Step Daughters Grow Up, Part 6

[ Mg, inc, bond, asphyx ]


Published: 26-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Okay. Its been quite a while and I should review, for those who haven't seen the previous chapters which are now gone. I met my wife, Sue, through an on-line B+D Forum. We're both into extreme bondage and breath control. I'm the dom and she is the sub. When we met she had two young daughters, Beth and Shelby. Beth was two and Shelby had just been born. Her ex is long gone and has never been back, so I'm the only father they've had. They are now twelve and ten, respectively. They have always considered me their father and I'm tickled about it. Recently, at the dinner table, the girls made comments about how they're not "little" any more and want to dress more like mommie. (Mommie always dresses in a dress or skirt and heels and hose, because it turns me on, and, frankly, she likes it too.) So when the girls made their suggestion I went along with it. They came home with heels, pantyhose, skirts and tight little blouses that really exposed their developing little bodies. While modelling their new clothes, Beth sort of came on to me. It felt good.

Then, the next day, Sue cam to me and said the girls had found our toys. I was shocked! Sue calmed me down and said don't worry. I asked what I should say if the girls brought it up, and she told me to be honest with them.

"And if they ask me to tie THEM up...What then?", I said.

"Do the right thing.", she said. "I trust you."

Sue and Shelby left for the day, so I had Beth home alone with me. While working in the garage she came to me in a one piece black dress, black pantyhose and high heels. Again she came on to me. She asked me to take her upstairs and tie her up. Once there she asked about certain things in the trunk Sue and I use to keep the toys in. We talked about breath play and she wanted to experience it. She did, from hand smothering to airdancing. She loved it all.

The next day I couldn't help but tell Sue, as she asked some specific questions about our day. She was thrilled! She said she'd take Beth for the day and she wanted me to introduce Shelby to our lifestyle. This was what she'd hoped for all the time! And I wasn't to go easy. she wanted her introduced from A to Z in one day. As of now, she is in white pantyhose and a blue jersey. I have tied her wrists and elbows together behind her, and her legs at the knees and ankles. I have just brought her to orgasm as I hand smothered her to unconsciousness. I picked her up and placed her on the bed.... She's spent!

"How do you feel, Honey?"

"I guess I'm okay, Daddy."

"Do the ropes hurt?", I asked.

"No, not really. Are you going to hang me now, Daddy?"

"Not yet, Honey.... There's one more test."

"What test, Daddy?"

"Lets get you changed, first." I rub my hand slowly on her pussy, she gasps and closes her eyes. Her back arches......

"These clothes are too wet from your juice. We'll get some new clothes on." I untied her and lead her to her room. I helped her undress and picked out some things for her to wear. She should have showered, but she had her mothers scent, like Beth. I found a school uniform in her closet, which she hadn't worn for some time as it was a little too small for her. I found some tan pantyhose and black heels.

"Do you know how to put these on correctly?", handing her the package of new stockings.

"Yes, Daddy! Mommie only showed Beth and I a MILLION times!"

"Whoa, Honey...Just a question!", I said with a smile. She opened the package, and took out the soft nylon... She rolled up one leg and started it over her foot, slowly drawing it up her leg. I felt my cock getting ready again. She pulled the nylon over her knee and then did the same with the other leg. As she pulled it up she gazed over at me watching and opened her mouth slightly, licking her lips. The as she was doing this, she lifted one leg up straight, so her foot was at the same height as her head and pulled the hose up her thigh. Her foot pointed straight in line with her leg... My cock continued to grow. She stood and pulled the hose up, over her perfect little ass. She came to where I was sitting, climbed on my lap and kissed me. I felt her little tongue on my lips...... Then her hand slid down my side and found my cock... Did I forget to mention I'm naked? Oops!....... I gently probed her lips and mouth as well with my tongue. I took both of her hands and pulled them behind her, she gasped....

"Are we forgetting what we're here for?"

"Oh, Daddy..... It feels so good....."

"I know honey. I feel the same way. But lets finish getting dressed. You have to be tied up, again, to have your next test."

She reluctantly climbed down off my lap and put the blouse on, then the green plaid, pleated skirt. She sat and put her heels on.

"Daddy, this skirt is kinda short, and I can only button the bottom buttons on this blouse."

"I know, Honey. Thats why you're wearing it." Does it look.... Good, Daddy?"

"Very good, Honey. And very sexy!"

"Do I look sexy Daddy? Really?"

"Yes Honey, you really do!" I stood up and picked up the pantyhose she had been wearing.

"What are you going to do with those, Daddy?"

"Its a surprise. I want you to stand by that chair, spread your legs and put your hands on your head."

