical pole can be moved around by its wheels, and can turn the frame 360 degrees, so the SLUT can be horizontal, vertical or any angle in between. Ideal if you want the SLUT to lick your cunts, or turn the SLUT around on the frame and its genitals will be at the level of your eager mouths, with out the need for you to bend down. The permutations are endless!" said the perverted shopkeeper.

Trekela speaks to the man with a question... " I have seen a brief picture of one of these in use and it is a real turn on, but wonder if there is one size only, and does this fit all?"

"My Dear, I only cater for the 'Smaller People' as these offer and provide the most pleasure, don't you think? Especially to have them as your personal SEX DOLL, and do to them what ever it is they 'deserve' enhances that special pleasure"

Sandra suggests that they buy two of the 'Manikin Dolly Frames', but Frebe thinks three would provide more flexibility, and whispers something into Sandra's ear.

Chapter 14

Frebe was keen to enquire about two particular products she had seen in her brother's copy of the Catalogue.

"I have seen in your catalogue, a 'Granny Cage', I do hope you have some to sell".

"A Granny Cage eh? Another product I have yet to sell, I have two of those if you wish them my dear!"

Sandra, even though she had experienced a lot of perverted, filthy sex acts, was feeling like she was an innocent schoolgirl (well she could have taught an innocent schoolgirl the ways of lesbian lust at that particular moment and any other moment) and asked yet again for an explanation of it's use.

"Imagine if you will my dear, a board with wheels attached, a bit like a large roller skate, but with buckles on the board as well as a pole with a type of bicycle seat opposite, and around it all a cane cage" explained the man

"And...?" asked Sandra

"Well my dear, the SLUT kneels on the board and its legs are strapped on the board. A pole is inserted on the board and the SLUTS neck is strapped to this pole which forces the SLUT to kneel forward, but its head is held pointing upwards. The cage is clasped around the SLUT on its board, and the large old Granny, steps into he cage, and the door is locked so that her cunt is pressed tight against the SLUTs face which s held in position with the pole. The big fat granny perches on the pole with the bicycle type seat and she is able to scoot around. Oh yes! Her large long skirt is draped over the cage and no one apart from Granny and the SLUT knows what is up Granny's skirt, and what attention her cunt is receiving"

"So the Granny's cunt gets a good sniffing and licking and as she moves her cunt rubs all over the SLUTS face and she cums all over the SLUTs face! The skirt keeps her hot, wet and sweaty and the SLUT has to breathe and taste Granny's cunt smells and juices, and because the SLUTS hands are tied, it can not relieve its genitals!" Sandra says.

Chapter 15

"My Dear, you wanted to enquire about two products, what is the other one? Oh by the way my dear, your cunt juices smell divine! So strong, so hot, so sweaty... From what I can smell, you are so very, very wet, maybe the wettest you have ever been, am I right my dear?"

The man was right, but Frebe was hotter, wetter, sweatier and the most turned on she had ever been, and she felt her cunt lips open and swell so much, her juices just emptied into her knickers as if she had peed herself, but she hadn't and what she was feeling was desperation for friction, fast hard friction in and out, up and down, and all over her sensitive over sexed snatch!

"Please believe me when I say, I have only glimpsed the odd image of my brother's catalogue, but the other image I saw was of a stool, but I do not know what it's called"

"Your cunt is in need of hard frigging my dear! That I and your friends can smell! I think the stool to which you refer is called a 'Pleasure Bench" the arthritic pervert spoke as he tried to relieve the enormous bulge in his oversized trousers, while taking deep breathes near to Frebe in order to inhale the wet air that emanated from the sex drenched genitals of the young girl.

He explained... "A leather bench enables the SLUT to be strapped to it face up. Again the SLUT is usually naked, and then a second bench is lowered over the horizontally laid out SLUT. In the latter bench, there are two openings, dished so as to accept the bottom of the user, shaped and fashioned like that of a toilet seat if you will! One of the apertures is dished and directly over the SLUTS face and the other over the SLUTS genitals. The users sit on the appropriate aperture and the SLUT has to sniff and lick the users who sits over its face, while the user who sits over the genitals of the SLUT is able to manoeuvre themselves to relief and the SLUTS relief as they fidget over what may be presented to them. Am I right my dear?"

Frebe nodded her head, and the man said... " See that over there?" pointing to an angled tick stick projecting out of the floor.. " You go over there and frig yourself on that!"

The girl ventured over and lifting her skirt, couldn't wait any longer and rammed her soaked knickered cunt onto the carefully crafted penis sculpted stick and brought herself off in seconds, leaving the phallic stick slimy with an abundance of the girls lust juices, which the man swiftly went to and licked it clean.



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