Author's Note: This is the first in a series of stories originally posted on Loliwood Studios under the pseudonym Chris Jorgenson, about a girl who loves to dress up like animals and the man who loves her. If you have ideas for other animals you'd like to see, post them and I'll try my best!

The other stories can be found at:

"Meow," the little kitty-cat said.

I looked down at her. "What a cute little kitty-cat!" I reached down and scratched her head between her little kitty-cat ears.

She purred, lifted her head to be scratched some more, then rubbed her cheek against my leg.

I went back to the video game; I was playing my favorite avatar, a nine year old cat-girl morph named Myau. She was a pure killer. Deadly.

"Meow," the kitty-cat said again.

Myau was in a tight spot; a troll had her cornered and he'd already smacked her twice in the head with his gigantic club. Now he grabbed her by her hair and started dragging her to his lair. This was bad news.

The kitty-cat sat back on her hind legs, watching.

"Shit!" I said. The troll tossed her against the cave wall and I managed to get her back on her feet but he'd already dropped his pants, a gigantic swollen member between his legs.

"Hey, maybe you shouldn't watch," I said to the kitty-cat. "This is an adult game."

The kitty-cat looked at me and then back at the TV.

It was a good thing for Myau that the troll wanted to rape her. It's easier to distract the fuckers if they have their minds on sex. I let go of the controls completely, Myau just standing there mutely, and the troll made his move, ready to take his prize. If he gets that gigantic member inside her, she's toast, a bloody mess and game over. At the last possible second I unleashed Myau's best move, a wicked hard kick, right to the troll's enormous but sadly vulnerable nuts.

"Yay!" the kitty-cat said.

The troll staggered back two steps, then fell backwards. Myau jumped forward, grabbed his cudgel, and beat his head into a pancake.

"Yay!" the kitty-cat said again, wapping her front paws together.

The good thing about killing a troll in his lair is that they always have lots of plunder, and this guy was no exception. But there was a surprise, too: A prisoner; a morph. This was a jaguar-human morph. Could be dangerous, but Myau really needed to recharge her batteries and this was a lucky break. Besides, he'll catch a good price at the slave market.

Myau opened the cage door and the jaguar-man jumped at her, but she just laughed, he was chained to back of the cage and his lunging just made his collar pull hard on his neck.

"Don't watch," I said to the kitty-cat, "Myau needs to get energy now."

The kitty-cat looked at me and then back at the TV.

Myau sank down onto her hands and knees, her tail straight up in the air; she turned her backside towards the jaguar-man and dropped down on her elbows. Jaguar-man's member instantly grew to a large (though not troll-like) size, and he pounced.

The kitty-cat was sitting on her back legs, her front paws held up to her chest, watching the screen in fascination.

Luckily, Jaguar-man got it over with quick. You never know what sort of shit is going to show up while you're "replenishing your energy." He gave it only about a dozen solid thrusts, and then he howled, then pulled out, his member rapidly deflating. Myau's energy was back at 100%. Sweet!

Myau broke Jaguar-man's chain off the cage and led him out of the cave and I hit the pause button.

"Meow!" the kitty-cat said.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Meow!" the kitty-cat said again, nodding her head.

"Sorry it was so, you know, dirty."

"Meow," kitty-cat said, shrugging her shoulders.

"You don't mind, do you?" I said, scratching her head.

"Meow," kitty-cat said, shaking her head and then rubbing her cheek against my leg.

"So, what do you want to do today? It's still a couple hours before your mom gets home. You wanna go to the park?"

The kitty-cat shook her head.

"Bike ride?"

The kitty-cat shook her head.

"What do you want to do then?"

The kitty-cat lifted a front paw in the air and swiped her claws at me. "Rwraaw," she said.

"Oh, you want to fight?"

The kitty-cat got down on her hands and knees and crawled backward, then lifted a paw and swiped it at me again. "Rwraaw!"

I climbed off the couch onto the floor, onto my hands and knees. I lifted a paw and swiped it at her. "I'm a tomcat," I said.

"Rwoew!" she said, swiping a paw at me.

I swiped back, gently hitting her on the head and almost knocking her kitty-cat ears off. With that, she pounced on me and we were entangled, wrestling.

I let her win, like I always do, and she was on top of me, holding my arms down and sitting on my stomach. "Rwahhaw!" she growled, her face right in front of mine.

I lifted my face up to hers, our noses were an inch apart now. "Rweow," I said, snarling.

"Rweow," she said back, snarling.

I stuck my tongue out, she stuck her tongue out, our tongues touched. She sat back, surprised. She let go of my arms and I took advantage, grabbing her wrists and flipping her over onto her back. Now I was on top of her, her legs around my waist, her arms up over her head.

"Rweow!" I snarled, right in her face.

"Rweow!" she snarled back. She stuck her tongue out, I stuck my tongue out, our tongues touched. She pulled her tongue back, into her mouth, but my tongue followed it in. It wasn't really a kiss, it was just my tongue in her mouth.

