Sam's Saga, Part 8

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Published: 25-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Wednesday After Lunch

Sam was in the kitchen cleaning up after lunch. He still wore his collar, locked in place, and a chain leash hung from the ring on the front of it. His standard ankle shackles were also in place.

"Sammy, Cole and his little brother, Tyler will be here shortly and I need you to be on your best behavior. Understand?"

"I'm not some jerk, ya know."

"I know you're not, but I need to know you're gunna be on you're best behavior. You're my little and there are certain standards you need to meet or you'll embarrass me in front of Cole."

"And that would be bad, right?"

"Yeah it would. Can I trust you?"

"Yeah. But, um, can I have some clothes to put on before they get here?"

"No you're just fine the way you are. Now you're not to talk to either of them unless I give you permission to speak first. Can you remember that?"

"Yeah. But about that no clothes thing I..."

Interrupting Sam Jonah continued, "because if you can't stay quiet I'll gag you now. And if you say one word without permission I'll gag you right in front of them."

Sam just nodded while his mouth remained shut.

Jonah heard Cole's car pull up next to the house. He and Sam went to the front door Jonah opened it in advance and instructed Sam to stand behind and a little to his side. Sam was in his solid blue Speedo, collar, and ankle shackles. The leash from Sam's collar was lopped around Jonah's hand. Sam was visibly nervous. His eyes down looking at his bare feet. He didn't want to be seen in this position by total strangers.

Tyler got out of the car first. He went over to the driver's door and opened it for Cole, closing it after he got out. Then Tyler went to the trunk and removed a small suitcase and a backpack. They entered the house and Jonah and Cole shook hands and chatted for a few moments. Both littles remained in position and silent.

It was time for the introductions. "Cole, I'd like to present my new little brother, Sammy." Sam still looked at the floor.

"Jonah, he's great. You've done good. I like him. He'll be very popular in our club," Cole replied.

Sam's face flushed with embarrassment.

"Sammy, shake Cole's hand and say hello," Jonah instructed. Sam complied.

"Sammy, I'd like to introduce you to my little brother Tyler. He'll be your tutor for your joining of our little club." Cole said.

Tyler stepped forward and extended his hand to Sam, Sam took it and raised his head. For the first time he saw the two other boys who'd come for a three-day visit.

Tyler stood in front of him. Sam could hardly believe the sight that greeted him. Tyler was a little shorter then he was. He had straight hair that ended on his shoulders. His hair had a slightly red tint.

Tyler had green eyes the color of jade and what could be called a peaches 'n cream complexion. Tyler was dressed in tan shorts and a light blue polo shirt. There was a rather thick shiny chain around his neck. One end of the chain hung down from the loop at his neck disappearing under the fabric of his cotton shirt.

At the end of his smooth thin legs he had on white ankle socks and blue and white sneakers. On his left ankle was the same type of black metal chain that was around Sam's but Tyler's had a small gold soccer ball. The chain was loose enough to allow the charm to hang to the outside of his sneaker.

Sam found himself slightly and instantly fascinated by Tyler's looks and after saying a shy, quiet "hi" he didn't know what else to say.

Cole continued the introduction, "And I, of course am Cole. I know you're probably very nervous right now. But don't be. You'll be fine. Tyler is a great little brother and he'll teach you everything you need to know. You'll be one of our most popular little brothers.

Don't worry, Sammy we'll take great care of you. Trust us."

"Thank Cole, Sammy." Jonah instructed. Sam again complied. "Sam, show Tyler which room we've got them in so he can take their bags up. Then come back out to the patio with two sodas for Cole and me."

On the stairs Tyler broke the silence. "Um, Sammy. How are you?" he probed.

Sam just nodded his head.

"Uhm, okay. So this place is pretty great, huh? Cole and I have been here twice before."

Sam nodded again. The two entered the bedroom.

"Oh, two beds eh? We didn't stay in this room before." Tyler placed the suitcase on the larger bed and the backpack on the floor. "That little bag's mine."

Sam just kinda stood there with a vacant smile on his lips.

"Don't say much do you? You're seriously nervous aren't you?"

Sam quickly scanned the room and found what he was looking for- a little pad of paper and pen. With his back turned he scribbled something, ripped the sheet off and handed it to Tyler. It read, "I'm not being rude. Jonah told me not to talk or he'd gag me. And I am very nervous too." Very was underlined.

"Oh, sorry dude. I didn't know about the talking thing. Don't worry, I wouldn't tell on you if you did. But I guess it's good you listened to your Big Brother. There's nothing to be nervous about though, Sammy. It's actually not a bad club to belong too. But I guess if I was dressed like you are I'd be nervous too."

Sam nodded his head again. Tyler had a sweet voice for a boy and it seemed to put Sam at ease. He had a smile that would make the coldest heart melt with perfect white teeth shinning between slightly pink lips. "Come on, bud, we'd better head back downstairs before we're missed."

