Sara The Squealer

[ mb/g, tickl, fet, bond, nosex ]

by Ben


Published: 26-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I had never tickled my little sister, Sara, before. I knew my older brother Shawn had done numerous attacks on her, wriggling his bony fingers all over her tiny little body.

Sara was 9 at the time, I was 12, and Shawn was 15. (I am 18 now) It was a rainy day outside and Shawn and I had gotten absorbed into a hockey game while chomping on dorritos and sipping Yoo Hoos. Sara, being the youngest and only girl besides our mom, had taken delight in coming in the room, teasing us and tormenting us. Shawn was getting annoyed by this and I was starting to. After Sara left again, he spoke quietly. The game was over by then, so I listened carefully.

"Let's get back at her for bothering us" Shawn grinned.

A smile slowly crept over my face.

"One of us will sit on her back while tickling her sides and the other will go for her feet. That okay?" he asked.

I nodded. We both agreed this would be okay, our mom was out shopping and from what I've seen several times, Sara was a squealer.

Just as we suspected, a few minutes later, she was back in full form. Shawn and I nodded at each other, then raced over to her, pinning her down so she had no movement what so ever. I held her down while Shawn duck taped her wrists and ankles and toes together, so she couldn't move. She screamed and cursed but we would not let go.

"Ready?" asked Shawn and I nodded my head. "Go!"

I sat on Sara's back and began wriggling my fingers all over her underarms and ribs. She squealed and sqirmed, trying to get a good breath of air that didn't make her laugh. Shawn had taken great delight in scrambling his fingers all over her tiny bare feet, which made her laugh even more.

Then suddenly, out of insperation, I jumped up and ran to the pantry. Shawn knew Sara was still duck taped and she wasn't going anywhere. I produced a feather duster, still in the package, ripped off the paper, and headed back to the family room.

Shawn had flipped her over so now she was laying on her back. She saw the tool and began to giggle before I even touched her.

"You better not Ben I swear I-" but her warnings were interuppted by the soft brush making it's way up and down her underarms, Belly, and ribs. She was screaming with laughter now, but Shawn and I wouldn't let her go.

I handed the feather duster to Shawn and he took great delight in tourting her.

"Okay Sara" said Shawn. "We will let you go but first we have one more tickle for you" he rubbed her tummy for a second and ran to the room to get our mom's battery operated foot masager. It had legs and wriggled when you set it on a hard surface.

Shawn came back and turned it on. Our little sister closed her eyes and giggled for a few moments, but the giggles turned into screams of laugheter as it made her way up her sides and underarms.

"Say you are ticklish and you loved being tickled by your favorite older brothers" Shawn said.

"I can't!" shouted Sara, but Shawn turned the machine on a higher level. Finally she gave in.

"I am ticklish and I love being tickled by my older brothers!" she shouted.

Shawn turned the machine off and we undid the duck tape. For the rest of the aftenoon she stayed snuggled in our arms.

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