Sam's Saga, Part 10

[ mm/bb, bond ]


Published: 25-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Come on, Jonah let's go get the boys. I'm getting hungry and as soon as we have them taken care of- the sooner we can have dinner served to us." Cole said about an hour and ten minutes after leaving the two younger naked boys bound and alone in the garage.

"Hold on a sec, I want to get my camera. I have an idea, it'll will be pretty funny. Why don't you go get two blindfolds, I don't want Sammy or Tyler to see what we're doing." Jonah replied.

"But Sam's been hanging there for a while, I'm sure his legs are hurting by now."

"I know, but this will only take a minute. Then we'll let Tyler and Sam use the hot tub together to ease their sore joints."

Out in the garage the radio continued to play its static noise blocking out all sounds of the outside world. The two older boys, the Bigs, entered the garage and walked over to the two younger bound boys. One in a chair, the other hanging by his ankles upside down from the rafter. Both bound boys gagged and naked with their cocks connected. Both boys faced each other but Tyler was the first to notice the other two enter and he cocked his head to look. Sam saw this and looked by craning his neck as best he could.

Cole walked up to his little brother, his brother both biologically and in the definitions of the Brother's Club rules, and blindfolded him. Tyler didn't make a sound; he just assumed it was more of Coles' sort of little mind games, showing the younger boy who was in charge of things. Once finished with his brother, Cole did the same to the inverted Sam.

Jonah pulled the small digital camera out of his pocket and darted over to the wall and took down one of the fishing poles hanging on hooks from the wall. He handed the camera to Cole. Jonah took position next to his little, holding the fishing pole in one hand and standing next to Sam as if he had just landed the "catch of the day". Cole had to laugh out loud and he quickly snapped a picture. The two boys traded places and Jonah took Cole's picture. The blindfolds where removed, and Sam's gag was taken out.

"Let me see if he dropped the egg I put on his feet." Jonah said. He looked at the upturned soles and saw the egg had indeed disappeared. "It's here." Sam said and wiggled, as best he could, the unbroken egg in his bound hand.

"How on earth did that get there, Sammy?"

"I sneezed, causing me to jerk my body and the egg fell out, rolled out really, and I was lucky enough to catch it before it hit the floor."

"Well I didn't say the egg had to stay on your feet, I just said it wasn't to get broken and it didn't. I can't believe you caught it, but you did and so there you have it. The good news is it's time to get you down."

"Great, this was really getting to me; I can't believe I've been like this for two hours."

Neither Cole nor Jonah said a word and of course being gagged, Tyler didn't speak either.

Sam was standing up all though on wobbly legs, right side up, rubbing his wrists and regaining his balance. The cement garage floor was cool under his bare soles, but it was July after all and the coolness was comfortable. Cole was finishing up his untying of Tyler and finally removed the boy's ball gag.

Tyler moved his jaw around to work out the aches. He leaned into his older brother's ear and whispered. "How long was it really?"

"Little more than an hour, but don't tell Sam that. Understood?" Cole replied.


"Okay guys here's the deal. Tyler why don't you take Sam and the two of you can go use the hot tub to relax and work out the kinks." Jonah told the two littles.

"Cool, thanks!" Tyler replied and the two boys walked, Tyler helping Sam with his balance out of the garage into the house and headed toward the hot tub.

"So, what do you think about all this so far?" Tyler asked, probing for information. That was part of his job as Sam's guide. To gage Sam's reactions and his thinking to this new situation.

"Ah, I don't know really. It's not the end of the world I guess. Is it?"

"No it's not. But really, what are you thinking."

"Well.... At first it was really weird and kinda scary. I had no clue what Jonah was going to do to me. I thought he'd gone nuts! But as time went by I kinda realized he wasn't going to hurt me. And he said as much before you guys got here. It's against the rules, right?"

"Absolutely. No physical harm is to be done to us littles at all."

Tyler replied.

"I never knew that so many people were into this 'being tied up thing'."

"Yeah there are tons of us. Check out the internet sometime."

"I did, Jonah showed me some sites the other night."

"What do you think about being the one to be bound up all the time?"

Tyler pushed.

"Well... I mean... it's not so bad. Please don't laugh at me, Tyler, but I think I kinda like it."

"I won't laugh at you, Sam. Go on."

"Well at first I didn't like it at all. I hated it in fact. But I think that's 'cause I was so scared at the time. But I've been like this for days now and wait, this is the first time since that Friday night that I haven't been restrained in some way." Sam realized.

"Funny how it becomes kinda natural isn't it?"

"Whad'ya mean?" Sam asked.

"Well I mean you've just been hanging upside down for hours and you've only just now noticed that you're not restrained at all. It's like being bound is second nature to you."

"Yeah, I guess you're right about that."

Tyler winked back.

Tyler decided it was time to change the subject, he'd learned what he wanted to know. "So, Sammy, tell me something, you have a girlfriend or anything?"

"No, no girlfriend."

"Anyone you're interested in?"

Sam paused a moment looking down into the bubbling water of the hot tub. Then he looked up and directly into Tyler's angelic face. He almost whispered, "Someone, yeah, kinda." He smiled. Sam noticed his cock getting hard. He was glad that the pulsating water hid his erection below the surface and out of sight of Tyler. Sam wasn't fully aware of the reasons yet, but he began to suspect that Tyler was the reason for his inflating member.

Tyler grinned. The two sat in silence was the hot water bubbled around them and massaged their aching bodies.

"Hey guys, we've decided to go out for dinner instead of eating here tonight. Cole and I have laid out some clothes for you on the guestroom beds. Tyler you'll know which are yours. Sammy, you're to put on the other set and be down stairs in fifteen minutes." Jonah informed the two soaking teens.

Upstairs waiting for Tyler was a set of blues shorts and matching red and white polo shirt along with a pair no see white foot-socks and white sneakers. Waiting for Sam was a pair of jeans and light blue polo shirt, no shoes or socks.

"I think Jonah forgot my shoes." Sam was looking around confused.

"I don't think so, Sam. If he wanted you to wear them he'd left them out for you."

"But I can't go out to eat barefoot." Sam protested.

"Why not?" Tyler asked honestly.

"Because, because, it's not right. It's not... I mean..." Sam just stopped. He really couldn't think of a reason that would sound intelligent before his new friend.

"Just go with it, Sammy. I like being barefoot, but Cole knows that and makes me wear shoes and socks all the time. It's like he lets me be barefoot as a reward or when he's 'feeling generous'."

"But people will laugh at me if I'm walking around town barefooted."

"No they won't. You might get some looks, but trust me no one will say a word about it. Come on we've got to go, don't want to be late."

The two teens presented themselves downstairs before the two Bigs and the four of them went back out into the garage.

Sam decided to push his luck a little. "Jonah," he asked softly "can't I have shoes? Or at least flip-flops to wear?"

"Ah, no." he replied.

The four boys got into the car, the two Bigs in the front seats and the two littles on the back seat.

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