Sam's Saga, Part 7

[ m/b, bond ]


Published: 25-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Wednesday Morning

I must have been really out of it this morning. I woke up and found my hands untied and I had a collar around my neck. When did Jonah do this? How did I sleep through that? Whatever.

Only one ankle has that shackle thing around it but the other end is locked to the bed. I can get up and out of bed, but I can't go more then a foot or two from the bed, so what's the point of getting out of bed? I'd just have to sit on the floor.

I found a sticky note on this book. This one I am writing in and a pen. The note told me that Jonah wanted me to start a journal and I'd better have something in it by the time Cole and Tyler get here. So here it is. Is this enough? Probably not.

I really don't know what to write about, I've never had much use for diaries or journals and it now seems to be called. Seems a bit girly to me, so again I say- whatever.

Should I write about what's happened to me over the last four days? What good would that be? I was there and the only other person that might even read this is Jonah and he knows what happened too. He did it to me!

I have to admit though that on Friday I was totally scared. I had no clue what Jonah was gunna do to me. You see all those crazy news stories about kidnappings and they never seem to end up good for the kid whose been kidnapped. But I wasn't really kidnapped was I? At first I thought Jonah was just being a jerk (sorry Jonah) but after he just left me tied that way on the floor for so long- I was sure that it wasn't a trick or something.

When he retied me to that dining room chair and fed me cold pizza I knew that this was something that was gunna go on for a while. Weird huh? Here I was scared, unable to do anything about my situation except struggle, but I knew that this was going to continue.

I figured it would all be over Monday when I went home. Well that was two freaking days ago, it's Wednesday now and I'm up at this so called cabin in the woods and still chained. Chained to a bed no less. I haven't been untied or unchained for like 5 days now! I realize as I wrote that that it seems like being tied is a normal state and what happened before wasn't normal when it is just the opposite, isn't it?

I mean you don't see people on the street with their hands tied or their feet chained together. Do you? Of course not.

But some of the stuff Jonah has used he got off the internet, so there are people who buy this stuff, right? I had no clue.

I'm not totally scared anymore. I can't say I totally like being tied and chained all the time, but it's not totally horrible either. Most of the positions, don't get me wrong I'd rather be free, aren't too uncomfortable. Except for that hogtie thing. I've gotten used to walking barefoot with my ankles chained together. I have to take smaller steps, but once you get into a rhythm it seems pretty natural.

Yesterday Jonah put me on a boat on the lake. I freaking hate boats. I can't believe he did that to me! I asked him not too, but he just tied me up tighter and put me on the boat. He carried me and tied me to the seat! I held my breath and closed my eyes tight. If I wasn't tied up and tied to the boat itself I'd have run as fast as I could the other way. I really thought Jonah was gunna be really mad at me for not wanting to go on the boat. That would be breaking the "do as I say rule", right? But I guess he wasn't, he didn't say a thing about it and didn't act like he was mad at all. We even had a pretty good dinner, talked like I wasn't next to naked and chained up (how weird is that?) and watched a DVD before he put me to bed.

I hope he never makes me do that boat thing again. I'll have to tell him not too. He promised me he wouldn't hurt me and this might just fall under that rule. I'll have to see.

I've been giving a lot of thought to this Brother's Club I seemed to have joined. I have a lot of time to think, being tied up for hours and hours gives me lots of, I don't want to say free-time (ha-ha), but extra-time to think.

I guess if I am transferring to this new school in the fall; it will be good to have some friends and have this promised protection from other kids who go there. This black chain around my ankle is my mark of protection apparently.

I mean will I be tied up in class? Will the teachers lock my ankles to the desk when I arrive and unlock me when class is over? It can't be that way.

What about the other members of the club? How many are there? Who are the other little brothers? I have to admit it will be nice to go to a new school. I hate the one I go to now.

Jonah's mom has a ton of money from having her own business I guess. Added to my dad's income and well... I do like Jonah's house it's bigger then mom's and this cabin is really cool. I still can't believe they call it a cabin. I suppose if I have to trade off a little freedom to move around, and I admit it where do I have to go around here, it's okay. I am finding that I don't mind being tied up either. That's really weird, huh? I guess I'm getting used to it.

And it seems that lots of people like it. Last night before the DVD Jonah showed me some web sites with cartoon characters tied up and a site with TV and movie scenes where the actors are all tied up.

Strange thing is that all the pictures were of teenagers and cartoon drawings of boys. I wonder if Jonah is gay? (sorry again, Jonah) then he showed me some of the sites where he got some of the stuff he uses to put me in bondage, as he calls it. There was some seriously scary stuff there! And even the site where he got those footie pajamas. So I guess there's like a whole industry for this stuff? Like he said, all those people can't be wrong, can they? I keep thinking of that line, "if you cant beat 'em, join 'em". But I'd like to wear more than a Speedo once and a while!

Well I think that's about enough for now, right? I hope so.

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