Sandy, Student of the Month

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Published: 13-Feb-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sandy Cowell is a good student, a good friend and active in scholastics, sports and the arts at Adams Elementary. The teachers were happy the day that Sandy returned the note from her mom saying it was OK for her to appear in the school monthly as Student of the Month.

Sandy was a little nervous about getting naked for the camera but eventually warmed up when photographers Aaron Sanders and Hakim Beddoes showed her the big boners she had given them. Sandy's mom had given permission for nudity, mutual masturbation, oral and simulated sex, but no penetration, so Sandy got to finish Hakim with a vigorous pumping that splattered his seed all over her tits and legs while Aaron shot off on the bushes watching. Both boys relieved, they went into the classroom to take some more pictures with Sandy, the Teaching Assistant and the other students.

At first Sandy was a little shy to see her picture posted on bulletin boards and in store windows. She especially felt nervous when adults would come up to ask her to autograph her picture. Her mom was able to help there. There is a small market near their house and the owner Mr. Rahib told Sandy and her mother how pretty Sandy was and how many comments her had gotten from the customers as he had Sandy autograph one of the naughtiest pictures. Sandy's mom talked to the grocer a bit more and then asked Sandy to come with her into the back room.

There she had Sandy undress for Mr. Rahib and most of the stock boys and pose on a table: standing, squatting and spreading while the men masturbated. Mr. Rahib liked the pictures of bare Sandy being spanked by the T.A. so he asked if he could give her a spanking across his bare lap. Sandy's mom had no problem with that as long as it was not too rough and soon Sandy's warm bare skin was squirming against Mr. Rahib's naked cock which caused Mr. Rahib to shoot his slippery jizzum all over Sandy's smooth hairless mound and firm flat tummy. The sight of Sandy standing in the back room decorated with man-sperm soon sent the rest of the men and boys over. The sound of men groaning filled the air and you could hear and smell the globs of sperm as they landed on the floor.

Mr. Rahib helped Sandy towel off and told her she could have anything in the store she wanted. Sandy will be ready this weekend when she gets to dance on stage with the other girls at the Dirty Old Man Club.

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I would love to see this expanded into a several page story

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