Babysitting, Part 1

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Published: 24-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

This story was edited by Carroll Lewis.

To start at the beginning, a young single mother moved into the house across the road from me about six months ago. I noticed that her child was a gorgeous, slightly chubby little girl of about 4 years old. One evening, I was outside the front of my place watering my lawn, when the young woman crossed the road and walked over to me with her little girl.

She started the conversation by telling me that she had come to live here because she had got a job close by at the local supermarket, only part-time packing shelves. She also told me that she was a drug user, and was trying to make a new start to her life by getting a job and renting a nice house where she could work out her life for her and her daughter.

I invited her in for a coffee and told her that I was a writer, having had some medium success. I told her that she had a beautiful daughter and I wished that I had children. She became quite excited when I said this, and asked me if I would be interested in babysitting Shantora when she worked?

God, my cock was hard just sitting there watching the little girl running around in my lounge room, catching a glimpse every now and then of her pretty knickers as she played. Without being too obvious, I agreed and told her it would be a pleasure. She told me that she would be starting her first night shift in two days at 6pm. I said that was fine, and with that, she and Shantora went home.

I had to wait two days, and found it hard not to relieve myself and keep my hands off my continually swollen cock, because I wanted to save all my cum for Shantora. I had plans for the cute little girl I was going to look after.

The evening finally came around and there was a knock on the door. I answered it with just my dressing gown on. I was naked underneath when her mum gave her to me and my cock was pushing out the fabric in the front of my gown. I know her mother saw my erection through the gown, as I saw her look down for a fleeting moment and her mouth dropped open. Then she told Shantora to be a good girl for me and went off to work.

I took Shantora by the hand and led her into the lounge where I had some toys that I had bought for her. I had also bought a small G-string bikini, the smallest I could find. I lifted her up onto the coffee table and pulled her cotton knickers off her. Oh my god. She had a gorgeous puffy smooth baby cunt and a chubby little bottom. I had a little feel of her baby mound and nearly cum on the spot. It took all my being not to lay her on the lounger, open her legs and rub my penis between her fat little cunt flaps and shoot my load all over her thighs. No, I was going to make this last, as I wanted to have some fun. Anyway, I had made plans of what I was going to do with my baby seed.

I pulled the new knickers on to her little body and pulled them up high so her little puffy cunt lips were hanging out either side of the panty string. She didn't seem to mind, probably because she was used to being dressed and undressed by her mother.

Now it was time to start the fun. I put her on the floor with the toys and sat back on the lounger, opened my gown up and started to masturbate while she played on the floor, opening and closing her legs and bobbing her chubby bottom up and down. Mmm, I was in heaven. There I was with my huge slippery swollen purple cock, making slurping noises as I slowly stroked the thing.

She looked over to see what I was doing, and smiled nervously when she saw my big penis all slippery and red, Then carried on playing.

I said "Dance for me Shantora?"

She smiled with glee as her mum told me she liked to dance, so I lifted her back onto the coffee table and she began to dance. She whirled around and squatted up and down, lifted her sexy little legs up and down as I watched her bottom wobble. I clapped, "whooped"and "mooaaaared"at her, and she giggled, as she knew I was pleased.

I kept walking around the coffee table, rubbing my fat long cock as she danced and I humped my pelvis at her in my very own dance of wanton lust. God I was nearly cumming!

I couldn't wait any longer, so I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom. I lay her on the bed and pulled the G-string aside. Opening her legs, I placed my swollen penis head between her open fat little labia with my cock hole open into her baby cunt hole, forming a "plug seal" and started squirting my fertile seed straight into her womb tube. She was starting to cry as she was frightened, but I held her down with my free hand until cum was squirting out the side of our join. She was full!

I had ejaculated all that my balls had, deep inside this 4 year olds womb. It took all my strength not to rape her baby sex tube and force my cock deep inside her! That was so good. I was finally empty, and she was wailing and crying, so I picked her up in my arms as cum oozed out of her now swollen red twat. I held her to me and soothed her, telling her "its all right baby ". I gave her a lolly and she calmed down as I lay back on the lounger with her on my chest. I patted her and she went to sleep.

I fell asleep myself, and when I awoke, I realised her mum would be here soon to pick her up. Shit! I quickly took the G-string bikini off her, and then put her knickers and dress back on, just as there was a knock at the door. Phew!

I handed the sleeping tot back to her mum and noticed that my forearm was wet and smelled like cum from the girls leaking cunt. Her mum must have known something, it was obvious. She thanked me, then they went home.

The next day, her mum came over. I thought this is it, she's going to say something. I've been caught for sure, but no, she asked me if I could babysit Shantora on Friday night. Oh my god, all my dreams were coming true. I said yes, as my pedo thoughts turned to plans of what I could do next time to my chubby little play toy. Anyway, at least I had two days to make my plans.

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Loved the story, especially with the knowledge that mom knows what is going to happen and doesn't care or bother about it. Liked the slow pace too, not rushing to use her completely, although that is clearly what is going to happen, hopefully!


What a nice way to introduce a very young girl to cock and also have the thrilling enjoyment of climaxing and filling her tight, puffy lips with warm, slimy cum! More, please!

Uncle Jerry

Greetings 'Conda111',
As a person who reads these asstr stories often, and as one who has posted a few too. ., my question to you is this; is there more of this story to 'cum'?
I truly love the 'Loliwood' section, it has so many of my type of stories (younger girls) to excite and bring pleasure. ., picturing this little 4 year old doing her dance for me, helped to make my morning, thank you so much.
I look forward to a continuation with this 'chubby little play toy' on 'Friday night', when this 'babysitting' continues.


continue please


I really enjoyed this. Please continue. The age was great also.


Great story and perfect age! Dressing a four year old in a thong and shooting cum up her bald hole. Doesn't get much better than that! Maybe you can contine by having her suck your cock on webcam with another pedo? Just an idea.


OMG, My pussy is dripping! Thank you! Please more!

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