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From: Daniel Berasaluce Frías <[email protected]>
Subject: Seldon and the bald men - chapter 4 - HARDCOCK THE TOILET
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Seeing my new boyfriend pointing his dick at my mouth but with a face still
full of doubts, I had to say.
-Remember, Sir, that now my stomach is the toilet, that of all of
you. Start using me. And do not think twice about your piss, my love. I
have already tasted that wonderful liquid and loved it. Come on, Sir
Arthur. I am your urinal. Use me.
He gave me then a new wonderful stream of that hot liquid I had started to
really appreciate. I drank with desire, showing the face of a urinal, I
guess, which wanted to be full of fluids. I thanked him with my lustful
face as I was drinking and with some words when he finished.
-And now, Sir Arthur, make yourself comfortable and sit on the toilet,
which is my mouth tonight, don't forget.
-Ok, Hardcock, you asked for it.
Still hesitating he asked me to sit on the floor and I did sit there with
my shitted arse as Sir Arthur sat on my mouth. I immediately started to
lick his crack and that first taste of a man's ass was wonderful and I
praised the taste.
-Nice pungent flavour an ass has, Sir.
-You know, Hardcock. They have all gathered close to you now and they are
hearing your words.
-Good, Sirs --I said with my tongue licking enthusiastically Sir Arthur's
hole-, my tongue will be the brush for all your asses. This first time I
can taste one, I can say it has a spicy shitted flavour. I am remembering
the taste of the shit I have already swallowed and I think this second one
will be a little more repulsive, but with a good enough flavour for my
toilet stomach.
And just then I received my first fart that day, at the taste of which I
went crazy and touched my dick, which they could all see, really hard, and
asked Sir Arthur for more farts.
-I'd rather you kept on farting, Sir. I want to be given many by all of
you. Go on, Sir, and don't be shy. Let me feel my second shit whenever you
like but meanwhile I want more farts, Sir.
-All of them are looking to you real hard now, Hardcock.
-So good. I am finally starting to fulfill my toilet function, sirs.
-I really like you, Hardcock --it was Sir Laurie's voice now. And just when
he finished speaking I noticed the unmistakable smell of shit falling in my
mouth. Sir Arthur had finally dared shit. Now I had to be really brave. I
had to show them I had been very sure that I desired this and now I had to
inevitably swallow. It was certainly a bit more disgusting that my own
shit, the only one I had tasted so far, but I gulped it down more easily
than I could have expected and I mentioned to all of them I was already
eating shit. Of course they knew, because of the undeniable stench.
-Really tasty, Sir. Please go on dirtying my stomach and shit with no
doubts, Sir.
-You hot Hardcock --I heard Sir Malcolm's voice now-, you are
wonderful. All of us could cream our pants just watching you, smelling what
you are eating and hearing your words.
-This is only the first dish. I still have much more to eat tonight but I
think that I could be disgusted with other things, but not with shit.
I kept on eating. I did not know if I was going crazy but I thought I could
recognize the taste of what Sir Arthur had eaten and digested.
-Nice taste, Sir. But could it be that you have eaten today chickpeas, Sir?
-I can't believe it, dear Hardcock --Sir Arthur told me-, I have eaten shit
many times and I was never able to recognize what the guy shitting me had
eaten. But there is a witness of what I have eaten today. I have invited
Sebastian to lunch today and I have really eaten chickpea stew. He
preferred to eat something different. I will not tell you cause I want to
know if you can guess it too later when he shits you. But indeed I have
eaten chickpeas today.
-Two of us have already creamed our pants, Hardcock --I heard then Sir
Sebastian say-. You are really surprising us all. You don't look
disgusted. You keep on swallowing and you can even find out what your
boyfriend has eaten.
-It is so funny to lick my boyfriend's ass, to swallow his continuous
farts, to eat his chickpea shit. I only wish I still can eat six more loads
of shit with so many different flavours.
Sir Arthur was shitting in my mouth for five minutes and I was devouring
all that tasty heap of crap, getting farts and talking all the time. Being
a toilet was the funniest thing in the world for me then and I even told
them I could now really become addicted to the flavour. Finally Sir Arthur
stood up and I showed them all my shitted teeth. I actually wanted to give
them all a toilet show. I knew what came next but still Sir Arthur had to
taste his own shit. He took one of his fingers in his ass, stained it with
shit and took it out so we could all see his dirty finger. With no disgust
he took the shit to his mouth and ate it.
-We will all finish with shitted asses, but I think none of us will object
to the increasingly stronger smell of shit we will soon have here
tonight. And at least I --Sir Laurie said- will end up with shitted mouth
too. Now let me taste your poop, my dear Shiteater.
