Sandra's Day in Bondage Studio

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Published: 18-Feb-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

This was interesting time for our family. Our daughter has grown from one of the well known Internet models to the professional child bondage-model at tender age of 10 thanks to the management and guidance of R.O.P.E. Model Agency. I'm Sandra's mom and I decided to describe a typical day in Sandra's photo modeling for one of her Japanese clients who pays a high fee for our daughter's custom photograps which will eventually be published in a prestegeous Japanese Lolita Bondage magazine..

I walked down from R.O.P.E. Model Agency near Grand Central to their main studio on East Tenth where I was going to pick up Sandra after her photo shoot. Chris, Sandra's long time photographer had printed some proofs and I stopped to see them. Tony, the R.O.P.E. appointed photographer and stylist was still working but Chris was finished for the day. The proofs were of some new bondage settings and positions pictures for a major Japanese publisher. Chris and Tony have both taken the pictures. Tony’s photos as always are technically better, but I always found Sandra is more beautiful looking in Chris’s trademark soft lens.

While waiting for Sandra to retun from the shower, I picked up the photographs from the desk and looked at them. The tie was asymmetrical. A frame of rough wood was used. It was two six by six uprights with another six by as a crosspiece. The crosspiece was notched into the uprights. Sandra's budding breasts have been severily tied with a rope bra that constricted her circulation and made her smallish breasts swell painfully. This also causes her tiny nipples to expand and spike out. I was amazed how she endured those photo shoots and still followed photographer's instrucions despite the obvious pain she was feeling.

The tie has her left foot tied to the inside of one upright. The second upright never appeared in the picture. Her tiny wrists were crossed above her head and attached to a metal ring high above her. Her right foot was lifted outward, up to shoulder height and tied to the crosspiece. This overbalances her to the left. A thick rope tied tightly around her waist kept her from falling forward.

This was an agony bondage tie. I knew from what Sandra told us many times since we let her model for bondage photography, that fatigue sets in quickly and the muscles knot causing the pain. The photos are never taken immediately. Chris waits for Sandra to get very tired. She is incapable of holding herself upright so she lolls to the left side. Her tense muscles slowly yield to the strain and the fatigue and relax. She is transformed from being an innocent child model into a tortured pre-teen beauty. A blindfold and a ring-gag obscure her pretty little face. The story is all in her young body. Instinctually people can see that the child's suffering is authentic.

Tony usually takes time to set the lights and capture the details of her suffering. In one picture, I see her standing straighter; her hairless labia are barely parted. A later photo taken from the same point of view finds her gracefully drooping unable to stand and her labia has parted like it is too tired to shield her vagina. There are no close-ups of her sex but it's a detail in the larger picture.

Chris shoots under the same lights. His focus is less sharp. He always uses a tripod because he is using slower film. The same child model and the same light but Sandra's suffering is more profound in Chris’s photographs. Matsumi, another R.O.P.E. appointed photographer is not at this session; he would have produced grainy ‘noir’ shots highlighting the wetness of my daughter's sex. In any case, I know Chris usually stimulates Sandra's clitoris to raise the sexual content of her poses. We had to sign papers that allowed him to sexually stimulate our daughter during his photo shoots. I can see her little button is too small to be seen clearly but in Tony’s pictures, her aroused inner labia can be clearly seen.

After the photo session, Sandra is released and Chris helps her to a hot bath. I was still looking at the photographs of her last photo shoot when she emerged from the scalding water a bright pink and laid on a soft comforter while Chris massages her with scented oil.

"Hi mom!" she called. "What do you think of the pics?"

"They are great, sweetie." I answered little embarrassed by their explicitness.

Next I saw Chris undressing her, coating his erection with KY and entering her. Chris always fucked Sandra after the modeling session. It didn't matter that I was there to pick my little girl up and take her home. This was a part of the contract and we had to oblige if Sandra was to get paid at the end of the day. He fucked her slowly. He never rushed. He held himself off her and moved like waves hitting the beach. I watch my little girl's face and saw that she was feeling pain but said nothing about it as she endured the penetration. The waves built from slow to fast. He fucked softly at first and then harder and harder until he was pounding the child into the floor.

Tony walked into the studio and turned on a light and started taking pictures. He has done this before, so I wasn't surprised. He watched and smiled and made a small talk with me. He asked me about Sandra's school and said she had two orgasms during the photo session today. As Chris got more intense, I saw Sandra biting her lip and locking her feet behind his back and lifting up into his every stroke. He kept pounding my little girl as he came and groaned loudly, forcing much of his semen to run out of her and between her legs. He rolled off her, breathing hard.

Finally it was over and I walked to Sandra and helped her stand cuping my hand between her legs so she didn't leak Chris's cum on the floor as I walked her to the bathroom to clean her up. When we returned, I picked up Sandra's school backpack and we waved to Chris and Tony as we walked out of the R.O.P.E. studio and headed home.

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Wow I hope you do some more shoots.. nothing more than tie up and maybe they could bring her younger cousins :D half her age..


A fun story, could be a few more details though. It could be quite interesting to have an older teen or adult female in tight bondage with children to young preteens....exploring her body & seeing how things work. Kids can be quite cruel sometimes.

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