Clarissa Explains it All, Part 2

[ mf, inc, parody ]


Published: 7-Aug-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

To say the least... the very least, Fergeson Darling was... horny. And not just any kind of horny... sisterly horny. He was not himself anymore, not after seeing her naked like he had, not after seeing her fingering herself, prancing about in her panties and nothing else, and getting doinked by Sam.

Sam was sooooooooooooo lucky. oh so lucky. To screw his sister, Fergeson wasn't sure, growing up with the girl was one thing; sure they had seen one another naked, but she was his sister -- any sexual thoughts about her was null and void and abysmal. but not any longer. Now she was older. Much older, fifteen, long blond hair, trendy, pretty, and he had seen her getting doinked by Sam.

Fergeson had her panties and that was cool. He wrapped his schlong in them and jerked off, laid them out on his bed and humped madly and slept fitfully that night with Clarissa deeply etched upon his mind.

He was no better cum the morning... he had seen her naked. She was...she was more than he could imagine. And of course, at school it was worse... there were his teachers, schoolmates (of the feminine kind) and older girls he saw on the bus. He now had a much clearer view in his noggin about what a girl looked like naked.

And it was driving him crazy!

He knew very well his sister's schedule, his parents', too. So quickly after school he dashed home, skipping his Republican meeting, chess club, and other Republican social gatherings. He stripped off his clothes and prowled into his sister's room; firstly going into her dirty clothes hamper and admiring her used panties. He sniffed them and rubbed them against his cock. He knew he himself was not so good looking, geeky, scrawny, but he had a cock that no one knew of; it was strong, thick, and it pleased him greatly.

As he humped Clarissa's undies he deeply wanted to fuck her, he wanted to be in place of Sam who had.

He had gotten too carried away and time had caught up with him. He heard the door downstairs and voices. In a panic he flung himself under Clarissa's bed (again.) Several minutes were needed in order to calm down... and realize that he was butt bare assed naked. He still had his sister's panties wrapped about his schlong, he rested and recovered... and the bedroom door opened.

Clarissa came waltzing in, chipper and happy and singing. She was always so damn happy. Fergeson could only see her ankles, he remained quiet and still, and naked. She sat in her chair and got on her computer... he was doomed, she'd be there for a while. There was nothing to do but "spank the monkey!"

Half an hour later... the bedroom door open and in walked the daddy... Marshall Darling. Fergeson gulped... being caught in his sister's room would be bad news...especially as he was butt bare assed naked with Clarissa's panties about his dong. He gulped and held his breath. The door shut and there was no way out.

This was bad... very bad.

The daddy and sister were standing kinda close. They were probably hugging. They were huggers. Fergy was not. Carefully he slowly eased himself to the bed sham fringe and peeked out.

They were doing a little more than hugging.

There's hugging and then there's... Marshall had his hands clamped onto Clarissa's lovely-lovely ass. This day she wore a pair of turquoise jeans. Very tight. Up and down her backside his hands went, the two were seriously hugging and then...

Fergeson watched in absolute awe as down to her knees Clarissa went. Fergeson blinked his eyes, squeezed them down and stared as Clarissa fumbled about undoing her dad's slacks and fishing out his manhood.

Fergeson couldn't believe his eyes. First Sam and now...

With the huge schlong out in her hand, Clarissa firstly admired the prick, then kissed the bulbous head before wrapping her lips about the head and engulfing it. Fergeson's own prick swelled and his balls tightened up. 'Oh My GOD!' he could no longer think or breath or concentrate...only move his hand slowly with hard squeezes to his cock.

Several minutes Clarissa did work her father's cock, she clutched his hairy daddy balls and worked his slacks and undies down. To his near lily-white ass she caressed his ass, fully engulfing the whole daddy schlong and bringing her daddy to the extreme point of ecstasy.

Fergeson could see his dad's ass muscles flexing and realized that he was probably cumming. One hand was on the back of Clarissa's head as she worked herself back and forth. She finally pulled back and cum shot out of the man's cock, coating her face. Clarissa worked the cum shooting schlong until it was well empty of its juices.

Clarissa leaned in and rubbed her face into her father's genitals, sucking on his balls and continuing the "relationship." Fergeson lay trapped under the bed still in absolute awe and shock and... and everything.

Clarissa finally stood up and Fergeson watched as while she removed her blouse, the daddy went to HIS knees and began undoing his daughter's jeans. He slid them down and Clarissa was topless. One hand eased the purple panties down while the other fondled fifteen-year-old lovely shaped titties.

Fergeson managed to move onto his belly, his sister's panties still about his cock and he began to hump the carpet, one hand back rubbing and squeezing his own bare ass. Marshall kissed Clarissa's belly and then she turned about, bending over. Her cheeks were spread and Marshall began licking her crack! Fergeson could no longer breathe.

The '60s throwback flower child girl stepped out of her clothes and moved to her bed. Fergeson barely had time to roll back over as he saw his father scuffling towards the bed and knew what was going to happen--although he couldn't believe it.

The weight of the father coming onto the bed seriously scrunched the unseen Fergeson, and as he pulled himself forward to the foot of the bed he was nearly kicked by his father and sister's flailing legs.

There was a lot of commotion going on topside, giggling, sounds of "slapping", and grunting. Fergeson pulled himself up and peered up between the legs and saw his father's fatherly cock slamming into Clarissa's pussy. He saw her asshole and there was juices flowing already. Marshall slammed into the girl's pussy, tightened up and pumped like a rabbit (or dog) for several seconds before returning to simple humping.

Fergeson watched until the sex act was completed; as per normal (for a man) Marshall gave his all and then there was no more. His cock pumped a little more into Clarissa's hungry snatch and then he rolled off, cum still oozing from his cock as well as from Clarissa. Neither (person) moved. Fergeson with extreme stealth slinked across the floor, opened the door and made for his room.

Once more he flung himself onto his bed, Clarissa's panties under his prick and humped up a storm. In his young mind he had the images of all the girls he knew, but foremost there was Clarissa.

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