And he also took his finger into Sir Arthur's ass, took out some of his
shit and ate it with no disgust. But I was surprised that Sir Sebastian did
the same next. He also seemed to like the taste. Sir Benjamin said he
wanted to taste it too and also tasted my boyfriend's poop. Malcolm said he
would not go home without knowing the taste of our shits. He first took his
fingers in my ass and tasted my crap; then he did the same in Sir Arthur's
ass. All of them were eating shit with no disgust and Malcolm caused a
chain reaction: Sir Laurie, Sir Sebastian and Sir Benjamin tasted my poop
too. Now they all looked at Sir Nathan, who said.
-Ok, I am really curious too. I will not taste diarrhea later but I can
taste the other craps. I will start with Hardcock's shit. I have a very
different opinion of him now.
He also ate some of my shit and next looked at my boyfriend as if
apologizing for his homophobic opinions before and sweetly went to his ass,
took out some shit and ate it too.
-Not bad. Well, now you all know that everybody here will taste everybody's
shit. I will not eat any diarrhea but I will taste dogshit too.
-It is unbelievable that everybody is tasting shit tonight --Sir Arthur
said looking at me-. Now, please Hardcock, you know what comes next. Are
you sure you want to try? I could easily take your place.
-I have no doubts, my love. It will be me who swallows this first stream of
Sir Laurie's diarrhea. I hope he may shit some more later for you --and
addressing now Sir Laurie, whom all but me called Diarrhea, I told
him-. Come on, Sir. Let me check now that you are really a fairground
attraction for everyone. Allow them all to see how the toilet, my stomach,
swallows a long stream of tasty diarrhea from you now.
-Ok, Hardcock. We shall see. You know when you are finally licking my ass,
there will come a moment when I will stand up. You have up to that moment
to think things twice. Be very sure. Remember that your boyfriend can take
your place.
-My boyfriend will have to go fuck himself --I answered with a wide
smile-. It will be me, Hardcock the toilet. Come on, Sir Laurie, please,
start to use me. You can piss me again.
He certainly pissed my mouth again, at least confident by now that I loved
the taste of piss. His stream was bitterer and dirtier, but I loved it
too. I was preparing myself to eat his diarrhea now, thinking I could not
fail in that. They would all have the fun of seeing how I swallowed that
filthy river. He had stopped pissing. It was me with a smile who encouraged
him to sit on the toilet. He sighed but his ass was finally in my mouth. I
started licking them the dirtiest ass I had the chance of licking that
night. I started to speak. All of them of course were close to me, desiring
to hear me talk.
-Wonderful taste your ass has, Sir.
-Well, I am glad you like it at least. I will try and fart a bit but I am
afraid some shit might come with it. You still have time to say no --and
then his first fart came which everyone could smell. I asked him for more.
-I can see he is stubborn, Diarrhea, my friend --my boyfriend told him-,
and wild horses wouldn't drag him from your ass now.
In that moment Sir Laurie finally stood up. It was the last chance I
had. If I did not move my head now, some diarrhea would fall into my
mouth. I took a deep breath but did not move. And instantly a nasty stream
of diarrhea started to fill my mouth. They all could see it and smell it
and they still could not believe I was gonna swallow it. I noticed a really
disgusting taste in my mouth then but I knew I could taste it and would not
puke. I even asked Sir Laurie to fill my mouth with his entire diarrhea; I
wanted more; I had not had enough. So I continued gulping down his dirt for
three more minutes. As I ate diarrhea I was talking at the same time.
-I don't know if I can guess the taste, Sir. But can it be something sweet?
-I have really eaten something sweet today as a dessert. Can you guess what
it is, Hardcock?
-Well, Sir. It has the consistency of rice.
-I have certainly eaten rice pudding as a dessert today. I have no witness
but you can all believe Hardcock.
-I have to say something else and I have to address Hardcock. Forgive me if
I call you by your real name now, Seldon. But it has finally happened. What
you have just done has made me discover I am also in love with you. Believe
me, Seldon, my love, I love you.
-I cannot help but cry now, Arthur. I also have to use your name. Hope I
can make you happy now.
-I want to kiss you, my love. Your mouth is full of diarrhea now. Of course
I will kiss you with that flavour on your lips, but I wonder if you would
like to kiss me with some diarrhea in my mouth too.
-That's what I would call a really romantic kiss, my love.
-Wait, Shiteater. I will taste it first --said the owner of that shit now.
Then Sir Laurie tasted his own diarrhea.
-I don't know if it is that Seldon has enjoyed it first. But now I am
eating my own nasty crap with no disgust.
-So now it will be me.
And there my boyfriend was, tasting for the first time something he had
always wanted to taste, and from a boy he had always lusted for.
-Tasty. I really hope you shit some more in my mouth later. But let me kiss
this wonderful man I deeply love now.
Then Arthur and I kissed each other with real love and lust for a couple of
minutes, our lips dirty with diarrhea. We would never forget our first love
kiss. Everybody congratulated us, even Sir Nathan.
When we finished kissing, we saw Sir Sebastian also wanting to taste
diarrhea and he also took his finger in Sir Laurie's ass with no
shyness. Sir Benjamin and Sir Malcolm tasted diarrhea too. Sir Nathan
didn't. Sir Benjamin then said.
