Santa's Big Problem

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by Santa


Published: 25-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"It's Christmas eve, but I can't go out delivering presents like this." Santa said.

The Elf, who looked like a young boy of about 14, looked Santa up and down before spotting what the problem was. The front of Santa's trousers stuck out as if he had a flagpole stuck inside.

"So you've got a stiffy," he said. "What's the problem with that?"

"The problem," Santa said, sounding annoyed, "is how I got it. I was thinking about all the young girls lying in their beds asleep, their covers thrown back and their little nighties rucked up. As I imagined them there this came up and now it won't go down."

"Well try thinking about something else," said the Elf.

"It's no use, I've tried for the last hour," Santa wailed. "You know how much I love all those little children. If I go out like this, who knows what I might do to the first little girl who is lying there half naked on her bed.

The Elf thought for a minute. "Don't worry Santa I have an idea that will solve your problem. You just get ready to deliver those presents and I'll give you a call when I'm ready.

Thirty minutes later Santa was still walking around with his trousers tented out, when he heard his head Elf calling for him.

Santa pushed open the door to his bedroom and stopped in surprise. There on his bed was a naked little girl. Not only was she naked, her wrists were tied tightly to her ankles, which left her kneeling with her face against the bedcovers and her tiny bum stuck high into the air.

Stepping forward he saw that she was about nine years old. She was the prettiest girl he had ever seen with jet-black hair and pale blue eyes. Her mouth was filled with a ball gag that stretched it to near breaking point and across the pale white skin of her tiny butt were four red stripes.

"She is the naughtiest girl on our list of naughty children," The Elf explained. "I gave her those stripes because of the filthy language that she started using when I undressed her. You could use her to got rid of your problem and then all the other children will be safe tonight."

The huge erection in Santa's trousers had grown even bigger at the sight of the young child, tied as she was on his bed. As he stood behind her he could see the naked lips of her sex and the tiny hole of her anus and his hand reached out to feel the softness of her skin.

Well if she really is the naughtiest on his list she deserves to be punished, Santa reasoned as the Elf left him to sort out his problem.

Santa pulled down his red trousers and put his huge cock between the kneeling girl's legs, rubbing it up and down her tiny slit and letting his precum lubricate her before holding it against the tiny entrance. He held her still with one hand on her hip and started to slowly push forward.

Using the same technique that allowed him to fit his huge frame down even the smallest chimneys he entered the preteen girl and buried his cock up to the hilt inside her. He could feel that it had gone through into her womb but knew that it wouldn't damage her, as he began to thrust in and out, the walls of her cunt gripped onto his huge cock.

It didn't take long for Santa to lose control and begin slamming into her as he felt the cum boiling up inside his balls. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum filled her tiny pussy to overflowing and soaked the bed below where she was kneeling, before he stopped and pulled his still hard cock from inside her.

Despite having cum so much Santa was still rock hard. He ran his hands over the little girl's butt and collecting some cum he rubbed it over her till he could push his finger inside. Pulling his naked captive back a little he positioned his still hard cock against her rosebud of an anus and began to push it all inside her.

The tiny preteen girl squirmed and made noises behind her gag but Santa just kept pushing until his huge erection was buried to the hilt in her tiny rectum. Again he began to pound in and out of the tiny preteen. This time it took over thirty minutes but finally he felt the cum boiling up again.

Again he flooded the little girl's insides with his seed watching as it bubbled up around his cock and onto the bed. He pulled his cock from the tight little girl and was dismayed to find it as hard as before he had started.

Lifting the pretty little girl from the bed he knelt her on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed. After unbuckling and removing the gag and giving the poor child no chance to object Santa pulled her by her black hair down onto his cock.

With one hand holding the back of her head he pushed down until his cock forced it's way deep into her throat and her lips brushed against his balls. Gripping her hair tightly he pushed and pulled her up and down his still hard cock for over half an hour before he again felt the need to cum inside her.

This time when he came he could see her tiny belly swell up with the huge amount of hot seed that he shot straight into her tummy, as finally he felt his erection begin to wilt.

With a sigh of satisfaction Santa pulled his cock from the little girl's mouth and thanked her, happy in the knowledge that all the other children of the world would be safe from him tonight as he delivered their presents.

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American Joe

That's hot!


Very hot, wish was longer.


thanks was a fun story like to have more of Santa and the little girls on his way around the world.

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