Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 08:47:41 +0000 (UTC)
From: Las Vegas <[email protected]>
Subject: Taking the Pipe
Taking the Pipe, a Short Story
Gay Adult
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I assure you I am not one of those guys that will suck a stranger's dick.
Do not get me wrong. I sucked my first cock when I was nine and I liked
it. Over the years I have dropped to my knees, or sat while someone stood
in front of me, and on a couple of occasions I have even laid on my back
with my head hanging over the mattress while some guy had himself a face
fuck. But, I have always known the guy or at least been introduced to
them. However, Anthony was so hot that I could not help but act like a
total slut in front of him.
One day the doorbell rang and it was one of the guys working on our
insulation. He introduced himself as Anthony and asked if I would mind
joining him in our garage so that he could show me something. I was
captivated. Anthony was about 25 to 30, blond with a gorgeous
body. Muscular, tanned, and as handsome as you can imagine for yourself. I
think Anthony was the kind of guy that women throw themselves at in bars,
and they will take their own panties off for him. There is a line from a
movie that says, you had me at hello; that was Anthony.
I asked him to come in and we could go through the house to the
garage. When he stepped in I stood close to him and got a little dizzy
smelling his slightly sweaty body. I could visualize myself licking him all
over, and would be willing to do anything he asked me, including letting
him fuck my wife. He was so yummy. And his smile. When I suggested going
through the house and he smiled and said sure, I so desperately wanted to
touch his face, and I squeezed my hands into fists to keep from doing so.
It may be necessary to tell you that I am not some flaming faggot. I am a
former Navy man, with a wife and three college age daughters. I have had
woman up and down the West coast, and from Hawaii to the Philippines. I
have fucked Australians and Japanese, and every kind of island pussy in
between. I have proven myself to be heterosexual. But, Anthony was the
kind of hunk to bring out the Bi in me.
He showed me some thing and we also made small talk. I said something and
touched his arm to make a point and immediately apologized for putting my
hands on him. Again that smile! He said that was OK he had no problem with
my touching him. I smiled, looked at his crotch and then bit my lower lip.
I am sure I blushed, and he smiled again and said touch away, then gave a
short laugh.
I sat on the nearest thing I could find which was the bumper to the boat
trailer. In hindsight I don't know if I sat because he made me dizzy, or
subconsciously I wanted my mouth to be level with his crotch. I looked up
at him and he looked at me, looked at his crotch, and then looked me in the
eye. I had to risk it. Like they say in sales, you cannot close if you
don't prospect. So I reached for his zipper.
He wanted it. He wanted it as much as I did. We did not break eye contact
as I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and worked the pants down to get
access to his cock. His erection in his white briefs was impressive and
still growing. I just rubbed his hardness and enjoyed the feeling of his
cock as it grew and grew. I kissed the outline of his dick and saw a small
but definite wet spot at the end of the outline of his cock head that
indicate precum.
I stuck my hand in his underwear. His cock skin was so soft and he was so
hard. I pulled his briefs down while stroking his dick. I was doing all
the work and he was just standing there with his hands at his sides. I felt
the rod stiffen yet more in my hand and I rubbed my face against the
outline of his erection. I licked his stomach and his belly button. I moved
to the outline of his balls and blew hot air on them through the material
of his briefs.
When his dick was free I just played with it for a minute. I loved the way
it responded to my touch. As I played with his cock I kissed his groin. I
kissed my way around his cock without letting my mouth touch it, and sucked
on his groin. It was when his cock and good and hard and I felt him move
his hips up towards my mouth that I relented and began my blowjob.
An experience cock sucker will tell you work on the cock head first. Kiss,
lick, suckle it. Then make sure the entire shaft is wet before you put it
in your mouth. Lick the balls and suck on them, and only then begin to suck
a guy's dick. I did not ignored all of that, I just did not know any better
at that point in time: I took the entire shaft in my mouth and went down on
it so that my lips touch Anthony's groin and I held it. He said shit, and I
felt him take ahold of my head with both hands. And then he came.
I took shot after shot in my mouth. There were two maybe three really big
ones, and a lot of little ones. My mouth was filled with cum. These days I
will normally suck and swallow as it helps in draining a guy balls, but
that day I just held his cum in my mouth and savor the rich, pungent