Sandy's First Audition

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by BadDad

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Published: 11-Apr-2012

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Fantasy is just that, fantasy, Not real.

Jim had called us to come in without Heidi a couple of weeks later, to discuss pay and future shoots. We didn't think anything of it really, so headed over to his studio on a Saturday afternoon. When we arrived, we found Jim in his office, with most of the studio dark and his asst not there. We sat down in his office, and began to chat about how much people were willing to pay for Heidi's pictures, how many different buyers there were for them, and other things. He also pulled out his computer, and we started to review some of the best shots from her first photo shoot. My cock start to throb and I looked at the pictures, and also recalled the time in my mind. She was so cute in her little skirt, and when you looked at the pics, you could see all the angles of her body and legs, and that just made it all that much sexier. She really did look like a pre-teen slut model, especially the way Jim had chosen certain shots to use. He also used some shadowing and photoshopping to touch some pics up, and make her look like a pro. I unconsciously rubbed my cock through my jeans, and Jim commented that he got a tremendous hard on when he went back and worked on this electronic album. Sandy was starting to squirm slightly in her chair, occasionally opening and closing her legs and rubbing them together. Although she didn't outright say it, you could tell she was getting horny as hell. That thought itself nearly sent me over the edge, my wife's pussy getting wet looking at nude pics of her daughter. I slid my hand up the back of Sandy's shirt and placed on her bare lower back for her comfort. She seemed to really appreciate this. Jim had noticed this as well, and began to rub his cock harder through his slacks as he thumbed through the photos for us.

He said he wanted us to look at the second shoot as well, but gave the disclaimer that he had less pics. He looked at Sandy with a wryly smile on his face, and said the shoot had started well, but when her mouth had needed to be stuffed with cock, he lost his professionalism because of her. Sandy sort of lurched her hips forward in the chair at this. I was able to slide my hand down a little further, and work her ass cheeks more after this move. I wasn't sure if that was planned by her, or his comment about her sucking his cock made her jump and that allowed me to do that. Jim's comments changed as well, as when looking at the first set of pics he referred to Heidi as the little model, sweetie, cutie, and so on. Now, looking at the second set, Jim was more referring to her as look how the slut spread her legs for this shot, or, the little whore really likes showing off her bald pussy like a good slut. Sandy was squirming more and more, and now beginning to slam her thighs together on a much harder basis. She also kept thrusting her chest out, as if begging me to grope her tits. A few times it seemed like her hand would slide up there and do it herself. Jim's attention was now almost fully on my horny wife as he finished up the photo set.

In one move that caught us off guard, Jim took a glass pipe and lighter from his desk drawer, and handed it to Sandy telling her to take a big puff off it. He said many of his models did this, and he wanted Sandy to know what it would be like if Heather did this at all. Sandy was so horny she did as she was told, and when Jim reached back across the desk to retrieve it, his had went to one of her tits, and groped it over her shirt. She immediately sat up and almost threw her tit into his hand, like she had wanted this groping so bad. He continued to squeeze and kneed her tit over her shirt for a minute, then sat back down.

By now, whatever she had smoked had started to kick in, because she was almost unsteady in her chair. Jim smiled widely at this, and stood up and walked into the backroom for a second, before returning with 3 teen boys in tow. They all looked pretty young, and were dressed in shorts and t-shirts. Sandy bolted up right her in chair, and tried her best to regain composure. He walked the boys over to the computer, and showed them the pics of Heidi, and they all whistled and hooted. Jim explained that he also used young boys in his photos, sometimes solo, sometimes with girls. The boys were all commenting on Heidi's pussy and legs, saying it looked like it needed eaten, bet she is a great cocksucker, and so on. One of the boys asked Sandy if her pussy was bald like Heidi's, and Sandy blushed at that.