Sam smiled and nodded and the two boys headed back down, grabbed the sodas from the fridge and when out on the patio were their Bigs sat in the iron patio chairs talking.

Tyler stood next to Cole and Sam took his place next to Jonah. The two seated boys continued talking paying no attention to the boys standing next to them

"Sammy," Jonah finally turned his attention. "We've decided that Tyler should get started teaching you what you need to know ASAP. So here's what's gunna happen. Tyler is in charge of you for now. That's not to say Cole or myself still can't give you orders but you also have to listen to Tyler. Sammy, you now have permission to talk. So that's about it you two might as well start."

"First," Cole interjected, "Tyler, take off your shoes, but leave your socks on and come here Sammy." The two littles did as instructed. "I want to make sure you guys don't get into too much trouble." He took out a pair of handcuffs and locked a wrist from each boy into them securing the boys together. Then he sent to boys off; back upstairs to the bedroom they had left moments before.

Back in the bedroom the boys sat on the floor. "Well I guess I'll start," Tyler said, "there's not much to this really. It's all very easy stuff. Common sense more than anything. Just don't screw up and things will be fine. Okay?"

"Yeah I guess so." Sam quietly relied.

"Sorry about being cuffed together. That's my brother's idea of being funny, he loves doing stuff like this to me. I'm used to it."

"No problem, I've been tied or chained up the whole time for like six days now, so I'm kinda used to it too."

"Six days wow! That's cool. Cole mentioned that Jonah liked the tying up part of things but I had no idea. Cole's only kept me bound up for like fours hours. I've been handcuffed for a whole weekend, but that's the longest I've had so far. But Cole's actually a pretty cool big brother."

"So how's this work?" Sam asked.

"I tell you what you need to know and you remember it. It's simple. Don't worry. First why don't we just talk? Get to know each other better, eh? We can learn later on." Tyler smiled again putting Sam at ease once more.


Back on the patio.

"Tyler will teach my Sammy everything he needs to know?"

"Jonah, don't worry, Tyler's great. You saw how Sam looked at him in the doorway. Tyler has that effect on everyone, lucky little pisser, he got all the good genes in the family."

"Yeah I noticed. I bet Sam is real confused about that right now."

"If he's like most people he won't even notice the effect until it's too late. By then Tyler has him."

"I hope he's not too effective, after all Sammy's mine, not Tyler's."

"Don't worry. Tyler knows what he's doing. But I have to admit; Sammy's got a look about him, doesn't he? You're lucky to have found him; I can't believe you got an outsider to be your little, that always seemed to be the hard way to do it."

"What do you know about hard? You got yours from your own house! Right there under your nose."

"Yeah I have to say I'm pretty grateful to my parents for having him. But still the way you got Sammy to agree to be your little... you'll have to tell me how he agreed so easily."

"Let me just say this - I didn't leave him much choice in the matter."

"You don't mean?"

"Yep, I made him my little. As far as he's concerned he doesn't know he even had a choice to join, and now that he's in- we've got that rule preventing him from leaving."

"Dude that's seriously devious! I love it!" The boys toasted by tapping soda cans together.

"Tyler's not gunna screw that up is he?"

"Na, he likes the club, and I noticed a little thing from Tyler when he met Sam too. Those two are gunna be best friends I think." He winked at Jonah.

Back upstairs.

Tyler had a pair of handhelds and he and Sam were playing a racing game head to head. Well they were side by side holding on to the games as best they could being handcuffed together. Every so often one boy or the other would get so into the game, making a turning motion in the real world and forgetting about their handcuffed linkage. This pulled the other's wrist along with his own causing the other boy to drop the game into their lap. This led to quite a few digital car crashes along the way.

On the patio.

"I'm curious why did you have Tyler take off his shoes but leave his socks on?" Jonah asked his guest.

"Littles should respect other people's homes. I don't want him wearing shoes in your house. But leaving the socks on gives him an advantage on Sammy. You've got Sammy in just a bathing suit, Tyler's fully dressed. Sammy's barefoot, Tyler isn't. That gives Tyler an edge. Plus Tyler's younger than Sam; that will really throw Sam for spin.

"Having to submit and listen to someone younger than him. And wearing less then a younger boy, that's icing on the cake; someone nearly naked will always, even subconsciously, give more attention and control to someone fully dressed. It's a mind-game thing. I'll bet Sam asked to wear clothes before we got here today didn't he?"

"Yeah how'd you know that?"

"Anybody would. I mean would you want to meet someone for the first time in just a collar and leash, a bathing suit, and shackles? No, of course you wouldn't. It was good you didn't give in and let him put on something else."

"Thanks, Cole. There's a lot I have to learn."

"You're doing fine, Jonah. You've had Sam for only a few days and look at him. He's quiet; he's clearly being submissive. Tyler and I will help bring him the rest of the way. You've got a month and a half before school starts. Sammy will be the perfect little by then. Tyler and I will help you out before Sammy's initiation ceremony."

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