I pulled my tongue out, shocked; I hadn't intended to french the girl. She was looking up at me, her eyes twinkling, her mouth open. I really couldn't help it, I just leaned back down and put my tongue back in.

We lay there, me and the little kitty-cat, kissing. I filled her mouth with my tongue, exploring, touching everything. She kept her mouth open wide, letting me into her, letting me explore.

As we kissed, my body almost instinctively started moving, "dry humping" her, pushing my now-hard penis against her sex. She opened her legs wide to allow me access.

It took a couple of minutes for my brain to catch up to my penis, but eventually it did, and I pulled my tongue out of the girl's mouth and sat up. Her face was crimson.

"Cindy, I'm sorry, I..."


"I shouldn't have..."

"Meow!" She sat up, then turned over onto her hands and knees, her bottom facing me. She dropped down on her elbows and looked back at me. "Meow?"

"Are you Myau?" I asked.

"Meow." She nodded.

I took my position behind her, playing the Jaguar-man. I started "dry humping" her again, pushing my still-hard penis against her sex. Only a dozen thrusts and I felt an overwhelming need to come. I was almost at orgasm already.

My penis was thinking for me again, my brain left far behind now. I unzipped my pants and fished my dick out. I held my hand up against her pubis, underneath her, my fingers wrapped in an open fist, and I began fucking my hand as if it were her pussy, her sweet little nine year old kitty-cat pussy. She lifted herself up enough that she could watch, the top of her head on the floor holding her weight and her face looking through her arms, underneath her, watching as my penis pumped in and out of my hand. She reached a hand up and felt my head, touching it gently each time it poked through my curled fingers.

"Oh, Cindy! Oh, Cindy!" I shouted as I began to orgasm, a huge thick stream of come firing out of me, splattering against her hand and then hitting the carpet, splashing up onto her face. I continued fucking my hand, fucking her, fucking my little nine year old kitty cat, as I fired shot after shot onto her hand and the floor and her face.


The doorbell rang the next afternoon. All I could see through the peep-hole was a pair of kitty-cat ears. I opened the door.

"Meow?" the little kitty-cat said.

The next story in this series can be find here:

The Little Puppy Dog


Nickname Feedback
Roukley oh my effing god that was h to the o to the capital T HOT!!! (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
sam Whoa, nice story. I'll be looking forward to puppy, bunny and perhaps pony? (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
Bill You did a great job with the story telling but if I may make a comment. You need to add more action to your story and I hope you take this as constructive criticism because I can't wait for the next chapter in this storyline. (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
boker Very cute and exciting! I love animal/girl stories very much, like 'Stacy's Stallion', too. What about Cindy as a filly? (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
buttman i love everybit of it, i love dry humpng theres needs to be more dry hump stories, next time make her a puppy, and sniff her butt like dogs do to say hello to each other (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
Blah This requires continuation. Please see to it. heh (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
mike good cant wait for you to open the door and then? (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
asterisk Pretty cool idea. Always loved cat-girl stories. But maybe next time add more background. Cuz i thought there was an actual fucking cat sitting next to him before i read the line 'i almost knocked her ears off' (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
Mr Frost WOW (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
Tina What an unusual and super lovely story!! (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
Thanks sam and boker for the pony/filly idea--A filly occurred to me, too; the idea of a long-legged filly being mounted is very hot, but I'm worried it would be hard to pull off. I'll think about it some more.

Bill--It's definitely very short, maybe too short; my goal was really minimalist. It's one of a series; please read the next ones, when I get them posted, there's more action as they progress.

asterisk--It actually was my intention to have the girl confused with a kitten, like, is she a kitten or isn't she? I don't know if I pulled it off the way I wanted to, but that's what I was going for.

--Chris Jorgenson (i.e., Chris Hailey)

(This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
that guy Overall great story but longer and more action next time. (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
DDay a nice appetiser - and fun concept. Short but very sweet. Looking forward to next installment. (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
Sara I hope you can make more puppy dog stories. Would love it if you could do some forced objectification. objectification means treating a person as a thing: such as an object for a specific use like a tv tray, a table, or a pillow, or even a footrest. i mean you would have to make it interesting though. (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
rope4loli The fantasy of a young girl dressed as a 'cat' has worked for so many men. I am not sure if the animal is relevant, more the fact that the girl is restrained by what ever outfit she is wearing and her subsequent easy compliance! She acts and succumbs; teases and makes noises; she is the sex pet par excellence. I would have liked a drawn out 'foreplay' episode and more innocence, to heighten the erotic elements. The tongue in her mouth was very nice. (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
SinForLoli Very nice keep up the good work. (This comment was originally posted at Loliwood Studios.)
Anonymous good little short stories. keep writing
Glad you like them, anon. Do check back, I hope to add to the series soon.


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