Helping The Kids

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Published: 8-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was Sherry's crying that woke me up. As usual, my granddaughter's hunger had perfect timing. Why is it the little girl gets hungry, just when I have to go pee? There must be some linked timing between a full-bladder, a full-breast, and a baby's empty stomach.

Being careful not to disturb Colleen, I slipped out of bed, and padded down to the nursery to pick up Sherry before her crying woke her mother and father up. After a night like the one before, my daughter needed her sleep.

Sherry's crying died down to whimpers when I arrived. I picked the little girl up, settled her hungry mouth against my breast, and hurried down to the bathroom before I lost control. "First things first," I always say.

Sherry was starting to whimper at not getting any milk from her grandmother's breasts, by the time I finally settled on the stool and was able to relax enough to let go. Such a relief! Almost simultaneously with feeling the pee run out with a blast into the porcelain container, my breast relaxed and "let down" enough to give the greedy little girl sucking on my tit what she wanted. Not for the first time I was struck by the similarity of "letting down" and taking a pee. It seemed that involuntary muscles held the milk back, almost the same way sphincters kept you from peeing in bed. Ooh, what a relief.

For ten minutes I sat there, until Sherry had emptied my right breast, and was hungry for the other. The little girl's cherubic face only slightly resembled her mother; but I knew that would change; like it had for both Colleen and Denise. The child almost looked like she was sleeping, but her mouth moved in rhythmic sucking that felt so good to me; as my milk flowed smoothly from my breast, and into the baby's tummy. As you can tell, I LIKE breast-feeding. I was so glad to have this opportunity to help my daughter in this way, as in others.

It was too much bother to get up. Besides, it felt good. Once again I thanked whoever designed the human body that women didn't have to have babies to nurse them. After Colleen had Sherry, it had only taken a month or two of the little girl suckling on my breasts to have me producing almost as much milk as her mother. Then we had slowly switched the little girl over until I was providing most of the milk, while Colleen just "helped out" on occasion. Breast-feeding, after all, is one way of "keeping the stork away," that doesn't require hormone-pills or artificial barriers. Neither of which my daughter was inclined to use (as having her own brother's baby at only 11 years old, tended to point out).

Colleen had known the dangers of fucking her own brother, (well actually, the whole family had) and had never stopped until after Sherry was born, and it looked like she might get pregnant again, if she continued sleeping in the same bed with him.

Only then I put my foot down. ONE baby by her own brother might not be so bad. I was not going to stand for two. Only I knew that once a child has learned how good it feels to have real sex, not just masturbation, it's almost impossible to get them to stop. Thus our present sleeping arrangements.

I was reminded of this when I returned the little girl to the nursery to change her diaper and put her back down to sleep. Hunger may have woken the little girl up, but she still needed a longer nap than she had so far. As I grabbed a fresh diaper from the closet, I heard murmurings from my son's bedroom that told me my activities had disturbed him and his little sister enough to wake them as well. -Sigh.- Well, it couldn't be helped.

By the time I finished cleaning Sherry up and got her settled back into her crib, Michael and Denise were going at it hot and heavy. I couldn't resist looking in their bedroom to watch. (OK, so I'm a horny slut . . . so sue me.)

My son was on top of his little sister by this time; stroking in and out of her tight little slit with an urgency that told me he wouldn't last long. Denise had her cute little legs wrapped around her big brother's, as the 6-year-old did everything a little girl could do to make her big brother cum inside her. Her long brown hair fading to black, made a fetching frame for a pixieish face that reminds everybody of her big sister and aunt, but didn't look a bit like me. Denise may not be old enough to climax like Colleen does; but the little girl seems to like feeling her big brother's thick prick sliding in and out of her hot little hole, almost as much as her big sister had. Who says little girls don't enjoy sex, just because they aren't old enough to have an orgasm yet? Try telling that to Denise or her big brother.

I watched; fingering my swollen clit, until Michael's thrusts into the little girl stopped, and he just pushed up inside her, shuddering. I knew the boy's greasy cum was squirting in thick white jets into his little sister's sucking young womb; as my son did his best to father a child on his own 6-year-old little sister. I almost climaxed myself at the very thought. At least with her, we don't really have to worry about our son getting the little girl pregnant; like he did with her older sister a year before. By the time Mike gets Denise pregnant for the first time, he should be almost old enough to move out on his own, at 21. In any case, by that time Sherry should be old enough to take her aunt's place; with Mike squirting his thick white sperm in his own little girl's womb, the way a father is SUPPOSED to fuck his daughter. Then we'll move Denise into our room, like we did Colleen. Well, that was thinking a long way ahead anyway. It would probably be five or six years before Mike knocked his little sister up like he had Colleen; after sleeping with the little girl for almost the same period. Time enough to worry about that, when Denise's cute little tummy starts getting big.

In the meantime, Denise can enjoy feeling her brother trying to get her pregnant as often as she wants to; going to sleep each night, and to school each morning, with her own brother's potent sperm oozing inside her cute little tummy, and wriggling its way up inside her uterus, on it's way to her immature young womb.

I watched until Mike's frantic thrusts into his little sister slowed and he finally rested with his prick still buried to the hilt in the child's belly; seeming to take additional pleasure from just having his penis massaged by the little girl's clasping young vagina, while his potent seed soaked into her womb. It always turned me on to know that my son enjoyed pumping his little sister's tight little belly full of incestuous cum; without ever being worried if he planted a baby in her cute little tummy or not.

It might take years (like it had with her big sister) or (delicious thought) it might be happening at that very moment, but the whole family knew that the older boy WOULD eventually father a child on the little girl. All we had to do was wait. In the meantime, both kids would have lots of fun trying.

I watched; to be sure my son ejaculated every drop of his potent seed in his little sister's womb, before pulling out. After all, if there was even a slight chance my daughter could get pregnant by her big brother, I didn't want Denise to miss out on the opportunity.

With this horny thought still running through my head, I arrived back in my bedroom just as my husband reached HIS climax in Colleen. The man was just grunting; making an unconscious imitation of his son; while his 12-year-old daughter equally unconsciously imitated her little sister by locking her legs around her father, just like Denise had done with her big brother. I almost giggled at the similarity. Dark hair swirled around her head almost duplicating that of her younger sibling.

Mark looked like a slightly older and bigger version of his son, while Colleen looked like a slightly older and bigger version of her little sister. Even the way Mark shuddered on top of the little girl, while planting his seed in our daughter's fertile young womb, was almost the same jab and thrust that Mike had made into Denise. Only in this case, the potent seed squirting in thick white jets into the nubile youngster's eagerly accepting womb belonged to the child's father like it should; instead of the little girl's horny big brother. Since she refuses to let me put her on the pill, at least this way Colleen wouldn't be getting pregnant by her own brother any more. Thank goodness.

After all, that's why I had taken over nursing Sherry; so Colleen didn't have to. As I said; nursing a baby has a tendency to keep you from getting pregnant; and I want to help my daughters in any way I can.

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