"Like this?" She complied. She looked so vulnerable! I went to my room, got a few things and returned, she hadn't moved. I sat in the chair.

"Turn around, honey and put your hands behind you." She did. I tied her elbows together, then her wrists. They were so small! Then I took a piece of rope and tied her knees. While She wasn't facing me, I balled up the panty of her white pantyhose, told her to open her mouth and pushed it in, pulling the legs in both directions around her head, tying it very tight behind her neck. I then took a loop of rope and tied it around her neck. The harder I pulled the tighter it got. She looked up at me with innocent eyes.

"Its time you learned the neck rope, Honey. I'm going to pull on this rope so you're on your tiptoes. Well walk back to my room like that, then the test will begin. Lets go!"

I pulled up with both hands, as I watched her bound, hobbled body straining at the neck. She began to walk with her knees tied. My cock was throbbing, once again! Her little grunts, the stockings tied in her mouth...... I couldn't wait to watch her hang. We walked down the hall to my room, and I couldn't help but lift her off the floor a couple of times. We walked to the bed, where I finally released the tight hold on her little neck. I asked if she were okay....... She nodded. I picked her up and sat her on the edge of my bed. I took a piece of rope and tied her ankles. The little feet in stockings and heels dangling above the floor... I was ready! Patience, patience! I picked her up again, and place her in a kneeling position toward the center of the bed. I climbed up on the bed behind her.

"Now, you get your test. If you pass this, I'll hang you." I took the loop around her neck and pulled it down to her ankle rope. I pulled it between her ankles and back up to tie it to itself. But first, I put my hand on her forhead, from behind, and gently pulled her head back as far as it would go. As I did, I pulled the rope tighter and tighter, holding her head way back. I tied it off, and could hear her grunting already. I got down, off the bed and picked up one of Sues stockings and a plastic bag. I could see the fear in her eyes as I approached her, back on the bed. Without a word, I pulled the bag over her head. She struggled a bit, and I warned her.....

"You'd better keep still. I call this position, "Don't Tip Over", 'cause if you do you'll strangle yourself. I'm going to put this bag over your head as well. I won't pull Mommies stocking tight until its time." I slipped the bag over her head, and tied the stocking loosely around her neck. She got just enough air. Then I began. I started to rub her pussy, and she let me know it was working. The grunts and groans were incredible. She'd come to orgasm very quickly! My other hand was holding the stocking. I could hear her orgasm building, so I yanked the stocking, cutting off her air, and just as she was about to cum, I pushed her over, her legs pulling on the neck rope. She was already out of air, but the neck rope strangled her good! Her body struggled with the rope around her little neck. She grunted and squeeled, the she slowed down and her body shook. She was out. I untied the neck rope from her ankles and then removed the bag. I gently slapped her a couple of time and she came around, coughing and gasping. I just sat next to her, touching her body, and legs. After a few minutes, she was breathing normally again.

"Are you okay, Honey?" She nodded.

"Do you want to go on? Do you still want me to hang you?" Again, she nodded.

She watched me as I made some final adjustments to the chair and noose. I went to her side.....

"Ready?" She nodded.

"Okay, honey. If you're sure........."

I picked her up and carried her to the chair. I kept one hand on her as she was a little wobbly. With the other hand, I put the noose, slowly, methodically over her head.

"Can you stand up okay now?" Again, she nods. I take the noose with one hand and the rope with the other and pull it tightly around her neck, being sure to position the knot by her left jaw, just in front of her ear. Immediately, I go to the wall and take the slack out of rope. I pull so she's on her toes, and tie it off. I walk back to her, standing so I can see us both in the mirror. I look at myself, next to this bound, gagged and noosed little girl, dressed to kill and about to be hanged. With my hand, I again stimulate her little clit, my other hand ready to pull the chair out from under her. Her face turns red from the pull of the noose as I've tied it.

Again the faint sounds of an orgasm is building..... As it nears, I ready myself to pull the chair out from under her...... Then the grunts get stronger, she breaths harder. Her little tits heave..... I pull the chair and with one last grunt, she swings free. I take the chair away and stand near her as she struggles and kicks, one of her shoes comes off. I put my hand on her pussy and feel its sopping wet! I taste her as I bring my hand up to my lips. As I'm tasting her on my fingers, I look down at her and smile. I want her to know how much I'm enjoying this! I can see her little titties through the unbuttoned top to her blouse. I pinch both and pull her towards me, letting her go, making her swing. She's still conscious, so she doesn't come down yet. She's very light, like beth. Now she's down to quivering, and her hands and feet twitching as her little body slowly swings and turns... Time to bring her down.

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