Sam's Saga, Part 11

[ mm/bb, bond ]


Published: 25-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sam's Journal Entry

Well there I was with the three others; Jonah, my "big brother"; Tyler, and his big brother both ways Cole, all having dinner at this little place in this tiny town up here in the mountains. And I'm barefoot! Barefoot in a restaurant! I was so embarrassed I'm sure that I had a bright-red blush on my face through the entire thing.

Tyler was very supportive though and told me that no one would say a word; at least he was right about that. No one did. But plenty of people looked at the four of us and I know they saw my feet. I mean how couldn't you? I was fully dressed but with no shoes. I don't get the whole "keeping me barefoot" thing that Jonah insists on, but whatever!

It honestly wasn't too bad I have to admit it. Except for walking from the car to the restaurant and then we had to walk around town and then back to the car. The parking lot was stone. I guess up here in the sticks they haven't heard about paving and asphalt. During dinner Jonah told me that I'd have to be barefoot all the time except at school. As soon as I get home I'd have to be barefoot. Tyler, who told me he likes to be barefoot mentioned- well whispered to me actually, that he was jealous and thought that I was lucky to have such a, quote, restriction put on me. He did of course have a hint of sarcasm in his voice when he said the word restriction.

The dinner was pretty good, I just had a burger and fries but they were those thick cut fries with the skin on, very tasty. Tyler had a salad and then some mushroom sandwichy thing. Apparently he's a veggie. Weird huh? But I guess it works for him. And he didn't even give me and hassle about eating cow. That was cool of him. Sometimes veggies can be pretty militant about being a veggie and think that everyone in the world should be a veggie. But not Tyler.

After dinner, as I mentioned above we all went for a walk around town, what there is of it. Jonah and Cole where ahead of Tyler and me so we got to talk. Tyler seemed to make it his business to stick close to me as we walked around the town. On the smooth sidewalk and the grass I almost forgot I was barefoot, except for the coolness of the cement and the slight wetness to the grass, you know that kinda dewy stuff it gets at night. I imagine that's what walking through a fresh salad feels like. I didn't think that was possible in the middle of summer, but this is the mountains after all. I have to admit it, it's kinda cool up here, and I don't just mean the weather. Hehe.

I'm getting used to the being tied up thing and Tyler is pretty cool and fun to hang with. I'm not sure about Cole though, we haven't talked much and he seems pretty happy just hanging with Jonah. Except for all the crazy new rules he comes up with even Jonah has been cool. Maybe, and I hate to admit this, maybe this Brothers Club thing might not be so bad. Plus I'll get to go to a better school and hopefully it will have nice people there too. I hate going where I go now. Plus Tyler goes there too! And we're in the same grade.

Back to the walk. We went into a couple shops that were still open; of course I had to go in too- barefoot. One of the teenage clerks at the third shop we stopped in really looked at me funny and kept staring at me the whole time. I'm not sure why she kept doing that other than the fact that I was not wearing shoes! I hate that part of the rules! But Tyler and me talked as we walked and the other guys shopped. And he's really a great guy. He's very nice. Very smart and seems like he's genuinely interested in other people and doesn't seem to have a selfish bone in his body. He's polite and seems to be at ease with all this bondage stuff, rules, and the brother's club. He's not even mad at me about stepping on and breaking the video game. He said it was just an accident, which it was, and to not worry about it. He won't even let me buy him a replacement. Yeah, he's a cool guy.

By the time we got back in the car, after walking over the stone parking lot again, my feet were really dirty. Once we got in the car, and the seatbelt held me in place facing the back of the front seat. Cole turned around and handed me a set of handcuffs and told me to put them on myself. Tyler protested saying I shouldn't have to ride home that way. But Jonah told me to do as I was told. And so with a click I snapped them into place.

After that was done Tyler slipped his hand onto my knee and whispered in my ear so the Bigs couldn't hear that he was sorry for the cuffs and he would make it to me later on tonight. Not sure what that meant.

Tyler told me to put my feet up into his lap for him to inspect so he could make sure they where okay. Between the seat belt, the moving car and the cuffs around my wrists it took a little work to do that. Tyler helped by pulling the cuffs of my jeans for some extra pull. Tyler looked them over and said that there weren't any cuts or scrapes on them that we'd have to worry about. He said he saw a small cut, but I didn't feel anything there. During the drive home he massaged the cut a little to help it feel better and held on too both my feet in his lap the whole way home. From time to time he'd rub them up and down. That gave me a strange feeling I have to admit...

Anyway back here I got to take the cuffs off and Tyler washed my feet off and applied some stuff to the cut and put a bandage on it. After asking Jonah's permission first. He didn't want me to get into trouble for not being completely barefoot. I would have never thought about that, but he did. Guess that's 'cause he's been at this thing longer then I have and knows all the ins and outs. ? After he put the bandage on he did something really weird- he kissed my big toe, saying that kissing it would make it feel better.

Anyway, it's like I said, he's never seems to think about himself and is always doing for others. How can someone be so good? Anyway I think that's kinda why I like him so much. He's not like anyone I've every met before.

Well I think that about all for now. Tyler just came in and told me that we're all going to roast marshmallows on the patio again. I love s'mores! But first I have change out of what I'm wearing now and put on a pair of shorts and a leather collar. No way these skimpy short are gunna cover up the woody I have now! Why am I getting hard all the time this week?

Tyler told me that Cole was happy with him today so he's allowing Tyler to go barefoot for the rest of the night. Tyler actually had a twinkle in his eye when he told me that. He was already wearing a leather collar around his neck and was shirtless too. It was really cute. Oh shit, did I just write that?!

Gotta run!

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I enjoyed this a lot. It's been a year since the last part but I really hope you pick it up again soon. I really did the whole little brother angle where the bondage is paired with genuine brotherly love. And also the way Sammy's mind is turning to accept his slavery. Plus this last part hinted that Tyler was going to bring sex into the story now too and that's exciting. Even if you just skip ahead and do one part where Sammy gets initiated and there's fucking I'd be happy.

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