Sam's Saga, Part 2

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Published: 24-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Sammy, time to wake up little brother." Jonah placed a hand on Sam's chest and shook the boy awake.

"I'm awake."

"Oh and how did you sleep?" Jonah asked.

"Not good. I'm sore and the floor is hard as a freakin' rock." His cuffed hands reached up to remove the blindfold.

"Nah, none of that now. That stays on." Jonah scolded "Come on. You've had your fun now, it's time to let me go and get on with life. Unlock me and I'll go home."

"This isn't a game, Sam. This is the way things are now; you've got to get that through your little blond head." Jonah rapped Sam's skull with his knuckles three times.

"You're not serious!"

"Oh yes, quite. I'm keeping you, my boy."

"I'm not a damn puppy! You can't just keep me!" Sam shouted. This time he did get the blindfold off. The bright light of the late morning sun momentarily blinded him, but he stood up and made a lunge for the bedroom door. Forgetting his ankle was secured to the bedpost. Sam took about two steps and his foot froze in place and his momentum crashed him face down to the floor.

He managed to get his cuffed hands in front of him breaking his fall. A loud thud told Jonah Sam hit the floor hard. Jonah rushed to his captive.

"That wasn't smart. Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm okay, hit my head though and my wrists are killing me." Sam replied as he rolled over on his back.

"Well you're not bleeding anyplace. Now do you see it's smarter for you to listen to me instead of doing your own thing? Falling and hitting your head was your fault."

"This is your fault! You've got me bound like some prisoner of war, if it wasn't for this thing on my ankle I wouldn't have tripped. You're just lucky I didn't break my nose or my wrists."

"Yeah, glad you didn't break your nose, you'd ruin your face and I don't want that."

"Look, Jonah, whatever. Just unlock me and we'll call it even. I didn't think you hated me this much, yesterday you said you were trying to do something nice by inviting me over. I don't call this nice, do you?" Sam was pleading with Jonah from his seated position on the floor waving his bound hands as he spoke.

"Sammy," Sam cringed again at being called Sammy, but Jonah continued, "I don't hate you; in fact I like you very much. Enough to want to train you to be a good little brother to me. And I am doing something nice, nice for both of us."

"How's this nice for me?"

"Well you may not see it now, but you will. You'll benefit from this too. But right now it is nicer for me I have to admit. But in the future, once you're fully my "little brother" you'll be cared for, protected and more popular than you are now. Trust me." Jonah smiled with a slightly evil overtone to it.

Sam realized he wasn't going to win this round either, so he signed and slumped and decided he'd have a chance to get out of this later on. Jonah had to make a mistake sometime, didn't he? "What do you want me to do?"


Sam was suffering yet another strict and humiliating bondage session. Jonah told him it was punishment for his bad language from last night and his escape attempt this morning.

No, Jonah hadn't forgotten and that was something new Sam had to learn. Punishment would come; it just wouldn't necessarily be right when the infraction occurred. It was part of the mind games Jonah was playing with Sam. Let Sam suffer more by thinking about what's to come for a time, it just increased the effectiveness of the program Jonah had planned out.

Jonah explained to Sam that he was to get and remain naked for the punishment and the rest of the day. Boys in his position didn't get to wear clothes. Sam wasn't quite sure what that meant but he knew he didn't like it, not one bit.

Sam was in an unfinished part of the basement- the lights were out. He was blindfolded and tightly gagged with a ball on a leather strap. It was large and bright red and forced Sam's mouth wide open. It hurt Sam's jaw. It was hard he couldn't bite into it and he couldn't force it out of his mouth with all his effort. His arms were pulled up above his head and wrapped with rope from his wrists to his shoulder blades. His head rested against the ropes. His hands were palm to palm and his fingers individually taped together with bright red duct tape.

Jonah used more rope from Sam's thighs down to his ankles, very tight and cinched down the center to hold tight against Sam's skin. Jonah then tied Sam's ten toes together with a black shoelace, one from Sam's own biking sneakers. But Jonah wasn't finished there. He tied a rope from an overhead joist to his wrists and had pulled Sam up on tiptoe. Sam protested into his gag. Jonah then laced a rope between Sam's ankles and hoisted the lower part of Sam up and secured it to the same joist. He was now hanging in the form of a lazy letter U.

He then tied the other black shoelace from Sam's other biking sneaker and wrapped the boy's balls tightly. Jonah left about six inches loose dangling between his bare thighs and to this end he tied Sam's own shoe as weight.

Sam's twelve-year-old boy cock got instantly hard and stuck straight up to the rafters. Sam again got an all over body blush in his embarrassment. Jonah smiled and rubbed the blush warmed boy-skin. Sam protested through his tightly gagged mouth. The sounds were unintelligible and Jonah kinda liked the feeble attempt Sam was making in pleading for mercy.

Jonah pushed him so Sam swung from side to side, he did this several times. He explained that this was a punishment and continued training to improve Sam's little brother demeanor. Sam still didn't have a clue what that meant. After quite a while of talking Jonah placed ear buds into Sam's ears and turned on a radio to static. Sam's only connection to the outside world, sound, was drowned out in a sea of white noise.

Several hours had passed and it was time for a late lunch. It seemed like an eternity to Sam. Jonah returned and untied Sam's wrists and lowered him to the cold cement floor. Sam was essentially upside down. Jonah removed the ear buds and then the ball gag.

"Are you ready for some lunch, Sammy?"

"Yes, oh God yes! Please let me down, Jonah, please. I can't take anymore."

"Okay since you asked so nicely."

Jonah spoon-fed Sam his lunch as the two talked. "Your mom called this morning."

This was it Sam thought; she'd freak if Sam didn't speak to her, she'd put an end to this!

"We had a great conversation. I like her. I told her you were tied up, taking a shower after a morning bike ride and couldn't come to the phone. Not totally a lie, after all you were tied up. Anyway I told her you wanted to stay a little longer and that we'd planned on going to our cabin by the lake next week and would it be alright if you came with us?"

"She'd never agree to that. Plus she knows I don't have any clothes or anything here to stay any longer."

"Well you can fit into some of my older clothes I told her. It is all fashionable stuff you know. But you'll not be wearing it, so no matter!

"Anyway believe it or not she agreed. She seems to think I'm a good influence for you. She likes the idea of you having me as a brother. She seems to think you don't have many friends and was very enthusiastic about the idea. So you're here for the duration."

"Well this will end, right? I mean your mom and my dad will be back Monday. You can't keep me tied up like this when they're home."

"You're right about that. But you and me, we're going to the cabin alone."

"What?! You can't! Please don't!"

"Sorry, Sammy, done deal. Now you just lay here and relax, I'll be right back." And Jonah went upstairs leaving Sam bound up tight, ankles still hanging from the rafter.

Upstairs Jonah made a quick phone call. "Yes, he's here. No he's not cooperating, what'd you except, he'd just roll over and give in." He listened a moment. "Yes, he's secure. No, he won't get away before I'm done. Yes I'll have a full week with him before I even attempt a showing" Another pause. "Of course I intend to have the best little brother at our school." Pause "Yeah the other guys will be jealous when Sam is fully reprogrammed. Gotta go, he's downstairs, time to offer him a chance to be a good little boy."

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