Sarah's Adventure

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Published: 16-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was a hot afternoon as Sarah sunned herself in the field of her father's farm, her brothers were working in the fields with her dad and she had done her chores of feeding the pigs and was quite contented. She had taken her top off to brown her 36C breasts and was getting hot as the sun tickled her hard nipples and lithe body. She absentmindedly rubbed her breasts and thought too herself, "Mmmmmm... not bad for sixteen."

She lay back in the sun and let her mind wander to last week when she had let her boyfriend, Brian, break her in after a date to the cinema. Her pussy suddenly got so wet when she thought of his thick prick violating her purity and she pushed her hand down her shorts and felt the slickness of her slit. As her fingers danced over her clit and pussy she began to moan, loader and loader she moaned and she approached orgasm as she came she stuffed four fingers into her pussy and screamed so load her brothers heard and came running to see what had happened. They found her lying exhausted, panting for breath with her hand still down her panties.

Her brothers laughed as they picked her up and carried her into the house and dumped her in the shower. "You better cool off," said Darren, her older brother as he turned the cold tap on. She screamed as the cold water took the breath from her and stiffened her nipples.

"You bastards!" she wailed but the boys just laughed.

Jason the youngest said, "You have some nice tits Sarah, let me feel them or I'll tell dad what your boyfriend did last week."

Sarah was horrified, because her dad was very protective and would kill Brian if he found out.

"Please don't Jason," she pleaded, "I beg you."

"Only if you let me feel your tits," he replied callously.

Sarah's mind was reeling she didn't know what to do.

"OK," she whispered. "OK."

She stepped from the shower and Jason began to knead her sensitive tits roughly.

"OW!" she cried, "Not so rough!"

"Shut up," Jason replied, "I'll do whatever I want, or I'll still tell dad."

He continued his rough massage until Darren piped up, "Let me see your pussy sis."

"WHAT?" screeched Sarah. "NO WAY!"

"I'll tell dad," Darren replied.

This time without protesting she dropped her shorts and panties and bowed her head. Darren knelt down in front of her and spread her pussy lips wide so she felt the cold air on her clit.

"Very nice," said Darren hoarsely.

She could feel his hot breath on her thighs and she waited for it to come. She didn't wait long before his tongue found her hole and sent a shiver through her body.

"Oh God!" she groaned.

"She likes it!" cried Jason laughing as he lowered his head to suck on his elder sister's rock hard nipples. Sarah's head was spinning with lust and guilt as her brothers sucked and licked her into heaven.

"Let's give her something she'll never forget," said Darren with his mouthful of Sarah's cum.

"OK," replied Jason.

The brothers pulled their pants down to unleash two huge cocks, Darren's was about 9 inches long and very wide and his younger brothers was longer but not as wide. Sarah was so shocked she couldn't speak.

"Let's fill her up," said Jason as he went behind her and rubbed his cock against her slick asshole.

With one thrust Darren rammed his entire length into Sarah's soft cunt, Sarah gasped as she was filled utterly.

"Oh my god!" she gasped. "Oooooh!" she cried as Jason found his mark in her asshole and began to fuck roughly. Darren matched his brother stroke for stroke as Sarah's mind reeled as she had orgasm after orgasm milking both cocks with her pussy and sphincter muscles.

After about five minutes of relentless pounding Darren Screamed, "I'm coming, oh god!" and filled Sarah's cervix with spurt upon spurt of hot spunk. This was too much for Jason and he unleashed what felt to Sarah like a gallon of cum deep into her bowels. Sarah was now shaking with one intense orgasm after another and collapsed to the floor in a heap when the brothers pulled out. The boys left the bathroom leaving Sarah lying there leaking cum from her ass and cunt, breathless and sore.

After a few minutes Sarah had the energy to get up off the floor and dragged herself into her bedroom and flopped onto her bed and lay there staring at the ceiling not believing she had let herself do that. She closed her eyes and slept the best night's sleep she had ever had.

