Pedo Park

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Published: 14-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I slept in my daddy's bed many times from the age of about two.

My daddy loved me and he was my first lover in every way. He wrapped his huge body around my little baby frame and warmed me up in the cold winter when mummy wasn't there. He would stroke my body from head to toe to take the chill off my limbs and kiss the back of my neck with his steamy hot breath.

His favourite position was 'spooning' and he would pull me tight to his chest, sometimes grabbing my chin to turn my head to give me hot hard heavy kisses on my little mouth. Other times he would write letters on my back - mysterious shapes - and tell me that they spelled words like "I LOVE YOU" ... He would always place a huge big hard long thingie like a rolling pin that stuck out from his middle in between my thighs. Then he would stroke my hair and tell me stories about princesses and fairies til I fell fast asleep in his loving heat.

Sometimes I would wake feeling him thrusting around or sighing and groaning... sometimes I would feel his big thing sliding around between my thighs. Often I would wake up to him kneeling over me and stroking his enormous thingie over my body and groaning loudly. Those times he would always end up squirting me with warm liquid from his thing and telling me how much he loved me before falling to sleep with me snuggled in his huge arms.

In the morning his thing was always huge and hard again, he would go to take a pee, then come back and get me up. He would sit me on the edge of the bed, lift up my nightie, stroke me all over, lean over and kiss me, and give me his big thing to take in my tiny hands. Covering my hands with his, he would move them up and down slowly at first then maybe faster, he would always groan and sigh and tell me nice stories about myself ... this I now know was him using my baby hands to wank his cock in front of my face. He would ask me to stick my tongue out and rub the tip of his cock over my tongue and lips. My daddy always called me 'Angel' and as the sticky warm gooey stuff sprayed out of his cock he would say 'Angel open your mouth wide' ... then he would go a bit crazy and rub my hands over him real hard as he pushed the tip of his cock into my mouth. It tasted horrible but it was worth knowing how much my daddy loved me and how happy this made him because he would always tell me that. I knew I was the best loved little girl in the world because my daddy told me every day.

When mummy was in bed with me and daddy, she would sometimes complain and say 'oh, does she HAVE to be here...?' but my daddy would always say 'yes, she does'. I would sleep next to them while they did things that I now know is having sex and sometimes lie in the middle of them. My daddy would openly rub his cock over me and cum on me in front of my mummy sometimes but she didn't really like that. He especially liked it if she would cuddle me and let me suck on her mummy's big titties and suckle her nipples like I was a little baby...... those times he would stand over us rubbing his big cock and groaning and staring at us hard before he sprayed sticky mess over us.

Sometimes my mummy would be upset and she would say 'you prefer that child over me' and my daddy would say 'well maybe I do' and she would cry. Then he would spend a long time cuddling her and making her feel nice and rubbing her special place. He would ask me to tell my mummy how much I loved her ... and I did love her... but I loved daddy more. He would ask me to suck on mummy's titties whilst he put his big thingie inside mummy's special place so he could spray his sticky stuff inside her to make her feel nice again. Then mummy would be happy for a while and we would all snuggle with me in the middle and it was lovely.

My daddy would bring me to bed nearly every night once mummy got used to it and he taught me how to hold his cock without him having to wrap his hands around too. He showed me how to know when his cock was ready to spray the stuff called cum and how to get ready to drink it. After a while mummy stopped sleeping in mine and daddy's bed and she made up her own bedroom all nice in the other side of the house. Daddy said it was nicer for her that way. Sometimes daddy wanted us to visit mummy in her own room for me to suck her titties whilst he put his cock up inside her but we never stayed and slept with her after she got her own room. Daddy told her it was OK for her to find new men to sleep with at nights and sometimes she did.... sometimes the same man for a while and sometimes lots of different men. Daddy said this was a good thing for all of us.

One day.... after daddy had finished letting me stroke and kiss his cock, he was cuddling me and calling me his special angel, and mummy came into our room all kind of angry. She said to daddy 'you've spoiled her forever now' and my daddy said that isn't true, he hadn't touched me except my mouth. Mummy asked me if that was true and I told her yes it was. Then mummy said 'well there's plenty of men would like to use your mouth like daddy does'... and she glared at daddy real hard. Daddy said 'well this is true she is a special girl that lots of men could enjoy too, she is exceptionally pretty and she knows how to handle and suck a cock and drink cum'. My mummy said then it's time she made her own money if you make her the woman of the house and the woman in your bed you better put her to work.

That is when daddy took me one day to a very special place called Pedo Park. THAT is where mummy and daddy knew of lots of other men who would treat me like a princess and call me angel too. All I had to do was the same thing daddy had showed me.....


more to cum ........

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Well, the age of three years sounds VERY young to me for such action, however I am not at all less curious to read more episodes of her adventurous life and of your wildest fantasies, @PervGirl. :-)

cummy cunnies

Okay so it was Cuckold Wimp John and it was first person too and it was delightfully twisted and perverted, but YOUR Pedo Park is eagerly devoured, as future chapters of it will be too, I'm sure. More, more! ^.^

cummy cunnies

I don't remember who wrote the first Pedo Park, whether is was Doctor Dan or Cuckold Wimp John; whoever it was, it was awesome.

But honestly, your writing style is superior to both of theirs, PervGirl. Plus, you're writing it in 1st Person!

Keep it up, the more perverted and explicit and descriptive the better. MORE MORE! ^.^


Amazingly hot! More please. :)


That girl is truly gifted with understanding parents who volunteer to develop her special talent. I hope her future progress is well documented here.


Good story.Especially liked the way the kid sucked on her mums tits while the dad was fucking her.Should be plenty of cum on offer in the pedo park !

Baby GIrl Dee

I loved this story. Do you plan to continue it? The ending of this part is like an edge of your seat thriller. You cant wait for the continuation.


Great story,keep up the good work.


Can't wait to hear more.

cummy tummies

Have I mentioned how much I love this story lately?

baby love

This is a very good story and I like that you are a girl/woman writing it. The first person touch helps too. I'd like to hear some of Daddy's dialogue too especially using very naughty language and teaching it to his baby. This got me very hard indeed.


can`t wait for the rest of the story .yes i loved the writing and hope yo ucontiue to write more


Interesting perspective and voice.


Great first part, please go on!

Detlepf Shrempf

Hi, and where the hell is part two Part two and three and forty! hehehe


I love this story its so cute . More please .

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