Revenge, Part 2

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Published: 15-Jan-2012

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These works are totally a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

After I dried her hands, I grasped one of them and walked her back to her daddy. He was still out so I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder. I grasped his little girl's hand again. I had made my way to the parking lot through the trailers and campers without being seen. When I got to the edge of the lot I saw one car left and I asked the girl, "Is that your daddy's car?" she nodded her head and said, "Yeah, that's his new car." I quickly checked to see if anybody was looking and then made a dash for the car. I had almost made it when I heard a booming voice. "Hey, what you doing out there?" I froze thankfully it was too dark for him to see that they guy was tied up. I turned towards the voice and yelled, "My buddy drank too much and I'm going to make sure he and his daughter get home safely." They the voice said, "Good for you, be careful out there, there are too many drunks on the road." Then the guy turned and I saw the reflection of his badge in the lights of the midway.

I set the guy down and fished out his keys and opened the door. I set him in the back seat and then I put the girl in the front with me and I headed out of the lot. Then the girl asked, "You aren't my daddy's buddy, are you?" I glanced at her and said, "No baby, I'm not. He hurt my family, that's why he has a new car." She sat there for a while and then she asked, "Was he drunk when he hurt your family?" I looked over at her and said, "Wow you are a smart little girl, yes, yes he was drunk when he hurt my family." "He hurts my momma when he is drunk, but now we don't live with him anymore. Momma says I have to go with him sometimes because the courts say I have to, but I don't like to, he scares me and he hits me when he gets mad." "I know Baby, I saw him hit you earlier and that is why I hit him like I did, because he hit you and because he hurt my family."

She smiled then and didn't say anything else. I drove into the night and she fell asleep against the door. As she slept she scooted around and brought her knees up sort of in the fetal position, this caused her dress to rise and I could see her panties again covering her butt and crotch. I reached over and patted her butt gently and she cooed in her sleep. Around daylight, the guy started to wake up. He was laying in the backseat and couldn't get up. He started fighting against the ropes I used to tie him up and he was talking into his gag, but I couldn't understand him. I was glad I had stopped just before he woke and filled the car up and grabbed some supplies. I was headed to the mountains to my parent's cabin. I figured that this time of year there would be few people there and I could have all the privacy I needed.

I was tired but I didn't want to stop and maybe get caught with him tied up in the back seat and his daughter in the front curled up showing her panties so I drove on. By 10:00 AM I was turning into the long drive that took us to the cabin. When I stopped, the girl woke up and I got her out and took her inside after I got the key from its hiding place. Then I went back and got the guy and carried him inside. I took the car and parked it behind the cabin just in case somebody came up, they wouldn't see it.

Once back in the cabin, I found that the guy was trying to talk the girl into helping him, but she just sat there on the bed and watched him struggle. When I came in she smiled up at me and he went nuts, again fighting his bonds. You could see in his eyes the fury that burned in him. I looked at him and said, you don't know me, but I know you. You are the guy that killed my wife and sons when you run into them last month. His eye got as big as saucers then as he realized he was in serious shit. I sat down beside his daughter and put my arm around her. He went ballistic again. I looked down at the girl and told her she was such a beautiful little girl as I started to stroke her back gently. I could see the fire in his eyes.

As I spoke to her softly, still stroking her back she looked up at me and said, "I have to pee again." I stood took her hand and walked her to the bathroom. I left the door open so he could watch as I knelt down in front of her hand reached up under her dress and again hooked her elastic waistband and slid her panties down. I turned and smiled at the guy. He again went ballistic, yelling into his gag. I was able to make out "Kill you," through the gag. I just smiled as I lifted her dress and tucked it into her belt like before. She turned and let me tuck the back in as well. The commode was in perfect sight of him sitting in the chair I had put him in and I made sure I didn't block his view as I lifted her up onto it. He was going crazy as I asked the girl, "Is it alright if I touch you again, like idid last night? She nodded her head and I reached down with my hand between her legs, she spread her legs wide to give me access.

As my finger pushed between her folds and she started to pee, I looked over at the guy and smiled real big. My cock throbbed and I used my other hand to adjust it in my jeans. The guy was fighting the ropes and squirming around trying to get loose, his eyes were as big as saucers as he watched me molest his daughter. When she finished I decided to up the anty and said loud enough for him to hear, "Damn, I think I need to pee too." Then I looked at the girl and asked, "Do you want to help me pee?" she looked up into my eyes and I smiled and she then nodded her head. Her daddy was screaming into his gag and shaking his head no, but she ignored him.

I unzipped my jeans and fished my semi hard cock out the fly. Her eyes were huge as she stared at my angry hose. Softly, so he couldn't hear, I said, "I promise it won't hurt you. Just reach up and wrap your fingers around it and aim the end at the commode." I was standing sideways and he was able to see his daughter reach up, take my cock and hold it. He again started screaming and fighting as he shook his head wildly. Her finger felt fantastic on my cock and I had a hard time making myself pee, but finally my bladder released and the flow started. The little girl giggled as the pee hit the water.

As the flow continued, she wiggled her hand which wiggled my cock and the pee squiggled around in the water, she giggled again, she was having fun and I didn't want her to stop. But alias, my bladder emptied and the flow stopped and she looked up at me, her little face only inches from my cock and it throbbed in her hand and she giggled again and squealed excitedly, "It wiggled in my hand!" I smiled down at her and said, "That's because it likes you touching it." She smiled again and nodded her head.

I tucked my cock back in my jeans and then I picked her up so she could wash her hands. I did not put her panties back on nor had I fixed her dress and as I held her up so she could reach the water, I pressed my cock against her butt and then I turned and smiled at the guy. I was pretty sure he was about to have a heart attack as red as his face was and they he was fighting the ropes. I licked my lips and then I started bumping her butt with my cock. He went crazy trying to get free.

I was pretty sure he would have tried to kill me with his bare hands if he could and I laughed in his face. After she washed her hands, I set her down and still didn't redress her and she seemed OK with it. I held her hand as I led her back to the bed where she had been before and then I went out the back door and got the supplies I had purchased when I stopped for gas. I stripped out of my clothes except for my boxers and then I fixed her some breakfast. I sat down at the table and held my hands out for her to climb up in my lap to eat. Before she did, I reached down and fished my cock out of the fly so he could see it, but she had turned around and held her arms up so she didn't see. Then, she squirmed around until she was comfortable and I looked over at my prisoner and smiled again. Here I was in just my boxers with my cock out and his daughter bare assed as the day she was born sitting on my lap. As she ate, I looked at him and arched my eyebrows twice and smiled again.

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Love the watersports - good story.

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