The next morning she woke and went downstairs, she could have sworn that yesterday had been a dream, but the cum still oozing out of her told her it had really happened.

She went into the kitchen and there were Darren and Jason eating their breakfast, the both stopped and looked at her, she could feel their eyes all over her body.

"Sleep well?" asked Darren.

"Very well," she replied with a smirk.

The three of them just smiled and carried on with breakfast.

After they had eaten they went about the chores allocated for them by their father, the brothers went to tend to the fields and Sarah went to the barn to look after the pigs.

She went to her jobs, she fed them, watered them, mucked them out and when she had finished she sat down on a bail of hay, lay back and went to sleep. She was awoken by a hot feeling inside, she looked down and was startled to see the huge breeding boar with its hairy snout under her short skirt and burrowing in between her thighs, she was so shocked that she couldn't move, she thought to herself, "He must be above to smell the guys cum inside me!"

Although this was disgusting to her, she was hotter then she had ever been before and thought to herself, "Why the hell not, the sows seem to enjoy it."

She pushed the boar's snout out from under her skirt, slid off the hay bale onto her hands and knees, immediately the boar was sniffing and licking her soaked panties, so she pulled them down to expose her wet cunt to him, the boar licked her from cunt to asshole and a shiver of pleasure coursed through her body like an electric shock.

"Oh breed with me," she whispered hoarsely. "Make me your pregnant sow." With that she felt an immense weight on her back as he leapt on top of her, she could feel his rough hair on her ass, it hurt, but it was so good.

She looked underneath her body, in between her legs to see a huge long curly cock, snaking towards her pussy. Suddenly she felt it at the slick opening of her pussy, the boar shuffled forward and it was inside her, corkscrewing its way into her body.

Sarah moaned in pleasure as she felt the penis turning inside her body, his huge balls were slapping against her thighs as he fucked her hard and fast. She suddenly felt it deeper inside her than anything ever before as it found the entrance to her cervix and slipped in.

"Oh god!" Sarah groaned as the pigs cock locked onto her cervix. He stopped moving as he began to cum straight into her cervix.

This sent Sarah over the edge and she had a massive orgasm as the boar kept coming and coming and coming, Sarah felt so full of watery liquid she thought she would explode. After about 15 minutes of the boar coming inside her cervix she felt a thick, jelly like substance being forced into her cervix. It just kept coming until she felt fuller than she ever had before. Then the boar quickly pulled out and wandered off having lost interest. Sarah stayed on all fours for a minute with massive amounts of cum inside her cervix, held there by a plug of jelly.

Then she heard a noise behind her and heard her dad's voice, "God, I haven't seen that since your mum was alive."

Sarah was so shocked and weak that she just hung her head in shame and mumbled "Sorry dad.... it just sort of happened."

"That's OK sweetie," he replied, "It really turns me on."

He undid his zipper and out sprang a massive cock, which he began to stroke gently.

"Your mom used to fuck the boars and then I used to fuck her afterwards."

"Oh dad...I can't," she pleaded.

"Yes you can," he replied as he began to slowly slip it into her open soggy pussy.

"Oh yes. Oh yes, you are so tight baby," he groaned.

"You are sooo big," she cooed back at her father.

He then rammed it all the way in, grabbed his daughter's hips and fucked her like it was the last fuck he would ever have.

"Oh yes.... you pig loving slut," he cried slapping her ass hard, leaving a red handprint on her buttock.

"Ow dad...Oh god dad," she moaned. "Fuck your slut daughter hard."

"Oh yes... I'm coming," he cried as he shot his hot load into her waiting cunt.

She came hard then, her cunt muscles milking her dad's cock and emptying his heavy balls totally.

Her dad collapsed on top of her and got his breath back.

"Oh baby, that was incredible, we must do it again sometime."

"Yes dad, oh yes."

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Well that was certainly interresting.


WOW those type of stories of family and beast are so taboo and hot.

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