Grandfather And 6 Yr Old Grandson

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Published: 10-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

As my readers have already discovered I am a real pervert, I enjoy all sorts of kinky sex, Male, female, and especially kids, the younger the better. Near where I live in Dover, Kent, UK there is a local cruising/dogging area, it is high on the cliffs over looking Dover harbour, the English Channel and over to Calais France. Often up there 600 feet above the sea I have often had good sex with both men and women, sometimes both together. However this spring day I met Alex, a 67 year old grandfather.

Alex was tall, very slim, his hair was the salt and pepper colour, he wore glasses and was dressed in a t-shirt and jogging bottoms. I stood a few feet from him at the wire fence, looking at the docks, he stood at a five bar gate. With him was a little boy, later I was to find out that this was 6 year old Joey, his grandson. Joey stood on the gate, Alex's left arm around his waist.

As I watched I saw that Alex's jogging bottoms were standing out at the crotch as he got a hard on. Alex's right hand was rubbing up and down Joey's thigh and then disappeared under the little boy's blue shorts.From where I stood I could see that Alex was playing with Joey's cock. Alex then lifted the leg of Joey's shorts leg and revealed the boy's little hairless prick and balls.

My eyes were transfixed to that beautiful male appendage, a picture of 3" hairless smooth, unwrinkled little boy's cock. As I watched I saw Alex look at me and smile before he leant forward and started to suck that little piece of meat. I moved close to the two of them and reached up and rubbed the little boy's bum, so small and firm. Alex asked if I was interested in a bit of fun. I told him that I knew of a tunnel in the cliffs that was well hidden from the public, and led them to the hidden tunnel. The white cliffs of Dover are riddled with tunnels, dating from the Napoleonic wars, the First and Second World Wars. The tunnel that I took Alex and Joey to was deep and very dark, so we stopped close to entrance.

Alex immediately started to undress Joey, moving quickly until the boy stood in only his little Y-fronts and then he slowly pealed them off. The tiny boy stood in only his trainers,I looked at his glorious hairless body, skin so smooth, shining in the dusty sunlight.Alex undid his trousers and moved close to Joey, and started to caress the boy's chest and belly, but kept his hands away from the important area. Alex's circumcised 6" cock stood out from his flat belly proudly as his hand reached behind Joey's head and brought it down to the man meat. Well trained Joey opened his mouth and enveloped Alex's cock and started to suck it hard. The boy was unable to take the whole prick into his mouth but he certainly did his best.

I asked Alex how far we could go with 6 year old Joey, only to be told that I could do what ever I liked to the little fucker. I knelt on the chalky floor and put my head to the boy's tiny little cock. The taste of little children's genitalia is unlike any other taste. I could taste sweat, piss and sweetness. I easily swallowed that meat and was able to take his tiny little scrotum into my mouth at the same time.It was pure heaven. Reaching up I felt Alex's hairy, heavy balls, so different to Joey's delightful small, hairless pair.

Standing up I stripped off my jeans, and offered my 8" cock to the boy, he then started to suck Alex and I alternatively,his small mouth was unable to swallow much of our cocks but what he lacked in depth he more than made up in tongue work. My hand went to my jacket pocket and brought out a tube of KY lube and after lubing my fingers I felt for Joey's little arse-hole.

What a sensation as I worked my greasy finger into that tight little shit-hole. Realising that Joey's bum hole was ready for me I moved behind him and put my cock head against his puckered brown ring piece and slowly but with passion slid my rock hard cock inside of Joey. His arse was so hot, so smooth and so bloody tight. As my cock pushed deeper into him, I must have banged against his bladder for he suddenly started to piss himself, as a lover of children's pee it excited me even more. He was I my cock up a pissing little boy, whilst the boy sucked hard on his Grandfather's hard cock. I stood still and just enjoyed the tight sensation around my cock, now I had to fuck him and started to fuck that little child's very tight arse hole. Joey was wanking the cock in his mouth and as Alex started to breath heavier and heavier, I felt my own balls tightening as I reached my orgasm.

I'm not 100% sure but I felt as though both Alex and I shot our loads at the same time. I filled that little lads shit hole with a massive load of creamy hot cum.Alex shot his load into Joey's mouth and the boy was happy to slowly swallow as much as he could, although some of Alex's cum leaked out of the side of Joey's mouth to run down his chin. I pulled my cock from Joey's bum hole and saw my cum trickling out of that enjoyable little hole. I couldn't help myself, I knelt down and started to lick that puckered hole, licking up my own cum as it oozed out of his arse, it was mixed witha little shit, and although I'm not really into scat, I had to swallow what I was offered from that hole.

We all dressed and Alex and Joey were to meet up with me again, but in more comfortable circumstances.

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Loved the story! It's a dream coming true! Made me cum tonight!


mmm that was so hot and so well told too, and just the way that the boy should have been taught and trained, and the double teaming was amazing too. more please plus anything else similar, what about the boys mum surely she loved seeing her son getting used too? keep it up!


Mate loved this story, still hard. Wish you wrote more man on boy like this ;) keep them coming

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