Sandy Gets A Modeling Job, Part 1

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Published: 30-Jan-2011

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This is an act of fiction. If you have any misgivings about sex with minors, don't read it. Again, it is an act of FICTION! Doing the things described in this story will result in spending some lengthy time in a gray room with a very large man named 'Bubba' who would love to have you for a new girlfriend.

Sandy was a runaway and starving. She had left her home after her druggie dad ran off and left her with an alcoholic mom. She was only 9, but she had been fending for herself at home for so long, she decided to just leave and take her chances.

Today, a teenage girl found her outside the back of a grocery store. She had said her name was Gracie and had a job Sandy could do to make some money. That sounded good to Sandy.

Gracie was actually a scout for a photographer who preferred younger girls. Although he had made a lot of money by selling the pics and videos to overseas clients, he constantly moved from one city to another to keep from raising too many eyebrows. He had learned that in a big city, it was possible to set up shop as a photographer, and just hang a few photos on the wall to make it look legit.

When Gracie brought her latest find into the studio, Ray's cock started growing. The little waif was dirty, wearing a torn skirt and sleeveless top with sneakers. Her face lit up when she saw the studio.

"Well, who do we have here, Gracie?" he asked as the pair came in the back door.

"Ray, this is Sandy. I told her we could get her some money for food and clothes if she did some work around the shop for us." Gracie continued to tell her boss/lover about the girl's background. They both knew this would be a perfect girl for their plans.

"Hi, Sandy. I'm Ray," he told her offering to shake her hand.

Sandy was a little shy, but accepted the hand and shook it. She was nervously shifting from one foot to the other as she partially hid behind her new friend, Gracie.

"Gracie, why don't you get her cleaned up. I bet we have something she can wear. I'll make some dinner and we can go over what her job will be."

She nodded and took Sandy by the hand, leading her to the bathroom. The studio occupied only a portion of the house she and Ray had rented. They lived in the rest of it so giving Sandy a bath was a very easy matter.

Gracie started the water running and poured in some bubble bath. Sandy's eyes grew bigger when she saw the bubbles.

"I love bubble baths! They are so much fun!"

Her host giggled and told her to strip. Sandy hesitated for only a moment, then stripped out of her filthy clothes. After all, Gracie was another girl, so it should be alright.

What she didn't know was that the moment they had walked out of the studio, Ray had started the video cameras recording in the bathroom. Little Sandy was already on her way to becoming a big star.

Gracie washed the girl's hair, then her little body, complimenting her on her natural beauty. Sandy just blushed, but loved the attention. That was something she hadn't had in a very long time from anyone.

As soon as she was dried off, Gracie helped Sandy put on a night shirt and panties. The shirt was just long enough to cover the panties when she stood. The girls walked back into the kitchen area where Ray was waiting with a table full of hot food. The little girl's eyes grew wide as she saw the food. It had been almost two days since she had eaten anything other than scraps.

"Dig in girls. We'll talk while we eat."

Sandy filled her plate and started stuffing it in as fast as she could chew. Ray and Gracie watched her, exchanging knowing looks. With a wink, they agreed that she would do very well.

"Sandy," Ray began, "first, let me say we are both happy Gracie found you. You can slow down on eating. There's plenty and you will have more than enough to eat. I even have the makings for ice cream sundaes for dessert."

She grinned between bites of food and continued eating while he finished.

"We've been talking about how we need someone to be a part-time model for us. This girl would help us get the lighting and sets ready for our clients. It's always better to have a subject in front of the camera when we set up.

"In addition, she would help with clean-up around the house. When we have a client, you would stay in the house, away from the studio. In exchange, we will take care of all your needs and you will have a roof over your head, with a big comfy bed to sleep in. I'm assuming that no one is looking for you?"

She looked up again and shook her head "no."

"Does this sound like something you want to do?"

"I think it sounds great. Gracie was so nice to give me a bath, and this food is so good!" She burped loudly, which brought laughter from all three.

"Well, then, as soon as we finish with dessert, we'll set up for the first client tomorrow. We have nothing else scheduled for tonight, so we'll just relax and maybe watch a movie on tv."

They finished with their meal and Ray led the girl back into the studio while Gracie cleaned up. He started with having her pose in some natural positions and pretended to adjust his light settings. It all looked very professional to the little girl and she obeyed his every instruction. She was just happy to be inside tonight and have a full tummy!

His next task for her was to pose on a bed. He explained that some of their clients modeled night clothes. She thought she would be just right since she was dressed for bed already. She though nothing of him posing her where her panties could be seen. She flinched for a moment when he adjusted her shirt, pulling it higher than her panties, which seemed a little tight. He explained it had to do with the lighting, and she let him have his way.

Once finished, he called out to Gracie that they were going into the living room, and she should bring Sandy a special lollipop for being such a good helper. Gracie handed their new guest the treat, which was laced with a drug that would allow them to do exactly what they wanted within just a few minutes.

The trio sat on the couch with Sandy in the middle. Her eyelids started to flutter and she leaned to one side as the drug took effect. Gracie immediately lifted the girl's top over her head. Ray held her while his accomplice slid her panties down her legs.

A quick check by Ray revealed her hymen was still intact. That would change very soon. Once more, the cameras were recording as the pair stripped out of their clothes and went to work on the sleeping Sandy.

Gracie sucked Ray's cock until it was fully erect while he lapped at little Sandy's nether lips. They were swollen and her body responded to his touches, even though she was lethargic. When he was fully erect, Gracie used some lube on her associate's cock, then used a generous amount on Sandy.

Ray lifted her legs and swiftly penetrated the young girl. She never even flinched as he quickly took her virginity. Because she was so tight, it didn't take long for Ray to fill her with his seed. As he withdrew, he looked over at Gracie and smiled. She had strapped on her small dildo and was waiting patiently.

Ray lifted the girl's legs up and Gracie stepped between them. Using lube once more, she leaned forward, penetrating her rosebud. The strap-on device she was using had a second attachment designed to pleasure the wearer. This was one of Gracie's favorite toys when using their models. She could cum over and over as the tip stimulated her clit.

Once Gracie had orgasmed several times, she withdrew and allowed Sandy's legs to drop. There was cum mixed with blood now pooling at the entrance to the girl's pussy and her rose was slowly shrinking to it's normal size.

Ray was ready with a syringe. They had discovered a special formula some time ago, that when injected into a girl's clit or a boy's cock and balls, would increase their orgasm dramatically. When used in conjunction with the lollipop, the subject would also be agreeable to most any sexual thing that was suggested.

He used this now on the sleeping girl. She didn't even flinch as the medication caused her still-forming clit to swell. Ray and Gracie grinned at each other as they watched, knowing this would be another great model for their business.

When the sleeping girl awoke, she was dressed and laying with her head in Ray's lap. A porn movie was playing on the flat screen television. She blinked groggily a couple of times, before realizing what she was watching. This was not something she had seen before, but only heard about. The girl was moaning and arching her back.

"What happened? What is that girl doing? What is that man doing to her? I don't think I'm supposed to be watching this."

Ray laughed at her and patted her head. "Don't worry little one. She's just having a good time. It's really a lot of fun. Watch with us and you'll see just how much fun it can be."

She settled back down, and suddenly realized she had a tingly "down there" that she had never had before. And why was she sore? Oh well, this was much nicer than sleeping in dumpsters or boxes and the food was great. What is the man on the movie doing to that girl now?

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Thank you for this story. It is wonderful I hope you will continue it. Thanks... Sara




Great story, thanks, and keep it up, I will.

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