Sam's Saga, Part 5

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Published: 24-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The Boy's Week at the Cabin Begins

Jonah pulled into the gravel parking lot of Rudolph's General Store, the boys were now about seven miles away from the cabin. Time: about 11am. The staples were ready to go when Jonah arrived so all he had to do was go to check-out and pay the bill. At the register old man Rudolph, whose known Jonah since Jonah was three, looked out to where the car was parked.

"Nice looking car you have there, Jonah. What is that, some European import?"

"Yeah, it's the new Saab."

"Wait a second, who's that in the passenger seat?"

"Oh that's my little brother-to-be, Sammy."

"Little brother-to-be, not sure I get your meaning?"

"His father and my mom are getting married soon. Thought I'd bring him up here and show him the cabin. You know - take a little vacay."

"Oh, well congratulate to your mother for me, and say hi to, what's his name... Sam for me. Can't wait to meet him."

"Will do Mr. Rudolph. I'd have brought Sammy in, but he's a little tired and still asleep. We left pretty early this morning. Take care, I'll see you if we need more food during the week."

Jonah left the store carrying a large box of provisions. He popped the trunk with the key fob, placed the box inside, waking Sam by slamming the trunk shut, and Jonah got in the car.

"You're awake, I see."

""Ummm," Sam mumbled through his gagged lips.

"We're almost there. Just a few miles to go."

After the general store there was no sign of civilization save the blacktop road that led to the long gravel driveway, which in turn led to the cabin. Jonah turned off the main road- the ride got rougher. Sam stared out the window as he was driven into the woods. The trees seemed to get closer and closer to the car. Sam though for a moment he heard some banjo music. "What movie was that from? Something about delivering?" he thought.

Then almost without warning the trees parted and the cabin appeared. Jonah saw Sam's reaction to the structure and ripped the clear tape off Sam's face in one quick swipe.

"Ouch! I thought you had a cabin?"

"That's it, Sammy." Jonah nodded toward the building.

"That's not a cabin. A cabin is rustic, small, run down with a rotting swing chair hanging on the front porch, with weeds growing all over the place. That's a mansion, and it's landscaped."

"What did you expect, something out of "Deliverance" silly?" Jonah asked as he pulled his car into the garage.

Jonah released Sammy from the car, but left the ankle shackles on him. Sam was ordered to unload the car, all except one bag. Jonah took that bag inside himself. Sam figured it was Jonah's clothes and such. It took about 90 minutes for Sam to unload the car and put away all the groceries and other items. It took so long because Jonah stood watch and told him where and how everything was to be placed, and being hobbled Sam found moving quickly difficult. Sam tripped several times as one or the other of his bare feet caught the chain and unexpectedly shortened his step, but he managed to not fall or more importantly drop anything. After he was finished Jonah ordered Sam to get him a soda and a glass of water and meet him in the living room.

Jonah took the can of soda and let Sam have the water. Sam took his ordered position on the chair facing Jonah; the two were about four feet apart. Sam was happy to relax a moment. Well, relax as much as a nearly nude boy, wearing only a Speedo, with his ankles chained together can be.

"Okay, Sammy, here are the rules for you. First, you're not to say anything right now or I'll gag you, if you have any questions save them until I'm done. Second, you're not to wear anything I don't specifically tell you too, once you have something on consider it locked on and can only be removed if I tell you to. Third, you will always, and I mean always be barefoot."

Sam forgot himself and interrupted, "Barefoot everywhere, but what if I'm in a store or something?"

Jonah shot him a look that told Sam he'd broken rule one. Jonah got up without a word and pulled the ball gag out the bag he'd carried in. "I warned you." Sam slammed his hands over his mouth and shook his head no. Jonah walked up and calmly held the ball in front of Sam's mouth, he wanted to give Sam a chance to comply. He didn't. Jonah grabbed Sam's ear and gave it a twist. Sam didn't give in, Jonah had to repeat the ear pinch several more times.

"Jonah please, I'm sorry, I don't want that thing in my mouth." "Too bad, Sammy, now it's staying in longer for speaking a second time." Jonah grabbed his ear again and after a small test of wills Sammy relented and in popped the red ball, which was buckled tight at the back of his head.

"Third rule, you'll always be barefoot, and I do mean always, even in public. Fourth, you will obey what I tell you without question. Fifth if you don't you'll be punished. Sixth, you will obey all other Big Brothers, if you think an order from them is over the top, you'll ask me about it before you say yes or no. Seventh, you will not use any furniture without my express permission. Eighth, you will wear this collar whenever we're home alone or with other Bigs and littles."

Jonah reached in the bag and pulled out a collar. It was wide and black and leather. Sam noticed it had four metal rings attached.

Jonah quickly strapped it around Sam's neck, made sure it wasn't too tight and clicked a little padlock on it. "There, it doesn't come off until I say so. Now how about a tour of our "cabin"?" Sam nodded.

Sam had already seen the living room, kitchen and garage. Jonah showed Sam the den, the bar area, the game room and then the upstairs. Three bedrooms, all with private bathrooms, a laundry room and smaller room which appeared to be an office of some kind, then they headed outside. Outback was a large brick patio with gas grill and nice furniture. A brick path lead down to the lake and the private dock. The two walked out onto the wooden dock. Sam felt really weird standing there like he was, ankles chained, gagged and collared, rough wood under his feet. He felt very exposed and was glad at the moment the cabin was so isolated. Just then Jonah's cell phone rang.

Sam could only hear one side of the conversation.

"Hello? Hey there Cole, how's things? Cool. That's a great idea, just one problem with that. I'm not home, I'm up here at the cabin with Sammy. Yeah he's right here. Yes, I think so. No he can't say hi, he's gagged right now."

Sam's eyes went wide with surprise and he groaned into the ball. He couldn't believe that Jonah was telling someone he was gagged! Jonah pushed Sam back and down so he was sitting on the dock cross-legged. He shot a look down at Sam that told him to be quiet.

"Sorry about that, Cole. Hey, I've got an idea, why don't you and Tyler come up here. We've got plenty of room. How about Wednesday and stay till Friday? Cool, see you then." And he hung up.

Sam couldn't believe this. He wasn't even used to Jonah seeing him in this embarrassing situation, and now he'd invited two strangers over. "Good news, little brother. Cole and Tyler will be here to visit later this week."

Sam shook his head violently 'no' as he grunted his protests into the ball gag.

"Oh don't worry, Cole's a big and Tyler's his little. I think you and Tyler will be good friends soon enough. So relax, but that means I have to accelerate your training a bit so you don't embarrass me when they arrive.

"It's about lunchtime. Why don't we go back to the house and you can make me something to eat. Nothing for you I'm afraid since you're gagged. But if you're good for a while when I take this out I'll let you have something to snack on before dinner. Understand me?" With those last two words Jonah looked Sam directly in the eyes.

Sam nodded slowly. Again he'd been defeated. How did this keep happening? Why did Jonah always win? Sam would have to figure that out.

Jonah grabbed the front ring on Sam's collar with his finger and led Sam back into the kitchen.

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