Melanie Enjoys Watersports

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Published: 26-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Melanie was a fat girl, in fact she was a fat baby, a fat girl, a fat teenager and is now a fat woman and mother.

Simon was my best friend and Melanie's brother. The day started like any other day, I aged 12 was taking Melanie to the park, she was 5 years old. As usual just before we set out Melanie wanted to go to the toilet and insisted that I wait on the stairs while she peed. For some unknown reason she always wanted me to wait just outside the toilet while she peed. This day as I waited I could hear her pissing into the toilet bowl, and as any randy 12 year old my cock started to harden and I also need a piss. I walked to the toilet door which was open to see Melanie on the toilet seat with her grubby panties around her ankles, legs open wide and I saw the stream of yellow piss coming out off the bald puffy cunt lips. I told that I needed to pee urgently and for her to open her legs as wide as she could and I could then pee between them into the toilet. She agreed and I pulled down the zip of my jeans and pulled out my semi-hard cock, that was getting harder just watching her. Aiming between her legs I let loose a stream of hot piss, as my cock was getting hard I seemed to be unable to aim properly and some of my piss, sort of accidentally, sprayed over her hairless little cunt.

"Oh that warm on my fanny" she said. "But it feels nice." I was in.

"I know some better games than just this, if you want to play, but it has to remain our secret."

"Oh can we play a game now?"

"Yes of course we can but not here, lets go to the park and we can play them there."

Off we set for the park and all the time Melanie kept asking when we were going to play the new games. I took her into the trees surrounding the park and told her to take off her pink but dirty panties, I lifted them to my face and smelt the crotch, the smell was a mixture of piss, shit and girly sweat, and made me rock hard. I threw my jacket on the leaf covered floor and told Melanie to lay down on her back with her legs open. I lay next to her and started gently rub my fingers over her puffy cunt lips and slowly slide the finger between them to feel her wetness, some piss, some excitement. Even at this distance I could smell her. Her family had never been the cleanest people in the street.

I moved my body down until my mouth was level with the her cunt from where came that hypnotic rank smell, I leant forward and started to lick up and down her little slit, the taste was aweful and heavenly at the same time. She was also getting wetter than just my saliva alone. I put my fingers to the wet slit and got them nice and wet and then slid my left hand down her to reach her cunt opening and gently and slowly slid a finger inside her tight and hot little girl's cunt.

"That's really nice Bryan," she said. "Do some more."

Using another finger I inserted it into her arsehole god that was just as tight. I licked away at her smelly and fishy pussy and frigged her cunt and shit hole.

"Can I see your one again please?"

With my right hand I unzipped my jeans and got out my hard cock, the zip's teeth was cutting into the underside of my prick, so I open the belt and eased them down. Melanie squirmed to sit up and look so I let her up and then thought of an idea, I knelt between her wide spread fat thighs and started to wank myself, my left hand still playing with her clit and slit. As my excitement rose so my hand got faster and faster around my 7 inch cock, my breathing increased and then I shot my load all over her little cunt and fat wobbly belly.

"What happened have you broken it?"

"No that's what happens when a man cums, he shoots spunk out of his cock, it's pleasurable and even tastes nice. Would you like to taste some?"

"No it looks yucky."

I lay down next to her and started to lick up my own cum, so the evidence of our games disappeared. I stood up and asked her to hold my still hard cock as I needed a piss, and she should aim it. Sure enough I started to piss and she played with it like a garden hose. I was still randy and asked her to rub it for me, showing her how to pull the foreskin back and forth over the shiney head of my cock. She did alright for a while but her hand and arm soon started to ache, and I took over and continued to wank myself then just as I was getting close to cumming I asked he to pee again, and I wanted to lick her wet cunt as she did so. She stood there as I knelt and started to lick her slit as she let loose a little stream of hot yellow piss, salty taste on my tongue as I shot another load of cum across the leafy ground.

Melanie and I continued to playing wanking and oral games for years. When I was 18 we were in her garden shed and in my jacket pocket I had a tube of KY lubrication and I was determined to get my cock deep in her this day. We had talked about this before and she said that she didn't want to get pregnant and wanted to stay a virgin until her wedding day. So I had charmed her into letting me try something else. I got her to take her panties off, as usual they were none to clean and as usual her cunt aroma stank, but I didn't care. I started to lick out her 11 year old pussy with it's downey, silky sparse pubic hair, not my favourite thing on the human female body. I licked and tongue fucked her cunt driving my tongue as deep as I could. I thank moved behind her and got her to bend forward and lean on the garden shed's workbench, while I parted he huge arse cheeks and started to lick her puckered bum-hole. I could smell and taste her shit where she hadn't wiped herself properly.

As I did this, my head buried between the huge cheeks, I reached into my pocket for my lube. As I stood up I unzipped my jeans and dropped the pants to my ankles. I started to lube up my 8 inch un-cut prick and then added some grease to he bum-hole and touched the tip of my cock against that glorious hole. Slowly ever slowly I slid my cock into her hot shit-hole, god after all the times I had fingered her holes she was still very tight. I reached around so that I could finger her cunt my thumb playing with her growing clit. Further and further my cock slipped into her tightness. At last my balls came to rest against her wobbly thighs and I withdrew a little and fucked forward again and then started to fuck her quickly and deeply. She said,

"I need to pee, Bryan."

I told her to carry on as it would make me cum quicker. I felt her hot piss soak my fingers and hand and all at once I shot a hot load of creamy spunk up her back passage.

For the next 12 months I would regularly fuck Melanie's arse, both of us loving every second of it, but as often happens I went away to work and never really saw her again. Although I know that she is married with a little girl, who is about ready for her first sex games.

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bravo,good work in keeping it honestly and brutally truth

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