Jim had swung the computer screen over to facing us, so the boys had to come to our side of the desk to see the photos still. They were still howling and hooting and Jim showed them more pics of Heidi's pussy being fingered. You could see the confusion in Sandy's face, as she was at one point incredibly horny still looking at pics of her slut daughter and hearing comments from the boys about her, and yet embarrassed as she was still Heidi's mom. One of the younger one of the group, reached down abruptly and grabbed one of Sandy's tits, and commented yep, their real so Heidi would probably get tits like that too. Sandy made a feeble attempt to brush his hand off her breast, and when it did not do that, the boy took attention to her tits, as she was not really minding him feeling them. He reached his second hand down, and both his hands were now groping one of her tits over her shirt and bra.

I stood up to give the boys more room, and Sandy tried to stand up too, but her legs were very weak and wobbly at this point. Jim laughed, and told her that resisting was pointless with what he had given her and how horny she was. Sandy was so wobbly on her feet; she could barely stand as the boys swarmed her. She tried her best to push them away, but now hands were all over her body, feeling her tits, ass, and rubbing her everywhere over her clothes. One of them managed to get a hand down the front of her shirt, and began to work her bare tits. Sandy moaned as she tried to get out the words oh god no, as this did nothing but increase the boys efforts.

While she was weakly fighting off their hands on her tits, one of the boys took the opening and slid his hands down and started tugging on the buttons and zipper on her jeans. She immediately moved her hands down to stop him, which left her tits unguarded, and the other two got their hands up the front of her shirt and began to work her bare tits mercilessly. The boys had begun to work her shirt up and were pulling it up over her breasts, when she reached back up to stop them, the third boy had managed to get her jeans unzipped and was trying to slide his hand down the front of them. One of the boys took initiative, and held Sandy's arms behind her back as his buddies molested her now without resistance. The way Sandy all of a sudden stiffened up, you could tell the one had managed to get his hands inside her panties, and work his finger into her set slit. He continued to work it as best he could, fingering it in and out of her hole. She willingness to fight this all was now about completely gone. The boy holding her arms had let go, and was sliding his hand down the back of her jeans, feeling her ass up. Jim immediately cleared his desk of the computer, and the boys had been able to strip her jeans off of her completely, as she stood here only in her shirt.

With very little force needed, they pushed Sandy into lying on Jim's desk. The one boy continued to furiously work her wet pussy, pistoning his finger rapidly in and out of her whole, as her hips thrust forward to meet this fingering. The other two had slipped off their jeans and stood by Sandy's head with their young hard cocks right by her face. With almost a primal groan, Sandy began to frantically suck them, racing back and forth from the young cocks, eating each one as deep and she could before racing back to the other cock. They were working her tits and nipples so hard and deep, and she let them take turns fucking her wet mouth, all the while moaning and groaning in pleasure. The boy between Sandy's legs how had his cock out, and was pushing her legs apart for access to her wet and wanting pussy. With one quick move and thrust, he buried his smooth young cock deep into her wanting pussy. She yelped in pleasure, as once he had enjoyed his initial thrust, that he began to pick up a ramrodding motion, brutally slamming her wet snatch. This went on for a time, with the boys periodically switching positions and ramming their little hard ons into her eager pussy while the others fed cock to her like a hungry slut.

Eventually, the boys began to orgasm, though I was not completely sure they were shooting wads into her, or they were dry cums still. She lay there like an obediently slut though, letting her holes get used for their pleasure now, without any protest. Jim was the last to fill her hole, and rammed it very deep and held it there, as his cock pumped his semen deep into her womb.

We all sort of slumped back and relaxed, as Sandy layed on the desk completely used up. She barely had the strength to move, and I had to actually wrap her in a blanket and carry her to the car and put in her the backseat, as she had no energy to do that herself!! I was amazed at how used she was, and knew the my slut wife just may get more modeling shoots herself.

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Another great story with potential for expansion. I love how Sandy gets so excited about seeing her daughter abused. I like that she was abused as well. Good one.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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