Sam's Saga, Part 4

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Published: 24-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

After Sam calmed down from his freak-out at the dinner table Jonah released him from the chair. He led Sam by his collar and leash to the living room. Jonah allowed Sam to sit on the couch and retied his ankles and wrists together, he left on the collar and leash. Jonah sat next to Sam, picked up a remote and started the movie. The large plasma flickered to life.

Jonah knew that Sam was now putty in his hands. Oh, there might be more rebellions from Sam, but the war was basically won. Sam was broken so now it was a matter of some additional training and getting Sam ready for his presentation to the Brother's Club.

The official presentation would happen after school started, but before then there would be informal meetings with some of the members and their littles. Jonah was friends with them after all; just because it was summer vacation was no reason not to see his friends. Plus he wanted Sam to get to know a few of the other littles. They could help show him the ropes, so to speak.

Sam ended up falling asleep with his head on Jonah's lap shortly after the movie started. Jonah thought the movie was crap; he ended it early and sealed it back in its return envelope. He gently woke Sam, untied his ankles and led the sleepy blonde back to the bedroom. After the customary brushing of teeth Sam was again placed inside his cage, his hands remained bound and a blindfold was put on. Sam was snoring softly before Jonah even got into bed. Jonah smiled at the boy curled up in the cage on the floor. "Oh yeah, I knew I was right picking you, Sammy," he whispered and went to bed.

The next morning Jonah got Sam up at 5am and ordered him to take a quick cold water shower, after applying a set of ankle shackles. After that he was instructed to meet Jonah in the kitchen, which he did. Once there, Sam was offered a sippy cup of apple juice and an English muffin with peanut butter.

"How are you this morning, Sammy?"

"Okay, it's way too early for me though. Why'd you get me up so early?"

"We have to hit the road for the cabin. Don't worry, little brother, you can sleep in the car. Actually- here take this." Jonah handed him a small blue pill.

"What's this? I don't do drugs."

"It's an ordinary over the counter pain pill with a little sleeping dose in it. No drugs. You have to be a little sore from the past couple of days. Plus you can get some sleep in the car, which you'll need. You have work to do once we get there."

"What kind of work?"

Jonah ignored the question. "If you're finished we'll get moving."

"Okay, where are my clothes?"

"Don't need 'em. Everything is packed in the car. You're fine the way you are."

"In this? This little Speedo and chains? Are you nuts?"

"Now, now, no more of that." And he ushered Sam out to his car.

Jonah opened the passenger door and Sam got in. He quickly undid Sam's right ankle and wrapped the chain around the front metal posts holding the seat to the car floor, firmly securing the boy in place. Jonah tied Sam's hands together so they rested in the boy's lap. He then applied a long strip of clear duct tape over his mouth and almost the whole way around Sam's head. Pressing it tight against his skin to seal it. This is to remind you, I don't want it falling off. Jonah knew that simple tape gags were not effective or secure, he wanted the psychological effect on Sam more then anything. Being gagged in the car, in pubic was a mind game.

Jonah didn't think Sam would try anything. But with his feet secured to the car itself Sam wasn't going to be able to bolt if they stopped anyplace on the way into the mountains. Plus if anyone did see through the tinted windows into the car all they would see would be a shirtless teenager sitting in the passenger seat. The ankle chain and his hands weren't visible from the outside.

Jonah had picked up some basics at the grocery store yesterday while he was out. Cereal, bread, bagels, peanut butter, jelly, chips, cookies, and your basic assortment of food, healthy and junk. He just left them all in the car, no point unpacking and re-packing. He'd call old man Rudolph on the road and have him put together the usual cabin provisions and pick them up before heading to the cabin. Mr. Rudolph owned the general store 7 miles from the cabin. He'd put together the meat, milk, etc, stuff that needed to stay cold and couldn't make the 4 hour trip in a hot car's trunk.

Jonah had packed the chains, restraints, ropes and other goodies for Sam while he was in the shower. He didn't forget an extra pair of Speedos or the teddy bear footie PJs.

They hit the road and about 30 minutes into the trip Sam's head drifted over to rest against the window and he fell asleep. Jonah smiled at the nearly naked and lightly bound boy next to him. "Yep, I really picked a good one here." He thought to himself. And the two teenage boys headed to the mountains.

Sam's adventure was just beginning...

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