-It is certainly something to wonder at now, but here we all are tasting
diarrhea and curiously having fun at the near smell of three shitted asses
by now, two shitted mouths, one shitted cock. But no doubt this is being
funny for all of us. What's next?
-I will ask Hardcock. Do you remember what the next step is? --Sir Arthur
then asked me.
As an answer, I finally took off my T-shirt and without a single moment of
hesitation I started using it as toilet paper. I inserted my T-shirt in my
ass and was slowly wiping the shit I had there. A strong smell of shit was
in the air now. I saw everybody's erections as I kept on wiping my ass with
my T-shirt as if it were the usual thing I did every day. I smiled at
them. Sir Arthur looked at me with admiration and lust and yes, now I could
see it, with real love. I was slowly cleaning my dirty crack and finally I
handed my shitted T-shirt to my darling. He took it and instantly put it
under his nose, the gesture of one who is sniffing his lover's perfume. He
was a long time smelling it and then he looked at me and kissed me again
saying thank you.
I told them I would also take off my jeans and briefs then, for it would be
difficult to walk as a dog now with them. I was gonna take my shoes and
socks off too to be totally nude now for the dogshit show when Sir Arthur
implored me no to stain my feet with earth and continue with shoes and
socks. So almost buck naked, I started to woof now, moving my ass and
-What can I see from here? I think my macho has left me some of his tasty
digestion as usual. I must inform all these machos here that I have a dog
husband. He's called Gerry. He wouldn't be jealous if he knew that all
these human machos are going to fuck me next. My dog husband usually fucks
different bitches from me and that's never a problem for our couple.
I started walking on all fours, the same way Gollum must walk, always
barking and moving my tail, i.e. my ass, and always talking. At the same
time I could feel, rather than see, that they were all taking their cocks
out and started to jack off with my show.
-So here I can see a new sample of his digestion. I like seeing him eat and
then I like knowing his stomach is digesting my dinner. And he can really
cook wonderful snacks for my stomach to savour later, the taste of a dog
stomach, of my macho, so yummy. And look there, at those six human machos
beating their meats now. What a show! Such sexy dicks they have.
I had finally arrived to the dogshit. I started sniffing and
licking. Indeed what I would eat next had a repulsive smell but having
already eaten diarrhea encouraged me to eat it too, more when I knew I was
giving them all a good show of self humiliation. I took the shit to my
mouth and held it there, barking as best I could, and from that position I
could finally see their six sexy cocks jacking off at the same time. Sir
Benjamin was the first one to cum, watching me holding dogshit in my mouth,
barking and coming back to them. That was too much for him, and he blasted
his load, and Sir Nathan was second. Now I was already back with them, put
the dogshit on the floor, broke a morsel and took it to my mouth and ate
it. Then I said.
-Never forget, you bitch, that all these machos want to taste my husband
Gerry's poop. Time for snacks, sirs --I said and in that moment Laurie shot
his load. I took a bit and with my own fingers gave it to my boyfriend to
-This little snack of Gerry's poop is for you, my love. Now you can taste
And Sir Arthur really ate then some dogshit and later we had to kiss
again. Just a little time for we wanted to see what the others would do
now. And indeed there Sir Laurie was, breaking a bit of dogshit and eating
it. Next was Sir Sebastian, madly jacking off. Then Sir Benjamin ate a bit
and finally Malcolm, who busted his load when he tasted it. Now we wanted
to see what Sir Nathan would do. He looked at all of us and said ok, you
are all waiting to see what I wish to do. I will taste it.
He finally savoured a bit of dogshit too and ate apparently with no
-When in Rome... -he said-, you are all tasting shit with an appetite. I
will do as you are doing. And something more, look.
And then unexpectedly he came to me and kissed me. I was moved. Even Sir
Nathan had dared kiss me. Then he said thank you, Hardcock, and quickly
went to my boyfriend's mouth and kissed him too.
-I will surely kiss the rest of you before the night has finished. Give me
some time. Indeed being here doing gay and pig things is funny.
Sir Benjamin looked at him again as if he wanted Sir Nathan to utter
something he still hadn't said.
-Now I have to finish this wonderful dinner --I said- and was slowly eating
dogshit for three more minutes as I saw both Sir Arthur and Sir Sebastian
beating their meats frantically and competing to see who the last one to
cum would be. But seeing his love devouring dogshit as a lunatic, together
with the love he was feeling for me, was too much for my love, who shot his
load then. I was eating the last morsels of dogshit then when I could
finally hear Sir Sebastian yell and a huge stream of semen spurted then
from his sexy cock. I had made it possible. All of them had cum with my
doggie show.
-Now, my love, I will put my T-shirt back on, and you have to do it. I am
your partner now and you will often fuck me, I promise. Come to my ass and
stick your cock in there.
I put my T-shirt on. The smell of my own shit was clearly perceptible as I
encouraged Sir Arthur to thrust his dick in my ass.